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t7986.22016-07-03QuestionHi! Of course you should continue to contribute, though you may want to read guidelines (d5) first. Also, when adding a visual novel, always try to
t7111.22015-11-06Re: Entry deletionI removed it as a stub entry which nobody cared to complete. If you add a visual novel, you also expected to do some research and add it's releases
t6484.42015-05-13Do any other mods have a comment on this?Well if we are talking about eroscene animation, in older games like Ecchi na Bunny-san wa Kirai? it certainly made of looping CGs so it would be a
t5710.22014-08-31Monster Boy'sSure, why not :)
t5544.22014-07-14Undeletion requestDone.
t5530.22014-07-10Yami to Bōshi to Hon no Tabibito AnimeIn this game you play as a Hat actually... And get a human body ultimately and end up with either Hatsumi or Hazuki IIRC
t5427.92014-06-14Help finding vanilla/consensual anal scenesUse filters also d6#6
t5232.32014-04-28Package Edition undeletionSorry for the late answer. For some reason I remembered Dieselmine releasing only download editions for most titles, when packages were always
t5114.252014-03-07About particle を as oI remember that we decided very early that both "o" and "wo" variants are allowed here. I also mentioned it somewhere here, but now it's hard to find
t5019.22014-01-27VNs on Steamv9680 as well.
t4974.12014-01-13Release titleHi there. Thank you for adding/revising info of Chinese translations. But you are placing wrong titles on releases you added or edited. "Title" of
t4468.22013-08-16AliasHmm... I don't remember why I removed that alias, actually. Yeah, you may add it.
t4332.22013-07-13Package EditionOkay.
t4324.32013-07-11EndingsNot actually raep. His sister willingly helps him to overcome the "trials" given by blackmail letters.
t3933.102013-06-16About screenshotsI'm not offended, it's just a general VNDB rule - not to replace already uploaded screenshots without a sole reason. So that reason may be, for
t4097.42013-05-23VN TranslationsI would prefer to continue this discussion in private. So please either post your email here, or just say that you allow Yorhel to extract it from
t4097.22013-05-18VN TranslationsHi. First, you are really overdoing the flattery. I'm not THAT awesome! And you'll get to the top soon enough, especially if you'll keep your
t4030.152013-04-30The mom is so fucking hot@13 @14 No incest aside of kissing with imouto.
t4007.52013-04-21Best VN<->Anime adaptations?Bondage Game!
t4001.62013-04-21Technical issuesThis vn is only partially voiced as many Alicesoft games, so even heroines have some silent scenes. That's not a technical issue, that's how this
t3933.42013-04-03About screenshotsIt doesn't seem that you understand. This game's original resolution is 1280 x 720, and resized screenshots aren't allowed here.
t3933.32013-04-03About screenshotsPlease read d2#5. And we prefer quality over quantity, so no, we won't keep bad screenshots until someone make better version.
t3930.12013-04-02What's this?I don't have an account on forums, but for me the release DRAMAtical Shitsuji seems a bit strange. Are you sure it isn't just an
t3910.22013-03-29Does someone have more data?Does installer have a readme file included? It might have information about doujin circle, or orignal title.
t3902.62013-03-28How come this is safe for work?Thread moved.
t3902.22013-03-27How come this is safe for work?Underwear is safe. And this picture is borderline sfw. Also, it's a good idea to check the edit history before actually editing something.
t3856.32013-03-17999 Teamp3299 undeleted.
t3808.22013-03-05Is this a VN?It is way too short, so I'm not sure if it is even worth adding... Btw, it ask you who is the murderer (who killed Onpoona), and you can get
t3801.72013-03-05Searching with alternate romaji spellingsThat might give users a wrong idea that different romanizations are allowed when adding or editing vns.
t3779.22013-02-26How should I add this to the database?It's a bonus CD of original game... proof (see the bottom lines). So obliviously it was released as part of r4657 first. So you add a vn and just
t3743.112013-02-17A bunch of questions@atlantima Thanks, fixed.
t3743.72013-02-15A bunch of questions1. If the game has a JAN code, then 99.9% it's a commercial release. And yes, orcsoft used to release doujins at first, and now they switched to
t3722.32013-02-09Delete pleaseDone.
t2173.32013-02-06PMHi, did you check your mail? I sent you a letter some time ago...
t3659.22013-01-21DuplicateDone, thanks.
t3637.32013-01-12NamesHer "official name" is 鈴. All others are just different romanizations, and here we use the same romanization scheme for every title and name to be
t3629.62013-01-10What are CG集?In particular, CG集 or イラスト集 on mean that this product is a set of pictures - sometimes they may have additional text, sometimes different
t3629.42013-01-10What are CG集?CG集 is a CG collection - it is not necessary related to VN. Even more - if you see something marked as CG集 - it definitely should not be here on vndb
t2108.1642012-12-25Candidates for deletion@161, 162, 163 Done.
t3540.72012-12-23Making weight = 0Usually ghost heroines in visual novels aren't weightless (at least for protagonist), so I doubt zero weight will be used for more than couple of
t3535.62012-12-22New Game - Soul GamblerDo you really have a japanese release (r24714) ? Or you just created it accidentally and instead of changing language you added one more release to
t3531.22012-12-21r24656From feedback on the site: "2 days ago: Angar: Your site's plain fantastic!! Will it ever be possible to download the games in order to play them
t3520.22012-12-18Why locked?Read d2#6 again. "All images must be in the highest native resolution of the VN. The native resolution is the resolution for which the bitmap images
t3510.22012-12-15Instances!Instances were here since the character db introduction. Sure, examples you've picked are perfectly suited to use them.
t3493.22012-12-10Aisha Spoiler QuestionYou can check it here, if you know Japanese. To answer you question: of course she is a virgin!
t3490.102012-12-09Its almost strange that no one picked this up yet.Oh I see. In that case, d4#1 Don't even think about creating your page here before you actually translate something.
t3490.82012-12-09Its almost strange that no one picked this up yet.d6#8
t3479.42012-12-06Ningyo - TsutakoThanks for the answer, though that isn't what I meant. I actually hoped you know some webpage, at least not official, which mention that game, and