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w3021.52023-03-22Ore no Cupid ga Ponkotsu Sugite Kowa~i.That lovenote with only blank paper inside is just Death Note meme,in addition,the maid-cafe is called fairytale,which is a meme where the old
t19860.152023-03-19Friends that like visual novels/erogeI can still remember the time when my middle school classmate recommended me when my high school classmate thislink Voice actors such as
w2126.12023-03-19ODEONNot only Lain but also Cthulu(Through The Gates of Silver Key) Maybe the 6th choices(if there are) are some 666 devil meme? Walkthrough(link) Hint
t19952.12023-03-18A game of funlink glad to see discussions on the game tho not in English. At first glance it's just some succession to Lain but in this game can we find more
t10911.12018-07-09Compass of the Divine Grace-GD-Finished it whtin 6 hours,a fun doujin work with a reasonable price of 500 yen. It's settings are pretty much like Skyfish's Ruri No Ie-Domination
t9944.42017-12-13does this voice sound familiar? (japanese seiyuu)田中涼子さんの声だと思います
t604.92017-09-16That bitch...!He became she bcuz of some medicine, seriously so-called newhalf ?
t2280.22017-08-25A setup file couldn't be opened successfully.Sorry,didn't see any problems while installing
t5920.22017-08-24CorruptionI feel it a normal corruption VN,after all there's a good many tentacle VN with the same frame of plots
t7227.122017-07-31Best voice (or voices) poll米島希最高オオオオオオオオ!
t9361.242017-07-26Re-Read VNs?Yup.I read some nukiges that I had already read 3 years before I re-read it. e.g. いちゃぷり! ~お嬢様とイチャラブえっちな毎日~
t9202.12017-05-17Sth wrong with the instructionIt's actually a F&C 03 game instead of #define.
t9047.112017-04-11Seiyuu you hate/dislike?Ahh..Her real name is Mimegishi Yukari
t9047.102017-04-11Seiyuu you hate/dislike?Havin' been noticin' seiyuus for years,Himekawa Airi makes the worst seiyuu that I've ever seen. Tho her NTR works seem good...
t8949.82017-03-28VNDB in japan ?Must be finding sth like Holyseal
t8596.152017-01-06discussion: is 11eyes outdated?How do we define a VN as
t8103.232016-10-04Most fucked up VN?If Route2 can be somehow fked up,that will be an option as well
t8103.222016-10-04Most fucked up VN?Cyclet Tinkerbell Valkyria Clockup InnocentGrey and MU, find their games.
t8258.52016-10-04Romanceable genderbent heroine?Is Yumemisou a choice?
t8289.42016-10-0420000And how many are there at present including Doujin works?
t8294.32016-10-04VN recommendation (to translate)What about all-age VNs such as Kadenz Fermata.Island.Root Double etc.
t8186.22016-08-30Juuma Senki Exelia GDRoute2 always does its best.
t8103.102016-08-17Most fucked up VN?Dasaku Monster Park2
t8066.62016-08-04WAADZA FUCK IS ZAT!?Mink changed its name into Mink Ego about 4 years ago,which still makes Elf-style VNs
t8060.12016-07-26Curious about the titleWhat does アストラエア mean in this VN on earth? If so-called Astral Air gets the right point,how R we supposed to define it specifically?(btw the
t5997.142016-07-26"Translation"Translator weak in English.
t8053.12016-07-23What VN producers do you like?Of couse I mean to talk about VN companies.
t2893.162016-07-23Gurenka: CommentsScenario's kinda intermediate, but CV's quite good. Though i wonder y there are no SLG elements.(You know what Escu:de is like)
t8033.272016-07-23Rape on DefeatIn a moderate way you already have a consensus.
t7099.262016-07-23Black Cyclet No-Nos official gourmet threadI love what Black cyc and Cyclet give me,the alacrity of the art of grotesque.
t6790.302016-07-23How'd you feel if Japan no longer censored?The only result will be the appearance of more tentacles abusing little girl.
t4103.42016-07-23is there jump-scare scenes in this game?If there has to be a scary scene,the final scene of this VN may be kinda surprising.
t7350.172016-06-22TranslationClock Up banzai! This time deeply stimulated by these grotesque plots. BTW This year the real Silky's Plus came back with its VN Akeiro(abbr.)
t7334.32016-06-22MailsI use IME which directly outputs what I want with romaji inputs. Or you may as well study Japanese if it doesn't suits you fine,though Kanjis are
t6556.272016-06-22This is the rise of Chinese vnThere is also a VN I know which has Japanese CV. 且听琴语 Dunno if anyone can translate it into English. Japanese is the best.
t7529.102016-06-22Sakuranomori † Dreamers OP previewMoonstone's playwright's doing what he did before.(the oldest 3 VNs of this company) normal life with horrible plot. I know it because I've read all
t7905.92016-06-22Who are some well known writers in the VN industryMy Masada Takashi(Dies Irae,Aikawa Gakuen) Tanaka Romeo(Setsuei) SCA-ji(Tsui no Sora)
t7952.42016-06-22Mink official threadMink,currently Mink Ego,has made several interesting NTR stories. xD
t6702.232016-06-22What's your opinion and at what age did u read?I like what alacrity Nitroplus gives me. Read the Song of Saya at 14.
t7916.62016-06-22any good map movement avoidable NTR games?Maybe Ninetail's the best choice for you,though there's only a Gears of Dragoon series (with both RPG and avoidable NTR elements of course xD)
t7715.162016-05-02Any games with furigana?Maybe the ones with content like cutting breasts can suit 1 fine
t7712.132016-05-02How Long Have You Been Reading Visual Novels?more than 6 years. it's the VNs that have been teaching me Japanese... and how grotesque a VN can be....xD
t7535.412016-05-02Denuvo is now going to be in Visual NovelsBest way to solve 1's question is to learn Japanese language,especially vocabulary
t7750.112016-05-02Does this one have a 'true route'?kind of bored with Eushully style combat UI
t7193.172016-05-02My experience playing this so farPerhaps Ensemble's specified in tedious descriptions of daily life xD