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      7FinishedAstralAir no Shiroki TowaThis VN has some good parts but it takes a lot of reading through boring drawn-out slice of life to get to it. Some routes have disappointing epilogues (especially Corona's). The setting is interesting, I like the snowy backgrounds and many references to Norse mythology. The bits of information they divulge about Valhalla Laboratory, Elfins, space probes and the like throughout the VN was enjoyable. There are a fair amount of good tracks in the OST (and a great number of them overall), though unfortunately most good ones aren't used very often (the action/fight ones). Riku as a main character annoyed me as he appeared a bit hard-hearted and uncaring at times. I wish there were more flashbacks for Rinne similar to the ones Yuuki got (Rinne's was probably my favorite route). The true route had some good moments but wasn't particularly impactful for some reason.2017-04-21
      9FinishedBeskonechnoe letoAmazing music, setting, atmosphere/mood. Decent story.2016-02-17
      7FinishedCHAOS;HEADMy first VN. Good mystery. Hikikomori MC, whom I can relate to.2016-02-17
      -StalledCROSS†CHANNELRead like 1 hour of it but got bored. Should give it another chance probably2016-03-31
      7FinishedDEARDROPSPretty solid VN in most respects. The story is likely the weak point, while the characters are pretty likeable. Lots of awkward moments, really makes you feel the second-hand embarassment. OST is, unexpectedly, not great, but there are several nice tracks.2017-04-04
      7FinishedDoki Doki Literature Club!I was spoiled on a few things about this before reading. I'm not sure how this affected my enjoyment of it. The game is honestly done surprsingly well in a lot of respects, but a few things dragged the experience down for me. Mostly, that would be the horror. I'm not a fan of this genre in general, but especially hate jump scares, which the game employed in plenty during one of the acts. Breaking of the 4th wall can be novel, but it didn't do much for me this time. The game is cool as a concept, but these cool aspects don't make the act of reading it a whole lot more enjoyable. As for the good things: I enjoyed the slice of life in the initial act of the game immensely. I'm usually not a fan of SOL, but here, it was done masterfully; it's some of the best that I've read in a VN so far. The interactions with most characters (less so Natsuki) were very enjoyable, and it was interesting to learn about literature. Reading the poems was fun too. On the second playthrough, these peaceful parts of the game could be savored even more as you knew what was about to happen. The game had a powerful emotional impact, but unfortunately, I did not enjoy one of the emotions it roused in me: anxiety. The warning displayed when starting the game is not to be taken lightly, I suppose. It's not really the game's fault; simply, it's not something I prefer for my VNs to make me feel. It did also make me feel depressed, sorrowful, and relieved during many of the other parts of the story, which I appreciated. Overall, I wish the game was longer (although I can understand why they aimed for something this short), and it'd be nice if it wouldn't overuse jump scares so much. Also, Yuri's CGs are exceptionally pretty.2018-02-23
      8Finishededen* They were only two, on the planet.This is a short and sweet story told without too much fluff. It feels like the VN did what it set out to do splendidly. It was refreshing to read something with a voiced protagonist, linear story, and no h-scenes (in the middle of story, at least). The story does get a bit heavy on slice of life in the part where they begin living at the cottage, however. Even though it was nice to spend time with Sion, I preferred the scenes at the facility, and the atmosphere there. That's not to say that the second half of the game didn't have several fairly impactful scenes, though. Overall, the game had quite a number of those, but I can't say any one in particular hit home more than the others. This makes it difficult to call the game a masterpiece, even if it made me sniffle many times. I wish the last scene was made more dramatic, but in the end, maybe that wouldn't have fit with the rest of the story's tone. The characters in this game are all pretty solid, and I was only irked by Maya a bit. Ryou's cool-headed attitude was also refreshing, and it didn't feel like it made him seem robotic. The art in this game doesn't need much commentary, as it's nothing short of magnificent. The presentation of the sprites and CGs and how they reflect what's going on in the story benefits immersion a lot. So does the music. The OST mostly consists of subtle tracks that don't overextend themselves, but do well to set the mood. There are two tracks I was especially fond of, Android and Bird Cage. Overall, this game is great, but the second half being a bit of a chore to get through as well as the somewhat unimpactful ending reduced my enjoyment of it considerably.2018-07-23
      7FinishedeuphoriaH-scenes weren't as good as I expected, most are pretty boring honestly, and only a few are good. Story is good in the latter half of some routes, not great in others. True ending was great. Getting to the interesting parts of the story was just a chore though, even when CTRL-skipping through some H-scenes. Overall close to an 8 because of cool plot twists and very good ending but the rest of the story just drags it down too much. Also, while the music that is there is very good, there aren't enough tracks.2016-09-20
      7FinishedFlyable CandyHeartDespite being more of a spin-off or alternate version, rather than a sequel, this ended up being almost as good as the main game. The Yui and Suzuno routes were by far the centerpiece, with others only including a bit of SoL and H-scenes. Still, the SoL offered something different in each route and thus kept things interesting, so outside of the H-scenes (most of which I skipped) I never really got bored with the minor routes. Gumi's route was a welcome addition (mainly picked up the VN for it), it matched or slightly exceeded expectations as they made it a bit longer than other routes, allowing for Shou and Gumi's relationship to develop properly; as a result, it might be the most romantically-invested I've been compared to any other route in this or the main game. Additionally, it had several very cute CGs. Mayuri's route wasn't too confusing despite me having not read KimiNago. Yui's ended up being intriguing due to the mystery of how the world worked this time around, and it didn't take too long to get to the answers so it was a satisfying read, as were the scenes where they had to bring all the other heroines to the student council room (they worked rather well as a review of the main conflict of each route in the main game, too). Suzuno's was a little boring at first but abruptly got good closer to the end; the scene in the piano room was touching and I even cried a bit during the rooftop scene right afterwards. The epilogue following that was also neat, but I'm still a bit confused about how the time travel mechanics work. It's also baffling to me why the main routes were locked behind the others, but in the end it didn't take too long to get through them, and they ended up being decent, so I don't feel the investment was disproportionate for the enjoyment I got from the main routes. The crossover route got bland rather quickly once most of the new (to me) characters were introduced; it did have a few pleasant BGM tracks from the other games, however.2020-04-072020-04-062020-04-16
      7FinishedFlyable HeartInitially, a better VN than expected, mostly due to the mystery and subplots going on throughout the story. However, it does get a bit boring to wait for the answers after a few routes, as they don't reveal a whole lot until Yui's path. The routes don't offer much else either; I didn't particularly like the romance outside of perhaps Amane (her route did have some other interesting aspects too), and they're too short to really get invested in any character. It feels like you're going through the same motions six times. Still, there were some touching moments, and despite being predictable, I really enjoyed the ending of Kururi's route. It was also fun to try to solve the mystery, even if the reveal felt a bit anti-climatic for some reason. The music in this game is good, there are just enough tracks to not feel too repetitive, and both the melancholic ones as well as the comedic ones are pleasant to listen to. My favourites were probably "Sadly Chord" and "梅花藻". The CGs and overall art style are also good, and there is a vast amount of backgrounds, even special ones you see only once or twice, which is appreciated. I didn't end up liking most of the characters that much, my favorites were probably Gumi and Yaeno-senpai, who aren't even main characters. Kururi has her moments but I didn't like how her personality began to fluctuate wildly in her route, and Mayuri could have been good but I was disappointed by her route (potentially because I read it first). Overall, a pretty decent VN, but I think it would have been better if the story were condensed into three or maybe four longer routes rather than being split up like it was. The mystery may have been more impactful if Shou actually tried to figure it out proactively, rather than sort of waiting for the answers to present themselves.2019-12-182019-12-182020-02-23
      7FinishedGrisaia no Kajitsu -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA-Boring common route, mostly unfunny comedy and not enough drama/mystery. Most routes don't have very good execution, but I really liked Michiru's route and one part of Amane's route (Kazuki backstory). Good CGs and sprites, but there's not enough music and it's not very good.2016-03-02
      7FinishedHappy Live, Show Up!A rather lackluster game, though it's roughly what I expected: it seemed like a run-of-the-mill moege. Pechka is the only really interesting character, and there's nothing intriguing about the story except for it being set in Russia. However, neither that nor the magic is explored much; it's almost irrelevant in most routes. The routes are extremely short for all heroines other than Sofia, making it difficult to get invested in those heroines. Despite that, and being a bit predictable, Pechka's route still turned out to be enjoyable. Sofia's was much longer and also good, especially the scene where she attempts to understand how Clarice can be so dedicated to ballet, and I like how the other heroines all make an appearance in this route. The other routes were either mind-numblingly boring or simply mediocre, e.g. Karentia's. Miyabi was funny with her speech quirks. The fact that this VN takes place in two different cities is neat, but doesn't really make for a more pleasant reading experience by itself. There were loads of backgrounds, which is nice, but it almost felt wasteful in some cases, and they didn't contribute much to enjoyment because the game wasn't very atmospheric. Lots of the tracks in the OST are good but rarely used due to most scenes being peaceful slice of life, and there seldom being any drama or conflict, making it not very memorable in the end. My favorites were: 白鳥の湖 第一幕 「ワルツ」, ベイビー!メタル, and カタストロフ. Overall, a fairly short and light game that lacks a good premise or enough fresh elements to make it more bearable (though that could have been done if they explored magic more). Sofia's and Pechka's routes are relatively good, barely enough to justify a 7.2021-06-042021-05-302021-07-11
      7FinishedHaruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi noMost of the routes are unremarkable, except for Shino's which is good, and Miyabi's which is great. The setting is interesting but it's only explored a little in the branch school routes and Miyabi's route. The underground tunnels weren't quite as interesting as I anticipated. All of the characters are likeable, and that made the slice of life scenes with them palatable, but their percentage in comparison to plot-relevant scenes is too high. The H-scenes in the branch routes were the worst I've ever encountered. The twist in Hashiba Yuuna's route was interesting but not handled in an especially satisfying way; I also wish Infomercial-san got more focus. The main school routes had too little suspense as the characters' feelings were explained too readily, making them a bit of a chore to read since you already knew what was going on, and the epilogues were poorly-done. Tsukasa's trauma was rehashed a bit too many times; Miyabi's route is the only one that handled it well. Tsukasa himself was frustratingly different between the two branches, making it feel as though they are stories from two different VNs entirely. The sound effects and transitions were a nice touch; the soundtrack was good, though it would be nice if it included more songs. The sprites and CGs look nice, but there were too few non-H CGs in the branch routes. It also felt as though there weren't enough backgrounds. Overall, a fairly enjoyable game, but it could have left a bigger impact if it was more concise.2019-06-01
      8FinishedHoshizora no Memoria -Eternal Heart-Finished only ****, Mare, Isuzu, Komomo routes. To do later: Asuho. The **** and Mare routes were a very good addition to HoshiMemo, the story feels incomplete without them. There was a lot of slice of life but especially Mare route had some interesting developments, so it was still fun to read. Not quite enough mystery/drama for a higher rating, though. Some music tracks were updated to be even more awesome. Finally got to see Setsuna in a swimsuit at the end = win.2016-08-02
      10FinishedHoshizora no Memoria -Wish Upon a Shooting Star-Best VN I've read to date, 10/10 until I find something better™. Solid common route with mysterious mood, loveable cast of characters, impactful drama, and the best OST I've heard. An unforgettable experience.2016-05-19
      4DroppedImouto Paradise! ~Onii-chan to Go nin no Imouto no Ecchi Shimakuri ...Koharu had the only decent route, and the others don't seem interesting.2016-04-19
      5FinishedKana ~Imouto~Meh. Couldn't relate to how MC felt towards his sister.2016-02-19
      6FinishedKanojo-tachi no RyuugiA rather disappointing game, perhaps due to the exceptional OP song (which is what got me interested in it in the first place) setting the expectations too high. There are too many routes and they're way too short to properly develop an interesting story or get to know the heroines, and even though Tobari gets a bit more time I didn't find her story all that compelling either. While plenty of the heroines seem intriguing on paper, most turned out to be rather disappointing in their routes. I feel like Suzutsuki's route had a lot of potential but her story turned out a bit too pretentious for my taste. Seseri and Akane's routes were fairly unimpressive, though some interesting details were revealed in the latter. Chisato's was somewhat enjoyable because of the scenes with Tobari, whose own route was the most interesting, mostly owing to the epilogue. Tobari 2 was so-so, and Honoka's was fairly basic but enjoyable. I liked that even in the other heroine routes, Tobari is clearly made out to be the true heroine. The character art style is also quite good in this VN, sprites being a joy to look at and there being a large amount of pretty CGs. The OST is good enough, there are barely enough tracks to keep it from being too repetitive and some are quite good but most are mediocre. My favorite was Red-reduction division-(Inst Ver). One of the most annoying things was the amount of H-scenes, both in the start of the game and in the routes; at times it felt like reading a nukige. Another annoyance were the scene transitions, which were jarringly quick at times. However, the writing did have some good moments, and I liked that the activities of the drama club got some focus and that the VN didn't hold back in some respects. Overall, a mediocre title that doesn't offer much beyond its good OP and art, but not a complete chore to read.2021-01-022021-09-082021-09-30
      -StalledKatawa ShoujoGotta finish this thing.. But it would feel like cheating on Rin.2016-02-17
      8FinishedKimagure TemptationAs a mystery, this game does a splendid job. It made me do a fair bit of theorycrafting, yet still managed to trick and surprise me. It tied up all loose ends by the end, didn't seem to have any plot holes (that I could notice), and even the slice-of-life-to-plot ratio was good. The choices felt like they mattered, moreso than in your average VN, at least. Most of the characters were rather likeable, and while there wasn't really any romance, I grew to like Anneliese and became quite attached to her by the end. The music in this VN can be described as inconspicuous; there isn't much progression in each track so most of them don't stand out much, but they are still good and serve their function as background music. 調査中2、感動、and 願い (Short Inst) were my favorites. The visuals in this VN are good, but Anne having an animated sprite felt like little more than a gimmick, though still a nice touch, along with her wearing a different outfit every day. Some of the backgrounds could use better lighting and a bit more detail, but they're fairly good as-is. However, it feels like the game is far too lacking when it comes to variety of locations--everything takes place in the apartment. This is not just about backgrounds but extends to other parts of the game; it feels somewhat barebones, being laser-focused on the mystery and not attempting to do much else. There is effectively only one character, every scene takes place in the same apartment, the structure of the story is fairly linear, and the prose isn't anything to marvel at. This isn't a major flaw as the game was short enough that I didn't get bored of being in the same setting, but it does hold it back from being an even better story. Still, it's commendable that it executed what it set out to do so well, even if some variety was sacrificed in the process. Overall, this is a solid murder mystery game that doesn't overstay its welcome.2020-04-282020-05-032020-05-08
      7FinishedKonata yori Kanata madeSakura's route is the only good thing about this VN, but then again, it is really good. It focused on the concept of self-righteousness and how the protagonist struggled to change himself, which is quite interesting and relatable. Kokonoe's route and her struggle with feeling like she deserves punishment is also rather relatable, but I was annoyed by the way that route was handled. It started off as interesting, focusing on the fights with monsters and whatnot, but Kokonoe gradually became a seemingly normal girl as she spent more time with Kanata. There was a lack of focus on the monsters, vampires, and organization that hunts them overall too; almost nothing was explained regarding these elements. Christel's route seemed like the one that had the most effort put into it, but I, personally, didn't like her much, especially after her personality shift. I couldn't get invested in her route due to this. H-scenes seem to be randomly wedged in during unfitting points in the story, but this is nothing new. All of the music in this VN is rather well done, with a few tracks in particular that stand out. However, there isn't enough of it, so it does get a bit repetitive. The CGs and sprites fare similarly - nice to look at, but there are too few of them. Although, I didn't mind this too much as the text box takes up the whole screen anyway. There doesn't seem to be a key to hide the text, so you have to right click every time and do it from the menu, which is bothersome. This, coupled with a lot of other technical shortcomings (difficult to stop skip function, no option to disable pausing the VN when out of focus, no voice replay) made reading it irritating compared to more modern VNs.2018-06-12
      6FinishedLifemareA pretty good short story. The art and music were good for an amateur VN. I liked Somnia. The ending was a bit too predictable, but I didn't expect him to have such a kind sister.2019-03-31
      8FinishedLittle Busters!Way too much slice of life to get to the good part, which is Refrain. It's good, but not amazing enough to justify doing the lackluster common and character routes for. One scene did make me cry, though. Mio route was very good; Saigusa, Kurugaya, and Rin's were fairly okay; Komari and Kud routes were mostly unenjoyable. Overall, the focus didn't seem to be on romance, which went counter to my expectations, along with how metaphorical a lot of the action in some routes was. The soundtrack had a few good songs, but none of the melancholic pieces were especially impactful. While there are a lot of tracks overall, most are average. Battle ranking game is kind of fun. Whole VN + some extras took ~95 hours....2017-01-23
      6FinishedMidori no UmiDecent VN, not a good nakige - the drama is just not handled well. Music is subpar; there are some alright tracks but no amazing ones, and too few tracks overall. Story is interesting at first, but there's too much boring slice of life and the setting gets tiring after so many endings. The protagonist isn't to my liking, and neither are most of the other characters. Even Sara wasn't enough to save this VN from utter mediocrity.2016-10-27
      8FinishedNatsu no Iro no NostalgiaThis is quite a good VN. It started off being even better than expected, then had some low spots, but then made up for them with Ayane and Maniwa's routes. The common route is initially very engaging, but reveals all the answers to the mysteries of their world a bit too quickly, making its latter part a bit dull. However, the heroine routes, which are based around their troubled past, are once again good, save for Misaki's route which I didn't enjoy for some reason. Miu's wasn't as good as Ayane and Maniwa's, but got intriguing near the end, though it still followed the same formulaic pattern as the other routes making things a bit predictable. The heroines' drama is probably the main draw, as they themselves didn't particularly interest me, other than Maniwa, whom I really grew to care for. The prose is a bit better than average, but nothing too special, and the author has an annoying quirk where he transitions between scenes suddenly and quickly. I wish there were a bit more exposition as to what's going on before we get thrust into a new scene. On the other hand, possibly thanks to this, the VN avoids a lot of boring slice of life scenes and focuses on the ones more meaningful to the story. There is a high amount of H-scenes but most of them are clumped together in the interlude, so they're easy to skip through (though I read most of them anyway for some reason). The CGs and art style are exceptionally pretty, and it felt like there was a lot of attention to detail when it came to the backgrounds, as well as just having a lot of them. The music is good and sets a somber, oppressive tone for most of the game, but there are only a few standout tracks and too few overall, so it gets repetitive. My favorites were Gloomy Day, Sad Bell, and Nighty Night. Overall, an above average VN mainly thanks to its exploration of the troubled heroines' traumas, but one that doesn't quite live up to its name as a nakige, and is held back a bit by Misaki's route.2017-05-302020-05-302020-06-26
      6FinishedRe: LieF ~Shin'ainaru Anata e~This game has some nice poetic moments with well-written prose at times, but they don't end up being emotionally impactful due to the music. The OST is too "subtle" and lacks punch most of the time, which is fitting for some scenes, yet not for others. Often, they continued playing cheery slice of life music for ostensibly dramatic scenes. The characters are fairly complex and feel real, but only Yuu managed to charm me and make me invested in her backstory. Thus, the romance felt quite underwhelming, and perhaps even extraneous. It was frustrating to be teased with encounters with Ai and Yuu in the common route and have to wait until the true route for them to ever appear again. The mystery starts off strong, but after reading the first route, the subsequent routes don't offer quite enough information to keep you invested. The true route explains only the necessary details and fails to reveal the smaller riddles sprinkled throughout the other routes in a manner that's anything but vague. It's too open to interpretation for my taste, and left me feeling unsatisfied. The art is decidedly the strongest point of this game, and it's a pleasure to look at the copious amounts of stunning CGs presented in the true route. Despite this, the atmosphere in this VN isn't particularly strong.2018-03-16
      4FinishedRE: Prince of NigeriaKinda funny but super short.2016-03-31
      9FinishedRewriteAlmost all routes were very good, but nothing super amazing. Great music and story, though some stuff was very unrealistic and unexplainable, short of "it's magic" (Moon route especially).2016-02-17
      6FinishedRewrite Harvest festa!Most of the routes are fairly boring and full of meaningless slice of life, which is not too unexpected considering this is a fandisc. Lucia and Kagari's routes had several good parts, and I moderately enjoyed Akane's route since I like her a lot as a character. Rewrite Quest seemeed to lack something that would make it especially fun, but it was okay. The humour in this game is quite good, as in the original, but that isn't enough to significantly affect my score. One thing of note is that I didn't pay much attention while reading the latter parts of this VN, so that could have taken away from the enjoyment some.2017-02-17
      9FinishedSharin no Kuni, Himawari no ShoujoInteresting premise with the whole Obligation thing. Cool MC. Probably the only VN in existence that has good peaceful music in slice of life scenes. Houzuki is a badass. VN has terrible route system though, only h-scenes and epilogue are changed depending on which heroine you pick.2016-02-17
      9FinishedShinigami no Testament ~Menuet of Epistula~Great VN. The plot is probably its strongest suit, as it delivers one of the most captivating stories. There isn't as much slice of life as in most other VNs, which is welcome. All the routes have interesting conflicts and satisfying conclusions to them. The mysteries are wrapped up nicely, and the last route concludes the story artfully. The pacing is good, but could be better, as many times plot developments are clumped together. I also wish flashbacks would be utilized more often; Favorite does this well. Vivi's backstory, for instance, would likely be even better if it were told in this way. Speaking of Vivi, she is one of the best characters I've encountered, but the rest of the cast is lovable too. Narumi is well-deserving of a special mention as he manages to leave a big impact despite not being a main character. Some of the fights were a bit too drawn-out for my taste, and on occasion a bit of a chore to read, but most had at least one stand-out twist, making everything worth it. The CGs are numerous and pretty, especially the ones atop the trash pile and Mahoro tower. The backgrounds are few and not as detailed as they could be, however. The music can be said to be just a bit short of great, with Illusion being the best track. Consequently, the atmosphere isn't absolutely outstanding, but this VN has enough other things going for it to remain spectacular regardless.2018-08-15
      8FinishedShinkyoku Soukai PolyphonicaGood VN. The worldbuilding is probably its highlight feature; I like how the narrator takes any opportunity that presents itself to dump a lot of information about spirits, dantists, and what have you. The prose in general is a cut above the rest, making it a pleasure to read. The story is introduced in an engaging manner, and there are many mysteries and questions to be answered that keep it that way. There are a lot of plot developments and every episode feels like it packs a lot of content; there isn't an awful lot of slice-of-life but unfortunately the SoL that is there is extremely repetitive and poorly done: it's the same gag of Corticarte and Perserte vying for Phoron's attention over and over again. While the prologue and first three episodes are good, the last one was a disappointment as it went overboard and felt too unrealistic, in addition to not wrapping things up in an especially satisfying way. It's also one too many times that Phoron accomplishes an astounding feat but it's conveniently forgotten or made irrelevant. It was interesting to learn more about the characters and their backstories, especially the twins' and Corticarte's, but I'm not sure what to make of Dangvis. The visual presentation is subpar as there aren't too many CGs, sprites, or backgrounds, and they're very low resolution. The music is great; tracks 陰謀 and 自尊 were my favorites, and a lot of others were enjoyable to listen to, however there were a bit too few tracks for everyday scenes making it sound a tad repetitive. I also wish there was some more focus on performing Commandia and improving as a Dantist rather than the focus on fighting in the later episodes.2019-07-08
      7FinishedSukimazakura to Uso no MachiA pretty decent game that was unique in a few ways and had potential, but was not executed in a way I liked. Most of the common route is rather boring because it's one joke scene after another, but at least it's short, so I didn't hate it. The twist took me by surprise and made me really invested in Sakura, I was really looking forward to her route and played it first. However, it ended up being disappointing for some reason. I'm not even entirely sure why, but most likely because it had one rather hard-to-believe development and I was also a bit annoyed by how the game was being misleading on purpose. The same was true in Choko's route, though I was less annoyed by it there because I was already used to it and I didn't have such high expectations for her route anymore (though initially she seemed like the most promising character). Kaju's route ended up being the best despite her being the least interesting character and me figuring out the twist before it was revealed. Rin's route, once again, gave me mixed impressions. It was pretty good overall and I didn't mind the genre shift (though it was rather cliche in some ways, the slice of life scenes with Rin were a breath of fresh air), but the ending was just too arbitrary for me to accept it. They didn't explain anything in concrete terms and left it up to the reader's imagination, too, which didn't make for a satisfying conclusion. Still, the story was unique in some ways so I can't say I hated it entirely, though I think I disagree with its message. The other aspects of the VN were pretty good too; it had some exceptionally pretty backgrounds and rather pleasant music with enough tracks to not get repetitive (my favorite was No.09 そのうそ、ほんと). Despite that I don't feel like it managed to create a good atmosphere; perhaps this is because it transitioned between serious and comedic scenes too readily. Overall, a game that left me confused and with mixed impressions, but one I can't say I really disliked.2016-04-082020-10-042020-10-25
      6FinishedThe Show Must Go OnThe first half of this game is rather boring. Takuya doesn't do anything interesting and neither do the other members of the club. The club is mysterious because we don't know exactly what they're trying to accomplish, despite it being clear they're not simply attending the clubroom to relax, but this was not enough to hold my attention for all that long, especially considering that nothing is revealed about the mystery until way later and the fact that the slice of life scenes aren't written in an interesting manner. The slice of life does get interesting when Ayumu enters the stage due to her entertaining mannerisms, but this doesn't remain novel for long. The game only truly gets interesting with Julia's introduction, and stays gripping since that point and all the way until the end. However, while it is entertaining during this part, it's nothing groundbreaking, and the twist at the end isn't enough to make it so, either. I never did give Tower of God a rating, but I can certainly say I enjoyed that game plenty more than I did this one, and though I don't regret reading this game because the second half made trudging through the first worthwhile, I can't say it stood out or differentiated itself much from other VNs, or did a better job at telling a story. The amateur art and music cannot be said to be a saving grace either, though I could easily overlook those if the story were more compelling. Overall, a decent idea that's held back by the need to slog through a large amount of uninteresting slice of life.2020-06-232020-08-222020-08-31
      -FinishedTower of Gloom2019-06-01