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t2092.192011-10-02Growing out of toddlerhoodHappy birthday~!
t963.142011-04-30FOR A HEART ARRHYTHMIA?!?!"If he was there, he would diagnose everyone on the first day, cure everyone on the second one, then he would beguile the whole cast, including the
t1362.202011-04-30I already looking forward to the whole thing!Ah, finally found it~ Melt says Eris is a virgin. Caim thinks Eustia was a maid/servant. Well, that's that~
t1362.182011-04-30I already looking forward to the whole thing!@12 "If Eris and Eustia are (or were) prostitutes, how come that they are both virgins?" Eris isn't (or there is no indication that she is one). Don
t490.32011-04-30Auto mode?It's in the readme.txt. And yes, it is 'A' if you have the translated compiled versions of Narcissu and Narcissu 2.
t1362.112011-04-30I already looking forward to the whole thing!I think Caim assumed that Eustia was something like a (abused?) maid in the trial based on her previous experiences and her submissive personality
t963.122011-04-30FOR A HEART ARRHYTHMIA?!?!"He has lupus. Case closed." House should be in Katawa Shoujo. Period. As for heart arrhythmia, these can be mild to extremely serious depending on
t1362.92011-04-30I already looking forward to the whole thing!Ah, just realized how easily misunderstood my post was... Just to clarify: The five main heroines are Eustia, Eris, Irene, Licia, and Fione. The
t1362.72011-04-29I already looking forward to the whole thing!Eris is the only former prostitute who is one of the main heroines; the other four are supporting characters. It's clearly labelled on August's web