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7FinishedAIRToo much pain, not enough catharsis.2016-01-17
7FinishedAme no Marginal2016-05-08
8FinishedAn Octave Higher2016-01-17
7FinishedCave! Cave! Deus Videt.2016-07-04
8Finishedfault - milestone one2016-01-17
8.5Finishedfault - milestone two Jou2016-01-17
8StalledKanonread common+shiori, watched 06 for the rest2016-01-17
7FinishedLucy - Geunyeoga Baradeon Geot -great. would have been very enjoyable if the father hadn't been such a monumental asshole2016-03-19
8StalledPhenomeno - Mitsurugi Yoishi wa KowagaranaiLiterally 2spoopy4me. I should really finish it though, some day...2016-08-19
10Finishedplanetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~Incredible. The most immersive, realistic, soothing, thought-provoking atmosphere I've ever experienced. It left me devastated, dehydrated, wondering WTF just happened and with a much greater appreciation for stories. Simply the most concentrated, visionary, heart-stoppingly beautiful work of fiction ever created.2016-01-17
3FinishedSakura Fantasygood laugh2016-01-17
9FinishedSaya no Uta2016-01-17
7FinishedSekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People-Beautiful art, amazing atmosphere, but the story felt disconnected from that. also, way too long for the amount of tracks.2016-03-19
8FinishedSono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o2016-01-17
7FinishedThe Reject Demon: TokoI could have started WAY worse2016-01-17
9FinishedVA-11 Hall-A2016-07-14