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t12086.122019-05-26How to get a HUGE amount of money in short timei have level up x ray until lvl 5 and give up on it. it make me a masochist farmer
t12086.92019-05-25How to get a HUGE amount of money in short time#5 well, that is an option too but in wrong genre. visual novel created to make players to become a reader unless the scenario itself is cheap or
t12371.32019-05-25routes^ he right. basically it is amayui that didn't have bad end and some variation who will still with you until ending
t12115.72019-05-18true ending ?until you know that all main heroine is the heroine in true route in this vn
t12344.52019-05-18Tech SupportTry to check this vn developer official website in support section, maybe they release patch to fix errors on windows 10 environments
t12326.132019-05-15Please heal my first world problemvn reader have 2 type: story reader or hentai reader which one you are?
t12325.62019-05-15If you notice ....^ not that again, it's hard to accept the fact that kawashima rino voicing cool heroine but later she come in another female (male inside) character
t12320.162019-05-13[SPOILER] About Minato's routei don't force my logic to you but i only force what i read from vn to you because i think you didn't read it good enough to understand the world
t12320.142019-05-13[SPOILER] About Minato's routeIf you ask the proof of my assumption you will get nowhere because the writer didn't write all but you can make realist assumption from that. Didn't
t12322.52019-05-12Does it get better?eh, so resurrection tag is not from supernatural phenomenon? that is very surprised for me
t12320.112019-05-12[SPOILER] About Minato's routewait, that is where you wrong. "MC came to the virtual world is because Futaba herself brought him there when he almost committed suicide", this is
t12322.32019-05-12Does it get better?this is palette dude, this is where almost all supernatural phenomenon is bonus tag for except for 9-nine
t12320.82019-05-12[SPOILER] About Minato's routeif in aoi tori, devil exist to connect all episode (in this term is heroine route) to akari then in realive, ichiha and futaba is the main reason why
t12320.62019-05-12[SPOILER] About Minato's routethe one who misunderstood is you. the route have same structure like aoi tori the different is it didn't explain to player directly. every time you
t12320.42019-05-12[SPOILER] About Minato's routeThat is because minato still have player status. Do you forget that only mc who still can't raise to lvl 3 in true route? And every time heroine
t12320.22019-05-12[SPOILER] About Minato's routeRead true route to know the truth about that world
t10293.132019-05-10English version?^ Don't take partial of it dude 弊社ブランド light、Campusについて 弊社の解散理由は、あくまでも、予算を投下したDies irae PANTHEONが開発途中にも関わらず、共同開発会社様を二社立て続けに失った事にあります
t10293.112019-05-09English version?^ no dude, together with greenwood, light company stop their production even the progress of pantheon stop in the middle until another company take
t12285.22019-05-07Tip for making it through first half of gamehighly agree to your advice because this vn almost have same pattern to koiken otome
t12268.122019-05-04Why are there so many crappy oelvncrappy oelvn appear to fight japanese vn with their originality like adult art (said the oelvn creator) and some work hard to write scenarios. the
t12265.12019-05-02True Timeline Before Anna Appear--------------------------------------BEWARE SPOILER----------------------------------- -This thread contain spoiler from anna and iori route as
t11562.62019-05-02Tennouji Kotarou the useless protagonisti'm kinda disagree with vote options and despite hate opinion to rewrite, i think it is more complex than what you think. this vn start from solving
t12254.32019-04-30favorite heroinewhy only main heroine? why not all heroine who have h scene include from fandisc? why? WHY?
t9598.112019-04-30new history or continuation ?just think like this right after see miyako dead body, he jump to the point where he abandon her from that point, kakeru have another 2 option 1. foll
t12087.32019-04-26Game doesn't work on Windows 10 64-bitalways check eushully website for OS compatibility. they make a table since ikusa megami zero until fuukan no grasesta to OS compatibility from xp
t11623.102019-04-24Technical issueyou want people to help you but you only have vague description to your problem with no picture, are making fun to us? give us your current spec with
t11312.132019-04-22What is this true ending ??? (SPOILERS)#11 Even so, people always need someone to act as villain even though that villain is ex victim or something like that. Rather than romanticizing, it
t5511.102019-04-17This is getting somewhat translated.nothing surprised especially when this fd only give you important story from hibiki to fill blank/awkward scenes at last part of common route from
t12177.12019-04-11have a doubt to this new title?for you yes you who always expecting something from purplesoftware, this title will give you hard time to play or not. why? 1. sometime you will have
t7812.102019-04-07Is Kodachi objectively the best eroge girl?"the best eroge girl" is different with "the best ero girl". the different is eroge mean erotic game and her rival is wide in that category but the
t10303.32019-04-06Impressions?it's worth and can meet your expectation for every further episode. basically every episode will be like this miyako episode: telling you about 9
t11207.482019-04-03Remake or orignal?i prefer remake if they have budget for it. honestly, to keep old art is not bad but if they have a plan to adapt it in anime then they should do
t12086.32019-03-31How to get a HUGE amount of money in short timethe most hard part for equipment upgrade is not money problem but which equipment you should use to upgrade your preferred equipment to get the
t12119.132019-03-31Greenwood (light's parent) is shutting downwhat #12 said is true and Steiner status is too misleading and too short that make people indirectly feel light will died like sprite do
t12119.82019-03-30Greenwood (light's parent) is shutting downwho said light will die together with greenwood just because greenwood died first? people should know that make a branch company mean their main
t12115.22019-03-29true ending ?yes, main heroines only
t9598.82019-03-27new history or continuation ?i accept it as sequel because it's not like a sequel should start to continue from miyako ending. if you have been read aiyoku no eustia or sen no
t11945.62019-03-27the best coupleLol, spoiler have many categories and i don't mean spoiler from this character is spoiler or not but their traits. Character traits can determine
t11945.32019-03-27the best coupleI think i have add it in my first comment?
t12099.82019-03-27Why no mochizuki route?Don't worry, in this series almost side heroines have their own route even in fandisk
t12086.12019-03-24How to get a HUGE amount of money in short timei will explain how to for several case so read carefully Solution 1 Capture cat at 抜闘街 (battougai), there are 4 cats in total and per cat give you 1
t12017.162019-03-07Dies Irae offends Christianitydespise it as you can but you choose wrong genre to despise. if dies irae is not have chuuni element, then ofc it will be offensive. but you forget
t12017.142019-03-07Dies Irae offends Christianity#13 i think tokyo babel is offensive but not too much because it try to reveal what really happen in that end of the world, in the other words is
t12017.102019-03-07Dies Irae offends Christianityinteresting fact #1 never care this thread after created it
t12017.52019-03-07Dies Irae offends ChristianityThis thread itself is laughable. You find that dies irae offend religion teaching but you forget the existence of atheism. I just hope #1 that create
t950.5402019-03-03VNDB Suggestions!vndb should implement marked vn title that we have voted when we are search something in a certain developer vn list or voice actor work list. just
t11977.52019-02-28[spoiler]The different between マリア and 真理亜i think not unless someone still persistent to make マリア as reincarnation of Ria with extent route as the hint for it
t11942.42019-02-28Irotoridori no Sekai - Sakura, Moyu are related?@3 it more accurate to said that irosekai created after adults killed by mysterious feather that fall from the sky and the result is almost child in
t11977.32019-02-28[spoiler]The different between マリア and 真理亜i agree with that too but that's why マリア origin is weird. Reincarnation need some clear facts or fairy tale to make that character really
t11979.62019-02-28Minori is no moreif they can promote or write well then the result is clear. must to remember that write scenarios for vn is not easy enough like write web novel