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t12638.22019-07-21Saya no Uta coming out on Steam this monthI hope they do it the Subahibi way, if it's to be censored at all. Making an all-ages version of Saya no Uta is completely ridiculous.
t12636.32019-07-21I need 100% save date#2 This could be a sticky topic...if sticky topics were a thing. This as in, a guide on how to find the saves. Though it wouldn't stop people from
t12599.282019-07-15Kirari is not a slutI learned everything I know today about relationships from browsing vndb. Thank you sakurakoi.
t12602.72019-07-13Which tags do you exclude by default?I have none, because I don't trust people to *always* tag correctly. For example, I would've blacklisted "Otome" but then there's those games that
t12518.32019-06-29how well is rewrite adapted to manga and anime#2 I see absolutely no problem. I enjoy this kind of post, as I do more than just read visual novels. Thank you, OP.
t12496.192019-06-24How the hell do i even play this game?Oh, I remember missing a route branching point multiple times, wasting hours restarting the game and doing it all over again. Don't play this without
t12496.162019-06-23How the hell do i even play this game?Maybe the game was made this way to sell strategy guides lol. Just like many games back in the 90s.
t12487.112019-06-22MangaGamer now has an official discord#9 Uh, someone seems sour they didn't get their way? The server is completely fine, I don't know what you're talking about. The license suggestion
t12496.62019-06-22How the hell do i even play this game?First, you go to this game's general discussion Then, you press CTRL+F and write "walkthrough". You should find the walkthrough thread. You're almost
t12097.182019-06-21Came across a 100% translation of thisI agree with #13. The new art is boring and generic. I might not be crazy about these games, but the art was always one of the strongest points
t12491.42019-06-21vndb search function#3 I corrected it.
t950.6022019-06-20VNDB Suggestions!Uhh, right. I guess I'd rather not reply and move the issue along. I think that if this feature is added, the team pages should be deleted. So, for
t950.5792019-06-19VNDB Suggestions!#578 I mean, the problem is, are we going to add just translators or the whole localization team? Are we going to add editors and quality check? What
t950.5772019-06-19VNDB Suggestions!#573 You mean, it's a good argument against? The thread made it quite obvious that people don't know how to judge translations. And as far as the
t12442.112019-06-14Concerned userActually, I just remembered that her husband is just gone somewhere, so scratch what I said. She's a slut.
t12442.92019-06-14Concerned userIf a heroine is forced into having sex and starts enjoying it (i.e, turned into a slut), does that not make her per definition "slutty"? For example
t10302.1052019-06-11Suspicious voting behavior reporting thread#104 I have replied to you in link
t950.5702019-06-11VNDB Suggestions!Replying to link That sort of exists already. It's called vnstat. But it'd be cool if we could make quick recommendations or even reviews within
t10302.1032019-06-10Suspicious voting behavior reporting thread#101 I think it'd be cool if you could add friends and have their ratings/owned releases show up on the vn page. About what you said though, it
t10302.1002019-06-10Suspicious voting behavior reporting thread#99 I have no idea what you just said. Let people give the score they'd like as long as it's legit, no one's here to taste police.
t12430.22019-06-07Links to storefrontsIt should be possible to link the official homepage on the VN's "External links" section (instead of Wikipedia lol) and then we could just add the
t12425.52019-06-06Visual *novel*?what
t12414.122019-06-04GREATHaving just read clephas's short review of the game this sounds about right. Thanks.
t12414.92019-06-04GREATI was wondering what トメフレ meant, I guess it's their own made-up word?
t12415.52019-06-04Question regarding a VN you ratedWait, so you didn't play this?
t12405.562019-06-03The worst translation I've ever seenI guess the Chinese powerpoints part really was a meme. Oh well. It's not the worst thing in the world though, and the joke is probably in the same
t12405.482019-06-03The worst translation I've ever seen>Can we finally have any joke examples on japanese? #46 You got this one backwards. Considering that you're part of the group that claims that this
t12411.42019-06-03Racism in the translation.Are you new to the internet?
t12405.442019-06-03The worst translation I've ever seenTBAC. Sukisuki was done by Arunaru. And I completely disagree. We already see this happen in EGS where people vote brigade against certain games
t12342.232019-06-02A good eroge-RPG?I actually checked out the Good Ending with a save file because I sure as hell wasn't play it all over again. It wasn't anything special, so I don't
t12342.202019-06-02A good eroge-RPG?Who are Seiha?
t12405.112019-06-01The worst translation I've ever seen#10 I really doubt anyone can actually judge the accuracy of a translated line unless they are quite knowledgeable in japanese and specifically
t12405.32019-06-01The worst translation I've ever seenWhat's so bad about this? I doubt it's the "worst" translation. At last post some screenshots. If it's as #2 says, which seems to be the case, you
t12400.32019-06-01Swapping Party - 7/10 Fantastic NTR game.Thanks, I love Atelier Sakura. Also, maybe this?
t2108.27872019-05-31Candidates for deletionlink - the steam page is dead, so I doubt this will happen. The FAKKU release includes Chinese language anyway.
t12342.162019-05-28A good eroge-RPG?I'm going to hijack this thread to talk about the game shilled by #8, Evening Starter. For once, I actually decided to try out a random
t12376.22019-05-27[SPOILER] about the end andEver heard about Bad Endings? No, before that, when you decide to read a book, do you also start by reading the last page? God. Wanting happy
t12372.42019-05-25Replacing covers/screenshots w/ Eng. vers.Maybe make it so that 10 screenshots is the limit for a specific release, and 15 the overall limit. This way you could have 10 screenshots for the JP
t12369.22019-05-25Bunnygirl Heroine, a general call for helpI noticed a similar issue in Monster Quest with the Furry tag, I assume because of link. That and games being tagged with "Otome" just because they
t12366.22019-05-24Virgin non virginI'm pretty sure they are all virgins. It's not uncommon for defloration scenes to not show blood. The author probably didn't write about it because
t9918.132019-05-23cutted scenesYou already got your answers though...
t10390.342019-05-23YU-NO Remake on Steam and Switch#32 Yes, the PS4 version even offers a poster with full view from below of the nurse's panties lol. The game also has M+ rating, Spike Chunsoft
t10390.302019-05-23YU-NO Remake on Steam and SwitchFrom one of the replies to the tweet: "You really dont need to draw attention to minor edits like this. You just lure out the toxic weebs." I almost
t904.372019-05-23English Translation>swearing seems like a perfectly fine option (Like in Fureraba) >Like in Fureraba No, that was awful, please. Random swear words are always the
t904.272019-05-22English TranslationUhm, I have to agree. I can't think of a single person who would subject themselves to edit this translation, unless they absolutely did not care for
t12355.22019-05-20who composer?Hi, rather than answer your question I figured it'd be more useful to teach you how to find it out on your own. EGS has separate entries for every
t12356.142019-05-20Wrong title translation#9 I agree with the criticism since the current title does give people the wrong idea about the game. I also agree that people who know nothing about
t12342.142019-05-19A good eroge-RPG?I liked Castle Fantasia since it referenced real military tactics and strategies, and most likely real life events as well. It's a sort of charming
t12342.112019-05-19A good eroge-RPG?Unironically a difficult recommendation to make, as evidenced by how people have mostly failed to fulfill your request. There aren't that many games
t12346.92019-05-18Totono is now in Quality Assurance#7 It's Verdelish. She's pretty good.