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t13400.122022-01-23Favorite heroineThat's easy, Raiha
t16778.62022-01-16Best girl?I think Alice is the prime best girl, followed by Usagi, Anna, Tateha, Mashiro
t16769.82021-09-19Best girlI love KanaKana
t12440.122021-08-30Best GirlI vote for Shiina, I simply like her, no other reason. And then Nanaru.
t16148.22021-08-30This is supposed to be a romance comedy right?Read it until the end then, me too currently in chapter 2
t13053.172021-08-30[poll] Favourite heroine?Revising this after cleared the game, all route. Reina best girl for me because this VN is a moege.
t15285.62021-08-30Endings (Spoilers)@nemesis2005 thank you!
t13053.162021-08-26[poll] Favourite heroine?I voted for Reina, personality-wise, without counting any story
t14625.112021-02-15Best grillGenerally best girl is Ayaka But I can't stop lusting on Yoshino
t15264.42020-12-31Third playthroughthank you for the walkthrough sir! gonna play this
t15285.32020-12-31Endings (Spoilers)bump, I also want to know myself moreover, if one has a link to a choice walkthrough please let me know
t14106.12020-06-01Question Before I Order ThisDear VN Readers, I just want to know if this VN H-scene have "motion" (the cg is animated and move) like there on nekopara and maitetsu, so is it
t13877.32020-05-27Spoiler-free Choice Guide#2 I agree, it's better like that actually, nothing in this game will lead you to a "final bad end"
t13910.42020-05-04Spoilers(i cried so much)#1 You feel sadness, I feel more intense despair instead of that sad feeling, especially that corpse scene in Kakeru's room, that CG seriously creep
t12973.212020-04-27Is this the last game in the series?#20 I mostly agree, Yukiiro ending should conclude everything, and the epilogue where Nine (we, the player) begin to interfere with Kakeru on Miyako
t13885.42020-04-27Any chances of a compilation?An "After" story would be nice, even if the after story means another sex scenes without main plot
t12973.192020-04-27Is this the last game in the series?They should make a 5th game which tell more about Nine origins until it's clear who's he actually or how he gains the original Overlord power, and
t13877.12020-04-25Spoiler-free Choice GuideHello there, I just want to share this spoiler-free guide for Yuuki Noa Episode, right on the following link: link I planned to purchase the
t12973.102020-04-23Is this the last game in the series?Hopefully no Hopefully there is one another game where it contains something like grand route, something like where the protagonist in the end become
t13804.52020-04-12Choices Guide?"Yes, the game only has one ending & I believe most of the "choices" are actually not really choices at all (only one option haha). If you replay the
t13804.32020-04-12Choices Guide?"this is 9-nine that we are talking about and when you play for example haruka route or sora route, what you got is their ending or their bad ending
t12812.22020-04-12Summary of this game.I want to remind you since it indicate minor or bit of spoiler please use the spoiler tag
t13804.12020-04-12Choices Guide?Greetings, I just found that there is a choice guide here in the following link: link But there I can see if it's only has one ending, is it really