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t17232.52022-03-13Any chance of finding the full english translationThe English translation is completed. The guy on YT (Akumu Ryuu) is the main translator for this game. The person who is holding up the game is a guy
t17138.92021-10-31Favorite Heroine?Poor Saki.. Her and Momoko got gypped.. Not only did all the other girls have full routes that didn't just last a day (or a night in Momoko's case
t16769.92021-09-26Best girlEven in the polls Michi and Mei are left out...
t16841.62021-09-26BicchiBut if they just ran out of time then why wouldn't they just release a fan-disk? They made one for Sera after all! I really don't know if this is
t16841.42021-09-07BicchiDude, fr. Her and Mei not having routes is just... really pissing me off. All girls are best girl to someone. Especially in romance focused VNs. It
t14092.62021-09-07[Spoilers] Nene's Wish On Other RoutesIt's sad from an omniscient point of view. Since we don't exist in that world (as it doesn't exist) we can freely watch and feel sadness at the loss
t16324.12021-06-26But why..? *spoilers*I just finished up Lavi's route (2nd playthrough) and... I am so incredibly dissatisfied. I really am confused as to why she does that to herself
t15635.1142021-05-13Amayui castle meister TranslationProof of this? Or is that just what you believe to be true?
t15635.1122021-05-13Amayui castle meister Translation" Control of that information = power and money, and thus VNDB policy has real-world consequences. "All $475 of it per month. Some major real world
t15635.1102021-05-12Amayui castle meister TranslationI think the real issue here is allowing a community to crop up around a database designed for cataloguing. Because people see this as a "hangout spot
t7826.232017-05-13Any new info?Well, it's been about a year since I opened this topic... wow time flys... feels like yesterday nothing was happening then suddenly a general release
t8575.12016-12-20They really half-assed the port.So far what I've noticed hasn't been good... The content from the first game is there, but it's like they just threw a few of the versions together
t7826.82016-12-20Any new info?Well, it's been 8 more~ months since I opened this discussion and still not even a drop of news... Maybe I don't have a good sense for these things
t8522.32016-12-04Steam Restoration Patch?lol, one step ahead of ya. Thanks for the clarity though.
t8522.12016-12-04Steam Restoration Patch?It says it's been completed in the releases but checking ImoutoWorks page leads to his GitHub but there's no patch... someone care to explain what's
t8521.12016-12-04Can someone explain to me Bad Endings?I mean, I understand what they are, but how did they come to be? Do people really enjoy playing them? If so, why? I can't really wrap my head around
t8367.92016-10-24Shuffle! is coming to steamWhat are the new routes? *edit* Nvm...
t5511.42016-10-15This is getting somewhat translated.I would also like to know.
t8304.262016-10-03Kickstarter campaign launched !I'm glad I've matured past the stage where I thought I knew everything about something I actually knew nothing about... this IS funny!
t8307.52016-09-28What does it mean for a VN to be ported to Unity?like what?
t8307.12016-09-27What does it mean for a VN to be ported to Unity?Since it's the last step that MG is taking in the translation of DC: III, I was wondering what it means to be ported to Unity other than just a
t8122.12016-08-12How "enforced" is the play order?The questions in the tin, some games have a degree of enforced playing order where you have to go through a few routes to unlock the "true end" or
t7826.42016-07-09Any new info?bump?
t7826.12016-05-15Any new info?It's been about 7 months since the initial announcement for perfect edition. I have scoured google looking for any scrap of new knowledge regarding