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t12729.132019-08-21Voice problems?I'm going to guess that the explanation isn't one that consumers would be happy to hear.
t12729.22019-08-14Voice problems?As far as I've heard, the English version is indeed missing voices. Why that is we can only speculate, since I'm not aware of any official answers.
t12720.142019-08-12Can we get a H scene count stat?The full autism route and also the best route would be % of H in the script.
t12310.282019-08-04Steam controversy againWell, I also don't care about what characters ages are supposed to be if you read between the lines. A good loli is a good loli regardless if she's a
t12310.252019-07-30Steam controversy againWhat you've said isn't going to be understood by the people that actually need to hear it, sadly.
t12660.172019-07-26Sadpanda is leaving...(?)So is there any other website that's somewhat comprehensive with game CGs? I've been using Panda forever and this pretty much caught me off guard.
t11434.202019-07-19Onikiss announced by SolPressIt is.
t950.6032019-06-20VNDB Suggestions!Translator (+Editor?) pages should definitely be a part of the database. The translation plays a huge, huge part of your experience with the VN in
t12425.162019-06-07Visual *novel*?a small minority of VNs are novelistic, but you definitely shouldnt be expecting it as the norm.
t12405.372019-06-02The worst translation I've ever seen#29 You're trying to make it sound like you're the one who doesn't understand nuance by bringing up that strawman. Do you treat all translations as
t12405.222019-06-02The worst translation I've ever seenI've seen enough line comparisons to say confidently that this is not a translation.
t12356.132019-05-20Wrong title translationhow about just leave it as damekoi since that's what everyone calls it people often dont use the translated titles anyways (i rarely do)
t12268.312019-05-05Why are there so many crappy oelvnBecause EVN=amateur efforts. JVNs just win due to polish, money, competence and a tradition of standards. It's easy to overlook how professional the
t12210.52019-04-19What is Zakuro saying in english?she's saying ableist slurs!
t12148.22019-04-04Is the entire game pointless?how is this different from brancing paths where you fix heroines problem in one route and not in another for example this is enough to make "entire
t12141.342019-04-03SJW Sexual VN's?I disagree wtih everyone about some things, but only a small percentage of everyone is SJW. you can't just categorize everyone you disagree with as
t12141.202019-04-03SJW Sexual VN's?^ ya I know SJWs are hypocrites
t11945.52019-03-27the best couplefuck
t10263.302019-03-25Translation project deadI want to have a look at it for the artstyle alone.
t12052.22019-03-15Do you think visual novels are innovative?Of course it's innovative. It's an entirely new medium of fiction. The fact that it's mostly used to make shovelware nukige doesn't change that.
t12028.172019-03-15Steam Release?link
t12028.72019-03-10Steam Release?#4 right now high school settings aren't allowed on Steam. It's possible that some high school VNs might slip through, I guess, but I think alll of
t12028.22019-03-09Steam Release?steam would deny it due to the moral panic.
t12017.232019-03-08Dies Irae offends Christianitythey never said the game can't exist chill out men
t11728.182019-03-08Your favorite routeshe looks like one, though, just like mahiru. a loli who is 1 000 year old vampire is still a loli. legal loli also still a loli
t11728.162019-03-08Your favorite routebut Maya is also a kid
t10550.122019-01-23What actually happened? (spoilers imminent)My memory isn't the best but talking to you I'm starting to feel better about my memory. The one who suffured from fits in reality was Takako. That's
t11645.1122018-12-31Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...only xenophobes would rather have "localization" than tl notes
t11739.122018-12-30The Last 5 Years, The Next 5 Yearsnormie-pandering trigger edit
t11645.792018-12-15Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...#77 I actually like it when H scenes are funny But if it's just the translation that turns into funny when it wasn't supposed to be to begin with
t11645.702018-12-14Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...put oniidude
t10550.102018-12-07What actually happened? (spoilers imminent)SeaBed already asks you to use your own interpretation as early on as in the prologue. Let me ask you this: are Sachiko's visits and conversations
t10550.82018-12-02What actually happened? (spoilers imminent)That's merely a plot synopsis... I'm aware of everything you've said, but you are leaving out a lot of details. Your arrogance is showing when
t10550.62018-11-30What actually happened? (spoilers imminent)Thanks for not even going a centimeter below the surface and being condescending in the process.
t10263.242018-11-29Translation project dead#20 God bless you sir
t11140.102018-11-28New resource for explaining R11Ahh, that makes a lot of sense actually!
t11140.82018-11-27New resource for explaining R11These explain R11 pages are invaluable because I haven't been this confused by a VN since Forest (which was one of my first VNs). No, scratch that
t11312.32018-11-20What is this true ending ??? (SPOILERS)MUH WISH FULFILLMENT
t11493.132018-11-10VNs vs Video Game: Which one tells a better storyDepends on what you mean by telling a story tbh, for example I think Yume Nikki and .flow tell amazing stories without any dialogue using the
t11434.62018-10-28Onikiss announced by SolPresslolis
t10558.1832018-10-14Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierI was worried this wouldn't make it
t11175.932018-10-02The state of VNs on Steamyou guys are underrating islam
t10986.222018-09-26Stupid Meme Game#19 Anyway, from your posts alone, I could see that you have some sort of "holier than thou" attitudes towards weebs. Your posts speak for themselves
t11220.32018-09-12Analysing EVN and JVN fans on SteamYeah, it's important to remember that this is a Steam analysis, so I'm not surprised the "male JVN elitist who hates EVNs and would never read an
t11175.82018-09-06The state of VNs on Steamyour work is always interesting & appreciated! I personally never liked steam and am still waiting for the day when the VN publishers can focus on a
t11067.92018-08-16Rip off of Totono?metafictional deconstructions are done constantly, it's about time weeb n00bs desensitize themselves to it and start actually using their brains
t10743.552018-08-05HentaiHaven removes the loli tagI love lolis
t10978.132018-07-29Hilarious reviewi would be pretty surprised if SSS wasn't shitty, that wasn't my point since i haven't even read it. i'm just interested in thinking about the true
t10978.112018-07-29Hilarious review1 is meaningful because chrono clock is the laughing stock of the community, it says says something about his standards and practices 2 i just find
t10978.92018-07-29Hilarious reviewthat's the editor for chrono clock btw, I'm not convinced he would know the first thing about good writing plus big chunks of the review comes