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v3336.142019-04-18 at 06:03ramaladniYami no Koe III ~Gobou San'yoku Mahoujin~Changed alias.
v3335.162019-04-18 at 02:22ramaladniYami no Koe IIThe game calls itself The Voice In The Night, it differs from the first game in the way that "In The" is capitalized here, but search is not caps
v3334.172019-04-18 at 02:18ramaladniYami no KoeThe game calls itself The Voice in the Night in english. Voice of Darkness is just a translation, not an alias.
r6515.52019-04-17 at 02:25ramaladniYami no Koe Special Version - First Press Special EditionVoiced edition.
v25630.22019-04-15 at 17:42ramaladniKamaitachi-ppoi Yoru?Fixed title.