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t14848.202020-10-13Why Don't More People Read Visual Novels? AnalysisAssume that I'm not talking about Nukige for the following since Nukige obviously always needs to have porn. A lot of people say comedy is the most
w615.92020-10-03Rance 10Pretty poor form from the OP.
t14639.282020-09-01Reviews in PreviewWill reviews in other languages be allowed?
t14510.112020-08-12Games where all girls have Small/Medium Breasts?link 7 main heroines, all flatchested (or close), only 1 (imo) is a loli. link Tons of girls and most have small breasts. There's more lolis in this
w164.202020-07-31Musicus!I am an expert on all things related to the cartel, but you may not ask me for any details. This is life and death and some things are best kept
w164.162020-07-30Musicus!Nice review. I hope Musicus! is even close to as good as it's made out to be. I am skeptical of cartel. I guess I'm always skeptical in general.
t14295.352020-07-28Which VN has your favorite soundtrack?Yoru no Himawari & Shuumatsu no Bishou are the best imo. There's some fierce competition, though.
t14295.332020-07-28Which VN has your favorite soundtrack?Saya no uta has my fav OST (just listen to Silent Sorrow, or Sin) and other Zizz Studio works are generally great too. I'm also pretty much always a
t14340.22020-07-15I forgot the name of my favorite VN. Help!Swan Song
t14068.72020-05-27Sol Press quits the VN marketI'm actually really confused by just why they're announcing this. It's gotta be incompetence like all the other fuck ups... right? I mean, isn't this
t13290.302020-05-15AwesomeI didn't think the True route was great. I guess Time Loop VNs often have this problem. To me it's wishy washy how the game spends so much time
t13937.612020-05-09The MangaGamer controversy#59 Yes. Visual novels are very casual, so ideally the hobby should be treated leisurely, and fandoms as well. I personally feel too detached from
t13937.582020-05-08The MangaGamer controversy#55 find a group where it is possible to have discussions/disagreements and exchanging ideas without people literally chimping out. also make sure
t13937.202020-05-06The MangaGamer controversyI think there is a pretty important aspect to these controversies happening to MangaGamer in particular (although let's be honest, other publishers
t13679.502020-03-21MG's leaked Discord chat#40 Now we are getting somewhere, but I am also a bit confused about where the argument lies. To be honest I don't want to argue about some of these
t13679.352020-03-20MG's leaked Discord chat"But it does. All typical lolicons in Japanese vns are real pedophiles in the worst sense of the word."Bullshit. Looking through my list there are
t13679.302020-03-19MG's leaked Discord chatI am saying the opposite of that. I am saying the characters have no understanding of any reality as they are made up. They are nothing. They have no
t13679.282020-03-19MG's leaked Discord chat#26 #27 Your argument does not make sense, because the 2D world is not real. It literally cannot be "real to the character" like you described
t13679.242020-03-19MG's leaked Discord chat#12 Lolita complex is a JP concept. Lolicon art originated from there. In eroge, 2D art, Lolicon has totally different meaning than Pedophile. What
t13368.192020-01-02What happened to the lists???I enjoy this new system because it lets people categorize things the way they want to. I'm not sure I will do anything in particular with it since I
t12405.942019-12-25The worst translation I've ever seen#91 I don't think pointing out both good and bad is necessary at all. Not in every situation. If you are a professional critic, you may want to learn
t12405.902019-12-25The worst translation I've ever seenrampaa is absolutely correct though. "If you can't do it better yourself, then shut up" is a total cliché and has no meaning beyond shutting down
t13299.122019-12-18All h content cutWhat's the risk in releasing a full version? It obviously wouldn't be on Steam in the first place.
t13299.62019-12-17All h content cutDon't take this as a defense of Sekai Project but remember that Baldr was announced in 2016 and that negotiations date back 6 years. Back then
t13286.32019-12-13List of all games banned by SteamHow long will it take before they stop trying to submit Eroge on Steam? Shit's fucking embarrassing
t11657.132019-12-12how old are they?#12 Slight revision maybe. this one is for Japan: link IIRC, Paulette is French, though. I think it's safe to assume the average french girl is
t13215.32019-11-30ReviewThat is a real phenomenon, not unhinged at all. Edit: Interesting review. I still don't know whether to get this game.
t12033.52019-10-26English patchThose were the "very unlikely" ones that actually happened against all odds, I guess?
t13062.72019-10-25I just cant........You were just unlucky then, honestly. This is probably the most extreme game to have gotten an english TL, ever.
t12919.12019-09-27Best girl?Vote for your favourite family member! I'm only voting once I have completed this thoroughly enjoyable game, but for now I think my choice is Yayoi
t12869.332019-09-27Hope its a huge success.I don't understand what made you all so angry.
t12794.102019-08-31How often do you listen to the full voiced lines?I've sometimes found myself letting voices play fully for some VNs, generally the better ones. The better they are the more likely I am to read
t12729.132019-08-21Voice problems?I'm going to guess that the explanation isn't one that consumers would be happy to hear.
t12729.22019-08-14Voice problems?As far as I've heard, the English version is indeed missing voices. Why that is we can only speculate, since I'm not aware of any official answers.
t12720.142019-08-12Can we get a H scene count stat?The full autism route and also the best route would be % of H in the script.
t12310.282019-08-04Steam controversy againWell, I also don't care about what characters ages are supposed to be if you read between the lines. A good loli is a good loli regardless if she's a
t12310.252019-07-30Steam controversy againWhat you've said isn't going to be understood by the people that actually need to hear it, sadly.
t12660.172019-07-26Sadpanda is leaving...(?)So is there any other website that's somewhat comprehensive with game CGs? I've been using Panda forever and this pretty much caught me off guard.
t11434.202019-07-19Onikiss announced by SolPressIt is.
t950.6032019-06-20VNDB Suggestions!Translator (+Editor?) pages should definitely be a part of the database. The translation plays a huge, huge part of your experience with the VN in
t12425.162019-06-07Visual *novel*?a small minority of VNs are novelistic, but you definitely shouldnt be expecting it as the norm.
t12405.372019-06-02The worst translation I've ever seen#29 You're trying to make it sound like you're the one who doesn't understand nuance by bringing up that strawman. Do you treat all translations as
t12405.222019-06-02The worst translation I've ever seenI've seen enough line comparisons to say confidently that this is not a translation.
t12356.132019-05-20Wrong title translationhow about just leave it as damekoi since that's what everyone calls it people often dont use the translated titles anyways (i rarely do)
t12268.312019-05-05Why are there so many crappy oelvnBecause EVN=amateur efforts. JVNs just win due to polish, money, competence and a tradition of standards. It's easy to overlook how professional the
t12210.52019-04-19What is Zakuro saying in english?she's saying ableist slurs!
t12148.22019-04-04Is the entire game pointless?how is this different from brancing paths where you fix heroines problem in one route and not in another for example this is enough to make "entire
t12141.342019-04-03SJW Sexual VN's?I disagree wtih everyone about some things, but only a small percentage of everyone is SJW. you can't just categorize everyone you disagree with as
t12141.202019-04-03SJW Sexual VN's?^ ya I know SJWs are hypocrites
t11945.52019-03-27the best couplefuck