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t18322.52022-05-11Patch for macOSI see, I was not aware that there is one entry per update. My cause is finished though. A macOS patch for the mac OS version. Now it makes sense.
t18322.32022-05-10Patch for macOSWell then there is a version for the macOS. I have added it to the release.
t18322.12022-05-06Patch for macOSWhy is there a patch for macOS, while there is no basegame for it? What does an apple user patch?
t17203.32021-10-19Connections ?Then those VNs are also fictional in this VN like in our world.
t17203.12021-10-18Connections ?How are the characters from various VNs potrayed here ? Those are not listed under "relations".
t15423.42021-01-21Sidestory ?»IMO 'prequel' sounds more like a direct prequel, so I prefer describing it as a 'side story'.« See d2#5
t15423.32021-01-21Sidestory ?Thank you for the informations.
t15423.12021-01-20Sidestory ?Why is Yingjie Chuntian de Mofashi supposed to be a sidestory ?
t13247.22019-12-13Genre?For a free VN it was absolutely good. I would not compare it to VNs, that cost money.
t9704.12017-09-28ChronologyThe reading order and relations explained by IDHAS Studios to me via email: The order goes Rising Angels: Hope Rising Angels: Reborn Rising
t9703.12017-09-28Difference between the original one and "Hope"Differences between those two are as stated by IDHAS Studios to me via email: Hope was a drastic rewrite of the original. It doubled the story
t8985.12017-03-25RelationsAre we sure, that we want to add all those relations? It makes the relation tree ridiculously big (and hard to use): link
t7934.52016-06-17Searching for the titleNvm, #2 was right. I did some filter thingy a while ago and forgot about it. thanks for reminding me.
t7934.42016-06-17Searching for the titleIt looks like that it doesn't have anything to do with this specific title. Searching for "Clannad" doesn't give me anything as well. @3 Your links
t7934.12016-06-17Searching for the titleSearching for "Grisaia" or "The Fruit of Grisaia" don't return me any results. That's not how it should be, right?
t7550.32016-03-13Source of imageThank you!
t7550.12016-03-12Source of imageI'm new here and don't know where or if we need to inform the source from where we got the uploaded pictures. I just added an image which I got from