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2021-01-057Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi.pain
2020-12-275Leavescaps lock is cruise control for cool
2020-12-225Belongedogawa ranpo (bungo stray dogs) key guest appearance
2020-12-144Kaigen Seitoi'm...not good at strategy games like this...and i don't think it's a very good one either
2020-12-146.3Hanachirasured guy and blue guy/10. i do not like the nationalism
2020-09-234.1Seduce Me: Purrfect Service
2020-09-234Seduce Me: The Prince vs the Brute
2020-09-234Seduce Me: Happily Ever After
2020-09-234Seduce Me: The Harem Episode
2020-09-234.5Seduce Me: The Holiday Episode
2020-09-235Seduce Me: The Beach Episode
2020-09-234.2Seduce Me: A Succubus's Sacrifice
2020-09-234.1Seduce Me: City Lights
2020-09-234.1Seduce Me: Simon's Revenge
2020-09-234Seduce Me: Shall We Dance?
2020-09-234Seduce Me: My Princess
2020-09-234Seduce Me: A Lesson In Romance
2020-09-232Seduce Me
2020-09-236.5Order A Pizza: A Visual Noveli actually really liked that?
2020-09-223Speed Dating for GhostsWHAT DO YOU MEAN No Skip Read Text Option No Quick Save/Load No Auto Function No Skip Function AND IT'S FULLSCREEN ONLY?!
2020-09-227Kikokugai - The Cyber SlayerOK UROBUCHI
2020-09-224A Nightmare's Tripif you make your ui this unreadable and inaccessible im fucking stealing something from your house.
2020-09-037Moon Archer Shooting Stars:D
2020-08-284By Your Side?
2020-08-269.5Chaos;Child"i hope every person who reads this visual novel goes to hell no matter what" - chiyomaru for some reason
2020-08-207Us Lovely Corpsesawwww
2020-08-207.5A New Life.i don't see any good reason why this shouldn't have come with content warnings especially when it gives the impression that it's not going to contain death and extremely currently relevant kinds of deaths at that.
2020-08-206.4One Night Standclunky
2020-08-205Saving You, From Yourselfno no no why did you make me choose all the evil choices to continue this is like subahibi on a micro scale
2020-08-201Bunny Hill Horrornot funny didn't laugh
2020-08-203John Cena's Sexy High School Adventureevery time i think i put down all the old joke kusoge i read in high school vndb reminds me of another one
2020-08-113Marry Me, Misato!keep scrolling
2020-08-095.5A Wave of Lightscute
2020-03-225Shakunetsu Himei played this around the same time i did tsuki no terasu
2020-03-065Errant Hearti forgot i read this
2020-02-278.5Root Double -Before Crime * After Days-ok that was epic
2020-02-255.1Fault Milestone 2 Jou (Side: Above)better
2020-02-253Fault Milestone Onewell that sucked
2020-02-247Dead End Junctionneat
2020-02-244Susanghan Messengerwow i didn't know this was on here. anyways the gameplay seriously impacted my enjoyment and i just couldn't. the story and characters didn't draw me in enough to power through.
2019-06-306Memory's Dogma Code:01sure would be cool if the vn was finished
2019-01-258Fate/Hollow AtaraxiaNASU HAS DONE IT AGAIN
2019-01-202A Sedentary Fist
2019-01-186Jojo no Doki Dokithis is my favorite shitpost vn
2019-01-165Lucid9fine it was okay
2019-01-165Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~
2019-01-166Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o - Deatta Koro no Omoide niok cute
2019-01-105LoveKami -Trouble Goddess-