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t8108.52016-08-10Does the sequel deserve inclusion in the database?maybe you can add just now? just because it's not here doesn't mean because it can't, maybe people just don't realize it exists or not interested
t3943.3632016-08-08troll voteru118937 on Kanojo to Ore no Lovely Day the game's not even about to released in 1-2 months :\
t2108.15282016-07-13Candidates for deletionMiko accientally make a duplicate, sorry :(
t2108.15262016-07-12Candidates for deletionnow that we are talking about instances, bumping my post Asuka Iori should be deleted, it's not different person and only a spoiler to me. the
t2108.15122016-07-01Candidates for deletionAsuka Iori can be added as an info to Asuka and tagged as spoiler instead
t7930.82016-06-15Staff real-name policytbh i think it's better to not include real name (if not used as credit) in name list, just like #7 said there are a lot of real name (in alias
t7884.12016-05-29plsget a better image instead of just cropping it
t7810.112016-05-10What boy/girl from a visual novel would you marry?i love momiji from fortissimo so much~ she (and her design) are just that attractive, also loyal and devoted to reiji
t7759.22016-05-01Incomplete titleif you mean the image used for the vn in this page, the four words under the title are the menu. like Start and Config (options)