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t11353.62018-10-09GDLength was average for this format (full price game), routes lasting about 6 hours per without skipping anything for a pretty slow reader like me
t11248.22018-09-18Does this game have a sad or tragic end ?Kinda sad for some of the heroines, yes, given the circumstances of the characters it's unavoidable. It's not that tragic though, but you may want to
t10643.62018-05-17Sexual contentSorry, I honestly don't remember that detail. It's been two years so... I *think* they get added to the scenario selection at the appropriate time in
t10643.32018-05-16Sexual contentIf I remember right, some scenes are played as the story unfolds, while others are unlocked by finishing certain scenarios. So it's a bit of both.
t9834.22017-11-02Question about the true endIt's been a while, so sorry if my memory isn't 100% accurate. Obvious spoilers ahead : If I remember right the true end is an extension of Arisa's
t9679.22017-09-24Event from AP3 doesn't appear.. HELP..I assume you haven't completed the game yet. All the bonus content (AP events, Eushully-chan, etc...) is only available on New Game+.
t9632.22017-09-12About spoiler tagNote that I say this as someone who generally dislikes NTR content (of any kind). As the tag suggests, there is NTR content for one of the heroines
t9561.62017-08-28This game is ridiculousSince I didn't even manage to get past the second trial, what I wrote may very well not apply to the rest of the game. It wouldn't be the first time
t9570.172017-08-27AP02 and AP03 content hints and tipsWell, yes, I am aware of stats caps. You can see them easily, they are the grey bars below the light blue (innate stat) and blue bars (equipment
t9570.132017-08-26AP02 and AP03 content hints and tipsThere's an accessory that grants 努力家 and it's found shortly after the heavy boots. The plan for crafting more comes late, but most players will have
t9570.102017-08-26AP02 and AP03 content hints and tipsMonsters seem cheap, but the later upgrades require a large number of them. Add in the cost of building material for the new buildings (they require
t9570.82017-08-26AP02 and AP03 content hints and tipsSword in the stone is a building, not a weapon.I know, but said building is unlocked after crafting her first "magic" sword. That one is pretty meh
t9570.42017-08-25AP02 and AP03 content hints and tipsThe first few AP03 maps with the four knights were quite challenging on hard mode with lvl 30~40 undeveloped knights against lvl 90+ units (hard mode
t9562.22017-08-24Aoba, a virgin?Pretty sure she is a virgin, though it's been a while since I played the game. She actually ran away from her husband because she dreaded any
t9561.32017-08-24This game is ridiculousI agree, the comedy and seriousness clash too much. I don't know what a parody of this is supposed to be, but the ridiculous perverted humor made me
t9556.42017-08-24How many append files are there for this game?Each append adds one extra H-scene for all four heroine, usually involving some form of cosplay. The last one also adds a mini event (with CG) on top.
t9556.22017-08-23How many append files are there for this game?there are three
t9540.52017-08-18What to expect?That, and pretty much everything else from Makoto's route was just terrible. Be that the lengthy sleep-inducing pottery discussions, the annoying
t9540.32017-08-18What to expect?From what I hear it is in fact quite similar to Key games (think Little Busters, Rewrite, etc...), with standard heroines routes at first, before the
t9530.72017-08-15Is it wiredIt's explained in-game why Wakaba is not a love-interest, in the little episode preview scenes at the beginning of each chapter. In short, as per
t9495.22017-08-05Near endgame questionIf I remember right, you can only get Rin's second end after finishing the other character's stories, otherwise it kinda stops in the middle as you
t9485.22017-08-03Recommend RouteThe order of routes doesn't particularly matter, but I would save Sena's route for last. The True route that gets unlocks after finishing all four
t9451.42017-07-28Promotion VersionLocale Emulator didn't work for me, but starting the program with NTLEAS did the trick. Quick impressions : The protagonist didn't grow up and is as
t9451.12017-07-27Promotion VersionAnyone managed to get it to work? Starting MakingLovers.exe does nothing. Tested on three different computers (Vista/W7/W10), same results.
t9361.182017-07-05Re-Read VNs?@17 : I read the first two Danganronpa twice on my own, first in Japanese and then in English. The other times were indeed while introducing friends
t9361.152017-07-05Re-Read VNs?I don't usually re-read VNs, but I have a few exceptions. For instance, I re-read Fureraba at least three times. And not because I didn't remember
t9359.22017-07-01Protagonist's hetare overdone?I only played through Ruri's route, so I can't speak for the other routes, but I wouldn't call him a hetare. He's very, very cautious, but I can
t8413.792017-06-13The protagonistUnfortunately TG doesn't reveal actual sales numbers, and the value of a "point" in terms of units sold tends to vary over time, so it's relatively
t8413.772017-06-13The protagonistYuzusoft's protagonists all tend to fit the generally "nice guy" approach. They may have a few quirks added but they don't stray too far from the
t8413.752017-06-13The protagonist@73 : But visual novels with bland protagonists, despite being very common, systematically fail to become top sellers or critically acclaimed. If
t9278.52017-06-09Item list, and where to find it?I mostly agree, the in-game encyclopedia can get the job done. However, it's not very convenient to use: -You can't search and have to scroll
t9166.32017-05-08[Spoiler] HibikiWorks being HibikiWorksI don't agree their games were the same. Yes, the dating-sim framework was similar throughout all the xCATION series, but each game has its
t8413.132017-05-03The protagonistI wonder if you'll keep saying he's not that bad after playing Yukino's and Runa's route...
t9106.32017-04-22Protagonists like the one from this VNAny game from SMEE should fit the bill, the MC is pretty much the same type of guy in each of their games. If you liked this game, you should
t9081.72017-04-18All possible's routeYou'll need at least 40 in a melee weapon skill mastery (the first in the list) to unlock this weapon's special training sessions with Ruvy
t9081.42017-04-18All possible's routeAlright, I'll try to remain as vague as possible but obvious spoilers ahead: Sara's route is pretty straightforward. First and foremost, have sex
t9081.22017-04-15All possible's routeThere are only four routes : Claire's, Sara's, Rosetta's and the Demon King's. Depending on your actions Ren can also have sex with some of the other
t9025.22017-04-03can't get the last endingI don't remember any particular difficulty getting it, apart from having to answer "切那" and not "セツナ" during the game's last little test. Where
t8996.62017-03-27why this VN having really low ratingI don't remember that many typos in kamimaho, and it did have a patch released about a month after release -> link
t8996.42017-03-27why this VN having really low ratingI'm personally waiting for a patch before playing this, as it seems it has a few bugs and a LOT of typos/incorrect kanji. Just a quick look at
t8224.22016-09-05Spoiler: VN replay valueI can somewhat guess what path you took considering you've even asking this question. There are only a couple choices in the game, but they have a
t7846.22016-05-20Protagonist development?In the common route, it's a pretty recurring situation. You can always ignore the events involving Aoi (the worst offender in my opinion) and Yuuki
t7608.22016-04-10Niiroku CVAccording to the credits, it's Fujimori Yukina link