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t16963.32021-09-07loli heroine?Yes, they are loli so it's fine to give that tag to them
t16851.152021-09-05Super hyped#14 Happy ending is hard to create when the dramatic development too powerful and if it's forced to have happy ending it will look weird
t16851.132021-09-04Super hypedthe big different between utsuge and nakige is how the scenario writer create that dramatic development and i'm sure people love this part rather
t16851.52021-09-03Super hypedtake back my words, it seems like the utsu feeling will be more heavy than amatsutsumi. last part of prologue and last event from first half of
w2745.22021-09-02Seishun Fragile#1 thanks, I must finished it one year after release date because the op movie is not feel like purplesoft at first but after know that there is new
t16728.1822021-08-30A VN Play Time Voting Thing"Repeated text: imo just don't count it." it seems like i don't understand this part correctly, what did you mean by "repeated text"? did you mean
t16174.322021-08-27D.C.4 ~Da Capo 4~ Plus Harmony"H-scenes only happening after the epilogue" sad fact for me because i don't like h-scene after epilogue too much
t16870.222021-08-27Why don't VNs with voiced MCs do this more often?1. most of vns is eroge, find male seiyuu that can voiced h-scene is more hard than otome vns. even voicing sub character still more easy 2. voiced
t16851.42021-08-27Super hypedbut i don't think kunado will not have utsuge element because the setting and op movie itself already show it to us, what i hope is just the "utsu
t16851.22021-08-26Super hypedthe writer is the one who write amatsutsumi and aoi tori op movie is not bad, moreover when every cg that appear in it give motivation to know why it
t16804.72021-08-15About that TL projectimagine that 3 months later we can get (trial) patch for it but suddenly this project taken down later because official translator want to translate
t16791.52021-08-13Sekai Project talks about their KickstartersImagine that your basic language is not English but your favorite story development always in Japanese. Moreover in the past you rely on fan
t16694.32021-08-08miscellanious information13. all your 100% dungeon map from first playtime will ended futile because the second playtime will reset it to 0%. even your alternative base zone
t16728.1092021-08-05A VN Play Time Voting Thingsee how people talk about "slow, normal, fast", "old system is better than new system" or "my reading speed is not in slow, normal or fast" when i
t16728.632021-08-04A VN Play Time Voting Thingcan someone explain to me how to understand this "play time"? it seems like the result is confusing me after i see how many vote that people give to
w197.32021-07-29Sakura no Mori † Dreamers 2#2 madoka and other routes of course. basically SnMD 2 is created to give more realistic development after common route in SnMD 1
t16694.22021-07-27miscellanious information11. it is possible to not get katlit like in prequel by ignore her event 12. it is possible to get Mikschana and Roselyne no matter which dungeon
t16694.12021-07-27miscellanious information-Amayui Labyrinth Meister patch ver 1.01 append 1- 1. if you found error message like デバッグ情報 (debug information) when you in dungeon, temporary
t9414.382021-07-13Is it cool to hate this VN now?If chuunige have "Infinite Spontaneous Power-ups" tag in it, trust me it is not easy work to write it because the author forced to think the setting
t16589.22021-07-11Question regarding the storyTrue end except for some side heroines
t16228.142021-07-11What are your thoughts on meaningless choices?Meaningless choices can be useful to see character expression for a certain dialogue but very annoying if it is used as branching and sadly it is
t16174.192021-07-09D.C.4 ~Da Capo 4~ Plus Harmonysimple question, when i can see h scene with adult sakura?
t16575.52021-07-0910 Difficulties Related to VN Localizationissue 3 & 4 is common problem when translator try to take a project, but i hate when they take imaginary project and make "other translator who have
t16557.72021-07-06Windows 11 announcedi still didn't see any reason why my favorite vn developer should erase windows 7 from requirement of their new vn. it is not far from future where i
t16502.12021-06-29walkthrough for all route (SPOILER)this is for people who can't find link for it or too lazy to do it manually contributor: link (there is no guarantee that this link will work in the
t16238.12021-06-13The 0th god throne "new details" 「Pantheon」for people who don't have enough money or source to see details about it, i just place it in here. this details taken from japanese wiki so i will
t15939.622021-06-07Play length edits#55 "All you have is your abstract calculations and wasted time, but they're only correct in your mind." Then show us your realist calculation
t15939.392021-06-07Play length edits#38 Only works for unvoiced and non animated vns, you forget animation part in it
t15939.302021-06-07Play length edits#27 wait, i don't understand why auto play with standard speed taken from vn perspective is abstract
t15939.202021-06-04Play length edits#19 i vote this result because it is more accurate rather than people who calculate it by ignoring average reading speed or just skip some scenario
t16172.22021-06-02Ending tagsif heroine's death = bad ending then ria route (kin'iro) and eustia route (aiyoku no eustia) will be bad ending. sometime death is necessary to get
t16102.352021-06-02this sucks#23 This is the first time I see people need add friend feature for a website that are dedicated as database rather than forum. If you want to
t16112.22021-05-26Sequel?It is sequel not short story or FD
t16102.82021-05-24this sucksVndb is light, no ads, stylish and not full with dumb information at homepage Of course myanimelist is not bad but I hate to see too much
t16097.52021-05-23Start SP or wait for RB?what make RB great is it add more route and new CGs to original route where original ver actually have less CG than what you expected before but if
t16068.42021-05-18Route recommended ordergo for ayase first then the rest is your favorite heroine but don't choose hazuki as your first route, her route even less enjoying than chisaki
t16027.32021-05-11Best routes? (Spoilers)at first i think arisu route is good until i see that scenario writer give worst (for me) branching option for us to choose moreover when the
t16003.22021-05-07Where does this game keep its save data?appdata\local\eushully
t10302.2282021-04-28Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadlink play for fun and vote for troll i can't see how serious is this user to play vn like too many low vote and the comment after the title is like
w1893.12021-04-27Raillore no Ryakudatsusha"Battles go unnarrated save for dialogue" it is just minor method to show how fierce is the battle by using cg, sprites, effect and some code rather
t15937.102021-04-27Sakura no Uta Community Translation Challenge#9 no stop it, i remember read 11eyes translation in the past and very disappointing how hard is to read it after meet chaos text with spanish word
t15937.62021-04-27Sakura no Uta Community Translation Challengetranslate to make it readable and translate without change the context is different thing, so which one is your group?
t15927.22021-04-25Anything new to the story?i'm curious too because summer pocket and summer pocket RB didn't have too much different and i'm worried that this one will ended same like that
t15919.22021-04-24Brief Branches Only?main heroine route more long than sub heroine route some main heroine share same heroine route until right before their own ending basically what
t15902.42021-04-20Need help with a weird error, can't play.the windows 8/10 referred to tablet pc not pc sadly(source link) unless tablet pc and pc is same machine. usually developer only add win 8/10 only
t15902.22021-04-20Need help with a weird error, can't play.always check support page at developer official website if that game have patch for win10. so if you found the patch for it then you can play it
t15881.52021-04-17(Spoiler-ish) Do you like Yoichi?i only like yoichi from episode 3 sadly because in it he is look reliable as antagonist but in episode 4 he is just slight look cool and it is ended
t15878.102021-04-16What is this?#9 No, at first their audience can try to read DC4 because it is something new in DC world until some of them realize 1. Without 18+ content, it is
t15878.12021-04-15What is this?Sequel, FD or remake with 18+ content? *btw i still didn't understand why the minimum OS for it is 8.1 too, did there is something that make it look
t15842.22021-04-10One true end? (Spoiler?)"Even though this game has multiple endings, one of them is considered to be the true ending to the story. Sometimes this is evident from that