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v21552.632021-09-14 at 05:30loliMaking * LoversReverted to revision v21552.61
c64502.262018-12-11 at 00:32loliMonikalink "It's not like Monika is a horrible person. I think she is a very considerate person and is always thinking about other people. When those
c1793.232018-05-17 at 00:29loliNikaidou ShinkuIrohika traits link Lighthouses, not even once
c38927.62018-05-03 at 01:05loliKanzaki TooruReplaced her sprite during the event at the house with the CG of her as a child during Mio's route, as that sprite is a spoiler about what happens
c62386.72018-04-17 at 18:33loliMamiya TomosaneSignificantly shortened the description; you don't need to describe plot details to this extent - less is more >becomes the only soul to inhabit it
c3564.112017-09-29 at 05:11loliOtonashi AyanaInvention - Some tags are now properly spoilered. End Sky 2 - Removed some tags
c62386.32017-09-25 at 21:14loliMamiya Tomosaneminor edit of desc
c3561.82017-09-25 at 21:05loliYuuki TomosaneInsects, Kimika route park scene
c3562.102017-09-25 at 21:03loliMamiya HasakiJabberwocky 1
c62386.22017-09-25 at 21:01loliMamiya TomosaneAdded a short description and some traits
c3560.122017-09-25 at 20:47loliMamiya TakujiInvention/Jabberwocky 1
v17147.262017-07-22 at 05:52loliAkai Hitomi ni Utsuru SekaiReplaced a reused CG from IroHika with a H-CG since there wasn't one uploaded for Akai Hitomi.
c5217.272017-05-07 at 06:38loliAmamiya YuukoInclusion of fandisk
v20355.72017-01-11 at 07:45loliThe School of Americareuploaded w. high res images
v20355.52017-01-10 at 06:31loliThe School of Americawhy did I read this?
c43511.52016-12-01 at 02:56loliGau RugeilaAdded image
c549.72016-11-28 at 04:20loliSistina UylYes, I'm aware of that I thought there was an "engages in pretending" tag, but there isn't one and the personality trait says "do not use it for ones
c539.82016-11-28 at 04:07loliSiegfried GradoCh 5 traits
c549.52016-11-28 at 04:05loliSistina UylCh 5 traits
c526.172016-11-28 at 04:04loliSaint IreneCh 3 & 5 traits
c548.62016-11-25 at 07:54loliVarrius MeisnerCh4 traits
c547.42016-11-25 at 07:53loliGilbert dis Balsteinch4 traits
c43511.42016-11-25 at 07:50loliGau Rugeilatraits up to and until end
c52514.32016-11-19 at 19:33loliDonald TrumpResults
c514.212016-10-30 at 07:00loliEustia Astraeamore traits
c5217.162016-10-21 at 04:17loliAmamiya Yuukoself explanatory
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