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t4038.72020-07-10Sana route (spoiler)i don't know if it is still needed or not but i will give short explanation about it at kaijou-shi, there is 4 big family like Takagi family
t1190.112020-07-08Exporting VN List#10 what about txt file? it is more easy for simple content
t14299.12020-07-06this game is good but the balance is weirdi have read shoujo shin'iki (previous title) before and it is good that worth for 9 of 10. despite have same options pattern until end of common
t14253.142020-07-04thread for RB reader only(beware spoiler)#13 really? then is it hard to defeat her for the first time?
t14253.122020-07-04thread for RB reader only(beware spoiler)How to play new table tennis it is same like how you enter shimamon battle but you choose second option then receive racket from tenzen idea from
t14253.102020-07-03thread for RB reader only(beware spoiler)Detail about new CGs in RB 1. Shiroha: 1 slot / 3 frame 2. Ao: 0 slot 3. Kamome: 1 slot / 1 frame 4. Tsumugi: 1 slot / 3 frame 5. Nomiki: new route
t14253.82020-07-03thread for RB reader only(beware spoiler)#6 wait, didn't they just meeting again at post credit? can that situation called get back as lovers?
t12445.222020-07-02Now this is what a true masterpiece should be#21 If my understanding of this is correct, then the "true route ending" is just one branch yes, true ending is just one of branches and what we have
t12445.202020-07-01Now this is what a true masterpiece should be#19 reincarnation in this vn work like a one way railroad with one station where station is a gateway to the next cycle. the problem is there is no
t14253.12020-06-26thread for RB reader only(beware spoiler)what is main appeal point in RB? currently is shiki, shizuru and miki especially when some people have read SS (side story) about shizuru and miki
t14247.22020-06-25Text convertno, that is default
t14208.22020-06-18issues regarding the "true ending"(spoilers)you can read FD if you want to know more when tooru enter new dream right before yuuko merged with alice
t12973.262020-06-18Is this the last game in the series?#25 rather than rena subroute why not expect iris route? actually i find that iris route is the start of all this mess and it is very surprising that
t14202.22020-06-17Question(spoilers)open ending be like, now let's have happy ending (marry heroine, meeting again after long parting etc) but wait why they add "a certain hint" that
t14186.22020-06-14Is it really ended that way in main heroine route?yes, sakura is a ghost so she can't live together with him after spring arrive
t14159.22020-06-09Has anyone played this?it is worth to play for the story and lately they have add full voice on several chapter in the story
t13536.92020-06-09True Ending confirmation + discussion [Spoilers]#8 1. butterfly that surround umi is another butterfly that have same bloodline with katou family, but the silhouette is shiroha mother iirc 2. iirc
t14135.32020-06-07sacrifice optionsacrifice is useful in himegari before if you priority strengthen your units first than read ending but i don't know for tenmei
t9091.102020-06-06Character name translation rule clarificationpolling for every possible romanisation name of it and choose the most as the answer if official source and wiki can't solve it. discussing it is
t14130.22020-06-05Good Places to Find Guides?this link, link and google
t14089.72020-06-02No H-Scenes?even if circus add h-scene in this vn, did it worth for that? i don't think so because this vn is fine without h-scene and perfectly fine if it didn
t14105.22020-06-01What to expect?maybe you didn't like how they adapt it as anime, try from different perspective by read it
t14092.42020-05-30[Spoilers] Nene's Wish On Other RoutesThat is normal reaction because in the end yuzusoft never care with "true end" and they only work for almost true end route
t14053.22020-05-25What is the policy on RPG Maker games?if you mean corpse party is not fit in vndb category as vn then i don't think so because the story still more dominant in it and the gameplay is to
t14052.32020-05-25i hate how farming work in this vnfor me mouse healthy is matter because this vn gameplay made me impatient so easily that can make my mouse sick more fast by clicking too much btw
t14052.12020-05-25i hate how farming work in this vnhonestly, i know it is normal to have problem when farming like less exp, inefficient time, drop etc etc but farming in this vn is more worst than in
t13989.42020-05-15Regarding c82557.6for now is no because somehow i can see palette still want to give "another route" for 9-nine
t13989.22020-05-15Regarding c82557.6Yes you right, she is not using manipulation or mind control but everyone become human artifact. This case itself is same with satsuki at haruka
t13966.22020-05-11Reviewreading ragnarok alone almost same to read vendetta without sequel, "there is no clear world setting". the best character development in silverio
t10893.252020-05-07Summer Pockets Review#24 Sadly, many people like kamome/tsumugi route more than Alka-pocket route
t13945.22020-05-07Misaki's route was so good it's not even fair...I know your feeling moreover when i remember the time i read silverio vendetta for the first time. World setting is too big and almost no route that
t13942.32020-05-06[spoilers] About "NEXT BEAT" endthe purpose of this vn is to give "more detail" about main characters in angel beats especially from track zero arc. but sadly some of them can be
t13929.32020-05-05Route order?easy mode: shiroha -> ao -> kamome/tsumugi -> tsumugi/kamome -> true end hard mode: kamome/tsumugi -> tsumugi/kamome -> ao -> shiroha -> true end
t13910.52020-05-04Spoilers(i cried so much)#4 aahh, i know that feeling because everytime i see that scene it make me wonder "did i read wrong vn?"
t13922.32020-05-03Question about releases1. patch (amaterasu ver) is for regular edition 2. never expect them to release it in time. if you can't wait for it you can use patch from
t13910.22020-05-01Spoilers(i cried so much)Lol, fortissimo hit you more hard than this actually because tragedy always come after main characters have strong bond for them
t13642.132020-04-28America wins again#11 wait, you can't remove atui from that game because she is the only reason why Soyankekur can join Haku army later and that is same with other
t13885.52020-04-27Any chances of a compilation?#3 sadly it is not mistyped because i'm not sure that they can make it in less than 1 years moreover with current situation. and if we see from
t13885.22020-04-27Any chances of a compilation?no, unless you want to wait 2-3 years again to expect them to announce compilation ver
t13831.282020-04-26Thoughs of the game and questionsc'mon #26 #27, if you always refer a game based on other reference too much it will make that game is just "fully copy paste" that references don't
t12973.132020-04-25Is this the last game in the series?#12 then it mean we will have the real grand route if it is like what you said
t13831.212020-04-23Thoughs of the game and questions#19 well, this first game itself still not completed that's why the existence of second game make this first game become more reasonable. and i don't
t13831.172020-04-22Thoughs of the game and questions#16 No, you wrong. Defeating joker is important because the origin of joker itself is incomprehensible unless you read the second game (this is the
t13861.42020-04-22[SPOILERS] Promise at startin the past event, masaya have "girl look" in front of asuka and it is have been explained in misaki route. in asuka route, it is only mentioned to
t13861.22020-04-22[SPOILERS] Promise at start1. yes, read again at prologue and some common route iirc 2. and if you want to go for detail, it should be in her route actually
t7654.162020-04-21GD^ ushio is true heroine in this series and that is start to develop in her route from first game
t13856.32020-04-21May somebody provide me a save file?this is my save file, hope it help you. btw my save file require latest patch, latest append and ver 2 if you want to access load file directly. but
t8079.192020-04-21Thoughts on the game^ mako/murasame > murasame/mako > yoshino > lena <- if you want long read time yoshino > lena <- if you want short read time sub heroine is optional
t13839.22020-04-18Koitate remake: a few commentsPersonally i only like until common route part and not too interested to heroine route because the pace is rushed. At first i think it is because
t13831.62020-04-17Thoughs of the game and questionsnot quite right because hidenori itself is cornered mentally even "before" he killed madoka. in the first place, madoka existence have "important