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t12369.22019-05-25Bunnygirl Heroine, a general call for helpI noticed a similar issue in Monster Quest with the Furry tag, I assume because of link. That and games being tagged with "Otome" just because they
t12366.22019-05-24Virgin non virginI'm pretty sure they are all virgins. It's not uncommon for defloration scenes to not show blood. The author probably didn't write about it because
t9918.132019-05-23cutted scenesYou already got your answers though...
t10390.342019-05-23YU-NO Remake on Steam and Switch#32 Yes, the PS4 version even offers a poster with full view from below of the nurse's panties lol. The game also has M+ rating, Spike Chunsoft
t10390.302019-05-23YU-NO Remake on Steam and SwitchFrom one of the replies to the tweet: "You really dont need to draw attention to minor edits like this. You just lure out the toxic weebs." I almost
t904.372019-05-23English Translation>swearing seems like a perfectly fine option (Like in Fureraba) >Like in Fureraba No, that was awful, please. Random swear words are always the
t904.272019-05-22English TranslationUhm, I have to agree. I can't think of a single person who would subject themselves to edit this translation, unless they absolutely did not care for
t12355.22019-05-20who composer?Hi, rather than answer your question I figured it'd be more useful to teach you how to find it out on your own. EGS has separate entries for every
t12356.142019-05-20Wrong title translation#9 I agree with the criticism since the current title does give people the wrong idea about the game. I also agree that people who know nothing about
t12342.142019-05-19A good eroge-RPG?I liked Castle Fantasia since it referenced real military tactics and strategies, and most likely real life events as well. It's a sort of charming
t12342.112019-05-19A good eroge-RPG?Unironically a difficult recommendation to make, as evidenced by how people have mostly failed to fulfill your request. There aren't that many games
t12346.92019-05-18Totono is now in Quality Assurance#7 It's Verdelish. She's pretty good.
t12326.112019-05-15Please heal my first world problemYour post on #7 is completely fine, I'm not sure why it's different. link vs link I can't add much to the topic aside from what was already said
t12326.92019-05-15Please heal my first world problem#3 I've been meaning to tell you this but your spacing is really weird for some reason and it's kinda annoying. Sorry.
t12188.32019-05-10BGM fix@2 Your problem has been solved.
t12310.22019-05-10Steam controversy againA little girl in ecchi situations who wears a red backpack? I'm not surprised. Randoseru are even banned (or the term itself) from regular eroge
t12278.132019-05-06Should I try untranslated VNs for a change?@11: "Should I do/try X or Y?" - why do you want others to decide for you? If you wanna do it just go for it lol. For the argument at hand, I'll
t12274.42019-05-05Are these VNs Doujins?I have never seen the term "OJLVN", only "JVN", but I assume it refers to any work originally created in the Japanese language, doujin or not.
t12268.232019-05-04Why are there so many crappy oelvnRather than talking about the crappy OELVN, I'm actually more interested in knowing what are the ones worth playing. @22: Because 5 min troll games
t12256.32019-05-02Eiyu*SenkiHell if Fault Milestone One doesn't look like an absolute mess though.
t12259.22019-05-01Episode two late?It's not all that uncommon for sequels to be released 10, 15 or even 20 years later. The original author/creator has passed away, so it won't be the
t12235.142019-04-30There is no Netorare this time aroundWhat a load of crap.
t12250.22019-04-29This is going to be kind of weird but...When are you two hooking up?
t12232.82019-04-29Asenheim project gone?@7: Yeah, if I didn't know any better I'd say this is an equivalent of those, what do you call them..."trigger warnings":
t12232.62019-04-28Asenheim project gone?I find it curious that the website is still up considering that this exists now.
t11960.32019-04-22Hype?lol did you play the extra case?
t12225.22019-04-22Translation Plans?It's not even out yet, but anyway link
t950.5472019-04-15VNDB Suggestions!That's exactly what I said though. I can "make" that list, but I can't sort my VN list by the release status. Sorry if the initial wording was
t950.5452019-04-12VNDB Suggestions!Private messaging, the ability to block users, hiding specific votes, being able to list VNs by release status (obtained, on loan, etc). I'm
t12166.132019-04-09What is it that bothers you the most w/ Netorare?#11 That's specially annoying in websites that have rating systems since people just give poor ratings to fetishes they don't like, such as NTR and
t12166.32019-04-09What is it that bothers you the most w/ Netorare?I guess it's really important for you as the reader to be invested in the story so that you'll care about the events, the heroines themselves and the
t12156.72019-04-07How do I know their respective Chinese names?Well, the problem is that they took the Kanji, gave them new readings, and call them by their names with the new readings. I understand that there
t12156.52019-04-06How do I know their respective Chinese names?I feel your pain since Japan decided to butcher all of their names.
t12153.72019-04-05My only hope.This is the worst title of the Saiminjutsu franchise and even weak compared to other hypnosis games. While Wizard Links and the first Saimin Gakuen
t12147.62019-04-05More VN content you want? (minus TLs)#5 Use link
t12148.92019-04-05Is the entire game pointless?Isn't that how real life works? It's impossible to make everyone happy at the same time. Steins;Gate is a story of sacrifice and the alternate
t12118.322019-03-31Poster is leaving hundreds of 1 ratings randomlyAnidb deals with this issue by having an average rating which is the sum of all votes divided by the number of users, and a weighted average that
t12129.22019-03-31Ways To Spot Monsters (Eroge)I think it's difficult to avoid it completely, but here's what I got from playing around with the tag search: link link Funnily enough, including
t12082.32019-03-23How to search for exclusives?Yeah, I really wish this was a feature.
t7750.182019-03-20Does this one have a 'true route'?Why do you feel the need to play the game six times? 1-3 sounds just about right.
t12047.22019-03-13Problem with some Otome gamesI read this study on otome games and what otome game players want. You might find it interesting link
t12044.32019-03-13the longest visual novelRance 10.
t11846.102019-03-11Do you read the train talk?I don't skip text, perhaps I'll just speedread it instead, but I don't feel obligated to 100% every game I play...unless it has trophies...
t12026.32019-03-10Is this shit serious?And chloroform doesn't really put people to sleep, but you still see it being used in TV series and movies pretty often...Sometimes you need to
t12005.42019-03-05MG Survey 2019I voted for Eustia, WA2 and Muramasa...just kidding. I went for a Liar Soft title and two Clock Up. For the companies, I chose Atelier Sakura and
t11887.172019-03-04Irotoridori no Sekai KSI've heard that the game will be localized regardless of the KS's result, so. But yeah, too little and too late. I see people complain about the poor
t11873.122019-02-27I wish more VNs were like thisWhat I was trying to say is that there will be a key decision that will either lock you into the love triangle route, which include Kyouko and Kaho's
t11873.102019-02-26I wish more VNs were like thisI guess the most interesting part about this game is how the heroine's lives go on, even if you did not go after them. It really makes the story feel
t11956.62019-02-22Wait...what?I remember the time when people were happy for the fan translators when their project got picked up by an official localization company...
t7068.1222019-02-20The non-VN eroge discussion threadPlay all the KaguraGames I think everyone knows those games already since they're translated. Why don't you say a thing or two about the games