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t15260.102020-12-28Do not waste your money in this shit game (SPOILER"I just have a sexual fetish, this is not something that degrades me like a man or a human being" Yeah, maybe you should keep your fetishes to
t13395.222020-12-08Full Voice HD Edition - ENG?Good port. I'd like to add one important thing: this HD remaster adds the option to jump to the next choice. I wasted more than five hours skipping
t14872.32020-10-18My Thoughts on the Game ~#2 No, you can't force people to write reviews. That's stupid. Just hit the back button, or ignore the thread based on the title.
t13936.22020-05-05Zero Time DilemmaThere is already a big topic on why this game was removed, and there is a rule that you're not to use exceptions as examples for what should or not
t13642.22020-03-06America wins againWhy do you think everyone lives in the US though? If anything, the issue is with Japanese market overcharging for videogames, and with its audience's
t13170.132020-03-04Any news on the English release?I'm pretty sure they're having issues getting the game approved by Steam. Though I don't get why they insist on releasing on both stores (JAST+Steam
t13579.142020-02-25Regarding v13003.11@5 "If a description needs a warning (other than the usual "this is user contributed data, use at your own risk" disclaimer), it shouldn't be in the
t13579.42020-02-25Regarding v13003.11I feel the need to weigh in on this issue. Kivando is a known MTL user and has created hundreds of synopsis 'translations' the same way. While he
t13572.42020-02-24Best translation?#3 フェミニスト =/= feminist. It means gentleman (in most cases, anyway).
t12794.252020-02-20How often do you listen to the full voiced lines?I usually skip if I can read the line by the time the character says a single word, lol.
t13556.32020-02-18Interracial scene?The million dollar question.
t9334.152020-02-16Rewrite+ or normal version#14 Steiner is working on it.
t13541.142020-02-14The future of NSFW"Let's just say that pandering or trying to appeal a certain group of people will never achieve anything." I agree. The logic behind removing content
t13322.212020-02-08manga gamer butchers another title#19 Right? I don't see why people are so upset about having to (or getting to!) learn new words. It's like, look it up once and bam, you know it for
t13498.102020-02-03Downvote -2 -1 ?Putting aside the issue of voting to balance out the total score, I agree with Tyr here. That was exactly how I was voting and think negative votes
t13498.62020-02-03Downvote -2 -1 ?But if you were try to restore the balance with your votes, your votes themselves would technically not be correct. I admit it's useful, though.
t13493.22020-02-01What's up with the translation?If you read the notes, it was apparently delayed due to engine bugs.
t13486.22020-01-31Sister Scheme 2: Which version should I get?I have both. I played the HD version, and that's what I'd go with. But, I'm usually not a fan of ero-animations and tend to turn them off, to begin
t12405.1202020-01-30The worst translation I've ever seenIt's not supposed to be that way. Translation is not a 1:1 process. Call it localization if you want, but what they've done with the text is make it
t12405.1182020-01-30The worst translation I've ever seenI don't see the problem with #112.
t13470.82020-01-29Some tag voting changesThat was unexpected.
t13471.262020-01-29where are you from?#17 #25 Northwest, yes.
t13471.162020-01-29where are you from?Wow, am I the only one from Africa here?
t950.6772020-01-28VNDB Suggestions!#674 The argument that EGS voters read at native speed and thus their play time shouldn't be the basis for VN length is weak. What do you suggest it
t10293.152020-01-26English version?^This TL has been repeatedly criticized for having problems in just about every sentence.
t8844.222020-01-24chaos;child -GD-Doing the routes ruined the experience for me. Honestly, you can easily skip Uki route, at the very least. I guess you could skim Hana's route too.
t8844.162020-01-23chaos;child -GD-I guess I'll also add a comment since I just finished the game. Honestly, I felt a bit let down. The murder mystery is kinda weak, and it's more
t13445.42020-01-20Really makes you think... 2/10#3 That sounds like the type of thing that an incel who plays eroge because they'd like to have a harem of brainless and submissive women IRL would
t13444.22020-01-19What is 0/0 in opt?Ownership status.
t13290.122020-01-16AwesomeThis one was pretty good. I hope whoever is intent on playing this game goes in blind, since there's a few spoilers around here. I can't really agree
t13407.32020-01-13H-code pleaseYou shouldn't link that here.
t13411.22020-01-12Is Sekai Project struggling?Baldr Sky?
t13368.172020-01-02What happened to the lists???#16 Just add them like you could mark a work as "Playing" or "Completed" before the change. It's not rocket science.
t13368.62020-01-01What happened to the lists???Cringe. How about you calm down a little? Though I agree that losing the ability to quickly sort by letter is pretty lame. Also there should be a
t13295.92019-12-312/10 It's literally nothingI wasn't referring to just your comment in particular. Though I'd add that you're sort of presenting this combination as a revolutionary concept. In
t13295.72019-12-312/10 It's literally nothing#5 Is there any need to resort to personal insults? Getting a lil touchy here, ain't we. To be honest, I dislike exactly these type of comments. "It
t13359.52019-12-31Is there a tag for 甘やかせ?#4 I was under the impression that the title was incorrectly translated because Anya does the spoiling, not you. I guess it goes both ways. Also
t13309.102019-12-21Well I'll be damned...I've been playing this, already reached two endings. I think it's quite nice, though you can see some spots that seem rushed or that could use some
t13309.32019-12-20Well I'll be damned...Seems promising, good to see Ban'ya go back to his roots.
t13287.222019-12-18So yeah, this got translated.#19 Someone sent Interheart support an e-mail. It seems they have yet to reply.
t13259.12019-12-06Rejected on Steamlink
t13233.92019-12-02Translated character names#2 K, you didn't make that clear to begin with, so whatever.
t13233.22019-12-02Translated character namesWhat's the problem if that's the intended effect? link link link link The others seem like fair takes on the names as well. They're in katakana
t11272.82019-11-23Localization announcement#6 My friends and I know the Fresh Prince of Bel Air from the Fortnite dance. It's not THAT obscure, boomer!
t6094.1752019-10-13Steam salelink Few VNs here
t13005.92019-10-12The time it took.#4 I've never used that app, but as you can see, OP wasn't aware of the distinction.
t13006.12019-10-11Master Magistrate Early-Access ReviewMaster Magistrate is the murder mystery detective visual novel set in the late years of Japan’s Edo Period. Developed by the indie studio Irodori and
t13005.32019-10-11The time it took.You should use an app that counts active time and run time separetely. 28 hours seems like a pretty long time though.
t12993.142019-10-09so misandrist...#8 My friend, this is a Bara game made for Bara Jam. Men ARE the audience. Isolated, the title might seem as an insult, yes, but it seems not to be
t11388.142019-10-09And so, another Cabbit title dies to SakuraGameIt was pulled from Steam, apparently: link