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c670.172019-05-04 at 23:56diabloryuzakiKasuga Iori+1
v23725.102019-05-04 at 23:15diabloryuzakiMemories Off -Innocent Fille- for DearestSS for it
c675.62019-05-04 at 19:09diabloryuzakiKuro+2
c672.172019-05-04 at 19:09diabloryuzakiKudou Hinano+1
c674.102019-05-04 at 19:08diabloryuzakiSanada Kanata+1
c670.162019-05-04 at 19:07diabloryuzakiKasuga Iori+1
c668.172019-05-04 at 19:06diabloryuzakiAnna+1
c51034.192019-04-27 at 21:28diabloryuzakiKousaka Haruka+1
c82557.12019-04-27 at 21:27diabloryuzakiIrisimage come later if the next episode have her in another appearance (maybe). this information can change if the next episode give another fact about
c60023.102019-04-27 at 21:05diabloryuzakiSophitia+4 possession not from sophie, don't mistake it
c60022.42019-04-27 at 20:55diabloryuzakiNaruse Satsuki+2
c67681.72019-04-27 at 20:54diabloryuzakiGhosther real identity
c60021.82019-04-27 at 20:44diabloryuzakiFukazawa Yoichi+7
c67682.92019-04-27 at 20:43diabloryuzakiCommander+1
c67682.82019-04-27 at 20:35diabloryuzakiCommander+3
c51034.182019-04-27 at 20:32diabloryuzakiKousaka Haruka+4 and eden true ability
c60020.202019-04-27 at 20:19diabloryuzakiNiimi Kakeru+5 and his true artifact
c82553.32019-04-27 at 20:01diabloryuzakiNineinstance spoiler
c82553.22019-04-27 at 20:01diabloryuzakiNineinstance
c82553.12019-04-27 at 19:59diabloryuzakiNinedon't edit this character too much until another editor have been read 9-nine haruka episode epilogue and all part of noa episode . current
c82086.72019-04-23 at 00:52diabloryuzakiAsagiri Futabayes alive skill only targeted player not npc and she donor her body to cure ichiha too. BUT ichiha said that she will use her organs temporary and
c77694.102019-04-22 at 22:12diabloryuzakiMiyamato Yayoiconstruct refer to her existence as npc in Alive not herself as living person
c82085.92019-04-22 at 22:08diabloryuzakiAsagiri Ichihasame like what i said for futaba
c82086.52019-04-22 at 22:07diabloryuzakiAsagiri Futabashe is not death but only have condition like death. that's why i add coma in her traits family relation is minor spoiler not major because she
c77603.92019-04-22 at 22:00diabloryuzakiLevicloset pervert have been verified by futaba mysterious come from how her action or her talk have similarity to ichiha (this is become minor spoiler
c77697.72019-04-22 at 21:52diabloryuzakiSakura Haruhisplit personality is not equal to figment and haruhi itself not split personality but figment existence
r60764.62019-04-22 at 07:22diabloryuzakiRaillore no Ryakudatsushalink
c72554.22019-04-20 at 17:16diabloryuzakiItokawa Yui+6
c23260.52019-04-20 at 17:14diabloryuzakiMizuki Runa+1
c23260.42019-04-20 at 17:13diabloryuzakiMizuki Runa+7
c23257.62019-04-20 at 17:01diabloryuzakiAmou Mikage+3
c82085.72019-04-16 at 11:46diabloryuzakiAsagiri Ichiha+1
c82085.62019-04-14 at 18:26diabloryuzakiAsagiri Ichiha+2
c82086.32019-04-14 at 18:26diabloryuzakiAsagiri Futabashe is not death but only have condition almost like death
c77694.72019-04-14 at 18:08diabloryuzakiMiyamato Yayoi+1
c77697.32019-04-14 at 18:07diabloryuzakiSakura Haruhi+1
c77603.72019-04-14 at 18:02diabloryuzakiLevylevy is ichiha
c82085.52019-04-14 at 18:01diabloryuzakiAsagiri Ichihashe appear in prologue and first part of common route
c82085.42019-04-14 at 18:00diabloryuzakiAsagiri Ichiha+3
c77603.62019-04-14 at 17:57diabloryuzakiLevy+3
c55866.102019-03-05 at 22:26diabloryuzakiSouma Izanaher possession is not by her own will and the one who possess her didn't have bad or good intention but that fact itself didn't transform her as
c70440.52019-03-05 at 22:20diabloryuzakiAmako Himekoher role explained more in izana route and it's impossible to categorize it as ghost
c55876.92019-03-05 at 22:18diabloryuzakiMizukanehis death is avoidable
c72066.132019-03-02 at 23:25diabloryuzakiOrimi Koukiscientist is what the original do when he still not do reincarnation and it is heavy not minor spoiler
c72066.122019-03-02 at 23:23diabloryuzakiOrimi Koukiadd enter
c72066.112019-03-02 at 23:23diabloryuzakiOrimi Koukitraits + spoilers. precog is not his ability but his memory in soul world or simulation
c72071.142019-03-02 at 22:38diabloryuzakiYuumi Holietetraits
c66752.92019-02-27 at 21:50diabloryuzakiIchimatsu Chieka+1
c64305.322019-02-27 at 21:49diabloryuzakiSouma Ria+1
c64305.312019-02-27 at 21:49diabloryuzakiSouma Riaadding pregnancy and child birth but forget with avoidable death? don't do that my friend