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t13411.192020-06-01Is Sekai Project struggling?It can't die soon enough.
t11938.132020-02-08DLC and Append patches QuestionWhat about the Complete box? Does Amakano+, Second Season and Second Season+ include the appends out of the box or do I need to get those separately
t13411.82020-02-08Is Sekai Project struggling?They can't be gone soon enough.
t11204.72019-02-16Hook CodeOn the topic of Hook Codes, is there any place to reliably look them up? I've never really needed to use Hook codes all that much but it's becoming
t11870.52019-02-12Nameable Protagonist and others tags to add?Another upside of Ren'py for western localizers is that there are pretty much no compatibility issues KiriKiri games tend to have, and it's also
t11400.112018-10-26Thank you Lune.I wouldn't classify this as vanilla, like warfoki said Miel games are heavy on sexual slavery and mindbreak. The girls constantly degrade themselves
t3314.14862018-10-22TraitsSo I went and created the merged trait for Livestock. Livestock It's my first time creating a trait so I hope I didn't do anything wrong. I created
t11400.62018-10-21Thank you Lune.From their website I don't think that will be the case. They have a short description of what the content is like and it imples that they all get
t3314.14832018-10-21TraitsThe way I see it, that game falls into dubious consensuality. With the exception of some minor characters, the heroines of that game are raped and
t3314.14812018-10-20TraitsAre Livestock (Non Consensual) and Livestock (Consensual) really needed as separate traits? Because it tends to show up in contexts like in mindbreak
t11400.42018-10-19Thank you Lune.While not exclusively elf-themed, Muteki no Haramase Onaho Himekishi-dan ~Kukkoro Mesu ga Cheat Skill de Soku Ochi‚ô™ Ero Koku Hame de Ahe Chuusei o
t9957.132017-12-03English Patch ReleasedGreat news. Honestly when the project was announced I had doubts it would be seen to completion given the scope of this game. Really happy to be
t3314.11262017-08-04TraitsI agree the mindbreak tag is to be used if a character is shown mindbroken, even if you don't see the moment it happened. That was just a reliable
t3314.11242017-08-04Traits#1122 - I kinow the traits not always overlap, I was asking for guidance on how to act when they do overlap. As you said, Sexual Salvery Choukyou
t9490.92017-08-04Regarding japanise sex culture...There isn't a cultural reason, it's just a porn thing. Realism takes a backseat to fantasy. Most western porn or even other adult works rhat have a
t3314.11212017-08-03TraitsI'm having trouble with the traits Sexual Corruption, Sexual Slavery (Choukyou Variation) and Mindbreak They have nconsiderable overlap so I'm never
t9229.82017-07-07Tagging VNHey, you're removing the half-skirt trait of the characters in Bakunyuu Hitozuma Senshi Pure Maiden ~Geneki Fukishita Bishoujo Senshi no Ure
t9229.62017-06-19Tagging VNI'm not sure... Since you made this post I thought you received notifications already. If not then the only thing I can think of is mentioning your
t9229.42017-06-19Tagging VNAbout Inoue Ayumi, I didn't know that detail about reverse missionary. That said, the only requeriment for the reverse cowgirl trait is the girl
t3314.10972017-05-27TraitsYou are right. If anything it could be a Tag, don't know how my mind went to Trait instead.
t3314.10952017-05-27TraitsIs there any trait for heart pupils, besides Symbol? I don't think it fits because heart pupils are often something that pops up during sex or
t9229.22017-05-27Tagging VNKeep tagging and adding traits whenever you feel it's necessary. The more people contributing the better in my opinion. Also feel free to change any
t8652.32017-02-21story is insignificantI think you were expecting something completely different than most people. This is porn. Its setting, its characters, it all is for that finality
t8593.62016-12-29ending?-The game is obviously Netorare, every possible source about it says so. -Plays it anyway and gets mad it's Netorare. Why do people keep doing this?
t8565.72016-12-18About spoilery character traits and nukige@skorpiondeath Well, if someone happens to feel bothered about the way I go about spoilers they are more than welcome to come talk with me about it
t8565.52016-12-18About spoilery character traits and nukigeI agree the elements being expected in a particular game isn't enough for it to not be marked as a spoiler. But I should add I don't see spoiler tags
t8565.12016-12-17About spoilery character traits and nukigeI wanted to ask about a comment made on a character page I previously added to. Edit summary of revision 4: traits, I will leave spoilers but
t3314.9972016-12-17TraitsI noticed there are new specific tags for Nipple Piercings and Linked Piercings, both of which I think are welcome additions, but no tag for
t8290.22016-09-24Who is your favorite?My favorite is Mizuki. The moment she showed up I already knew which route I was picking first, and wondered why the game would show the best girl
t8290.12016-09-24Who is your favorite?So, with an updated release and a sequel/fandisc coming soon, I thought it was a good time to ask who everyone's favorite heroines are. I really
t8218.42016-09-04Lilith needs to make more games like thisMusic aside the Mahoutsukaisoft games are better than anything Lilith put out in a few years. I really dislike how they are turning out. My last
t8103.132016-09-04Most fucked up VN?Euphoria became popular enough with broader VN audiences people will overblow how fucked up and disturbing it is. It's not that much for anyone who
t7893.142016-09-03Translation released (NOT MINE)Are you using the updated patch? Because I thought the translator removed the TL comments and attempts to be funny in that version. People on the
t7442.2932016-09-03Game inclusion in the DBI searched and found nothing about it so I'm sorry if this work has been brought up before but... Is Village of Nightmare eletible for being added to
t8218.22016-09-03Lilith needs to make more games like thisBecause they're too busy with their shitty card game and disappointing Taimanin spin-offs.
t7893.122016-06-26Translation released (NOT MINE)Well I guess we can't expect much of a patch someone dropped on a 4chan thread. I doubt anyone will rise to re-editing and quality checking this
t7893.92016-06-22Translation released (NOT MINE)I was having having the same issue as tkn. If you're having this issue, your monitor resolution is too small for the standard window size and that's
t7935.22016-06-17Translation finishedCongratulations and thanks a lot.
t7566.42016-05-14Amakano English Translation?I can't agree more with lavatory. Amakano will likely never be translated because it's too big for most amateur translators to take it on (and not