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t11338.192018-10-12Reading untranslated Japanese VN's in 2018?If you learn Chinese, you miss out on the Japanese voices, though.
t6596.212018-04-16GD for Best Yuri Game EverTakuji and Tomosane's final battle is also a Yuri scene.
t9442.62017-07-26Opening movie?The latter tale's OP plays after completing Chihiro's chapter (3).
t8765.52017-02-08Do you like lolis?I like myself
t8718.132017-01-26Do you read all the routes?Enforced route order/true route (i.e. Hoshimemo/IroSeka): Read all routes Normal routes: Read in order of most interesting -> least interesting
t5209.62016-08-29are they still translating this?might as well use this for the GD thread In the final CG of the game, Mai's hat is blowing in the direction of Shiori and Ryou, which will cause
t1118.112016-06-25ef fandiscMight as well bump this thread since there isn't much English information on the fandisc. You'll need a program called NTLEA to run the game since I
t2522.512016-06-13About Homeless Joshi GakuseiThe girl's like a flower. Flowers are usually helpless, but sometimes they become a GOD OF HYPERDEATH.
t3617.8412016-04-20Tags suggestions/fixesOne True End should be renamed to "True Route" or "True Route" should be added as an alias for that tag, since "True Route" is used more often than
t7651.22016-04-13no first choice?To access Sora's route, you need to have cleared at least one other route. I recommend downloading a save online if you want to skip to her route.