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t13698.392020-06-13English translation projectI'm happy that this vn is getting some attention, I always wanted to play it translated and I had to hope for a MangaGamer tranlation. Don't mind
t1085.1282016-01-20Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro tlAny news about this one? Haven't heard anything in a while.
t3474.1102014-01-12Where can I find Miyako route patch?I trust TakaJun, so it won't be a surprise if he releases the thing as a whole.
t2782.692013-04-14Majikoi! A. This really isn't a sequel..The patch for Sayaka route has been released.
t2108.1292012-11-23Candidates for deletionr6174 Due to the licensed release by MG.
t3063.422012-10-31Majikoi S -GD-The patch for Margit and Kokoro routes has been released.
t1895.392012-01-27General Discussion [spoiler heavy]The sequel, Majikoi S was released yesterday. I'm looking forward to play it when I have time.
t2316.202012-01-01VNDB 2.22 and a Happy New Year!A Happy New Year for all vndb community!
t2294.62011-12-21S;G -GD-They should have made S;G with the same artist as C;H.
t2092.262011-10-03Growing out of toddlerhoodHappy late birthday VNDB!
t1377.1482011-07-29Request for Character Database TestersI would like to help in the Character Database Test. Mainly by correcting mistakes and adding both characters and further descriptions of the ones
t1128.422011-03-29Amaterasu in talks with âge.@40 Don't do it, gabezhul. If you are gonna play it, play it fully. Just a warning of someone who did the same mistake.
t1128.322011-03-28Amaterasu in talks with âge.@31 Neither do I. It shocked me that someone actualy released the patch. The main questions now are: 1º) Now what Age thinks about it? 2º) And who
t1128.282011-03-28Amaterasu in talks with âge.The link of the leaked patch also contains the first ark patch within. That's why it's 20mb, and not 1-2mb as most of script is.
t1128.262011-03-28Amaterasu in talks with âge.As I said, the leaked patch has only the scripts. You have to install the first patch, which was taken down, then overwrite the first patch with the
t1128.242011-03-28Amaterasu in talks with âge.I heard that it's not a complete patch like the previous one. You have to install the first ark patch the overwrite it with the scripts of the whole
t1128.222011-03-28Amaterasu in talks with âge.MLA complete script patch leaked. link
t1243.62011-03-05Creating a hypeWakana Imasato – Kaori Natsuno (Other Roles: Sora (Yosuga no Sora), Haruna (Fortune Arterial) How could you even forget SUMIKA!!!
t1174.852011-02-0115+ version to be releasedDon't forget that Jast is gonna use a Xuse translation, can we hope for something better than the engrish of Muv-Luv Alternative in the op.
t1174.762011-02-0115+ version to be releasedIs Jast gonna release the same version as Dakkodango, "Eien no Aselia -Kono Daichi no Hate De-" or is the Special Edition that Xuse released last
t1053.1272011-01-17G-senjou no Maou -GD-I think someone should think as the side routes as a "what if routes".
t1128.182011-01-14Amaterasu in talks with âge.Novelnews put the news in their tidbits, it was from there that I first saw the news.
t1128.62011-01-14Amaterasu in talks with âge.Great news, I will get removed cg's.
t1128.12011-01-14Amaterasu in talks with âge.Hot news, Amaterasu Translations and Ixrec are in talks with âge about an official release. Until them no more MLA patches will be released. The
t1053.872011-01-05G-senjou no Maou -GD-If I'm not mistaken Looseboy is the writer for A Profile.
t1053.722011-01-03G-senjou no Maou -GD-In the Drama CD's, Kyousuke is also voiced by Jun Fukuyama the same that voiced Maou. Don't know if it is a spoiler.
t1062.122010-12-31Who is 'Maou'?I would really want to know what would have happend if Kyousuke was Maou.
t1066.112010-12-31Happy New Year!Happy New Year folks!
t1053.622010-12-29G-senjou no Maou -GD-Call me stupid or whatever you what, but for me it wasn't so obvious. If I was to give a try, I choose Kiyomi.
t1053.602010-12-29G-senjou no Maou -GD-It's a shame that we never got to know the name of Haru and Kyousuke daughter. Man, I so want a fan disk!
t1058.32010-12-28There'll be an official translation!Deleting only administratos can do. It's unfortunable the brazilian project died.
t1053.392010-12-27G-senjou no Maou -GD-It's a shame that there isn't a Yuuki route. (T_T)
t1053.152010-12-26G-senjou no Maou -GD-The OP only plays after you finished the first chapter.
t1027.72010-12-15VNDB 2.15: Getting sidetrackedThanks for the ever useful updates.
t940.882010-11-30Where are you all from ?I'm from Brazil, south america.
t870.292010-10-06The 3rd AnniversaryLong live VNDB!
t858.62010-09-2129 Interviews with Fan TranslatorsI've read all the interviews, it took quite some time but it was worth while. I've recomend reading.
t693.22010-06-22Swan Song -GD-Finally I'm going to finish the game, but only when I arrive home.
t597.142010-04-30Is ef in English still gonna be released?If "Swells" isn't *eden.
t597.72010-04-30Is ef in English still gonna be released?NNL just posted a "Blastoff" reply instead of the countdown.
t593.282010-04-27About cancelling of translationIf I'm not mistaken the whole issue of Rapelay that happened last year was the fault of xenophobical approach of people outside Japan, by any means
t443.72010-02-14VNDB 2.11: ...move along.Maybe info in the prices of visual novels from,J-List, who knows.
t443.22010-02-06VNDB 2.11: ...move along.Thanks yorhel by your excellent work in updating vndb!
t278.242010-02-06Message = English please! (it says so there!)Não entendi nada, mas olha o Brasil aqui.
t405.162010-01-08Classic Ruined >.<The problem is that only hearing that the translation is bad doesn't mean nothing, at least play the game before talking. For me I already played I
t313.42009-12-27Any idea on ep5?The ep5 "Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru - Episode 5 - End of the Golden Witch" was released today! link
t281.172009-11-262 Years!Long live VNDB!
t201.82009-07-09Nitroplus translationsSomeone knows where I can find the patch for chaos; head and saya no uta