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1.5Finished1000 Words2017-11-03
7FinishedAdabana ItanOoishi Ryuuko knocks it out of the park with art that is outstanding even by liar-soft standards. As for the writing, I appreciate its straightforward elegance, but I expect something more to chew on from liar-soft. It's good, but it is rather basic; the story does about everything you'd expect and not much else. I find myself more stimulated by Cannonball, Inganock and Forest. This game is still really beautiful and well worth playing.2019-12-30
6.8FinishedBaldr Sky Dive1 “Lost Memory”I expected more from the gameplay. A progression system is used to hide its mediocrity. The truth is that little to no thought was put into things such as stage composition and respecting the player. When for the 500th time you fight the usual haphazard zako combinations, I doubt you'll be getting anything new out of it. The game's length might be warranted story-wise, but gameplay-wise it's not carried by any kind of thoughtful design, but rather by enticing players with the potential for spectacle, by unlocking late-game abilities and stringing together a cool-looking combo. Lots of style, but little substance. (Played on Hard & Very Hard)2019-12-21
6FinishedBaldr Sky Dive2 “Recordare”2020-01-30
4.5FinishedBishoujo Mangekyou -Norowareshi Densetsu no Shoujo-2018-10-12
3FinishedButterfly Soup2018-11-09
8.8FinishedCannonball ~Neko Neko Machine Mou Race!~Extremely colorful cast and ambitious mindbending story, lots of great mini stories, great H, great art. It's also fast paced and doesn't beat you over the head with glacial pacing like most VNs do. Incredibly enjoyable. Marred mainly by an awful gameplay mechanic, unvoiced events, and a few subpar mini stories.2017-05-21
4.5FinishedCave! Cave! Deus Videt.2016-07-03
7.2FinishedChaos;HeadSurrealism & Psychology in a Lynchian vein. Paranoia & Fear are the main emotions worked with here. It is a solid character study, and a very atmospheric read.2017-12-03
2FinishedChrono ClockMostly terrible. Usually it's bland and forgettable. Other times the story actually pisses me off. I had some fun with the common route and Kuro's route, but the rest can't be excused. I will say however that the girls are cute. Especially Kuro!2017-03-15
5FinishedChuusotsu! 1st graduationA decent somewhat resonating story, but nothing that sticks with you2018-04-30
6.5StalledCosmology of Kyoto2016-10-15
8.8FinishedCrescendo ~Eien da to Omotte Ita Ano Koro~Brilliant melodrama. All characters are written from a serious point of view; the psychology is always legitimate. The highlight is Yuka's somehow both ugly and beautiful route. It's still an eroge so everyone is in love with the protagonist simultaneously, but I don't care.2019-12-08
6.5StalledDaitoshokan no HitsujikaiCute feel-good game with a vibrant, giddy cast and an adorable artstyle. The highlight of the game is Kana. It is quite a bit longer than necessary, but there is some great stuff in here.2019-04-04
6FinishedDet Våras För Lilljorna2017-05-12
1FinishedDoki Doki Literature Club!Embarrassing edgy meta VN that fails completely at everything it tries to do. It's never engaging, but always boring.2017-09-24
2StalledDorei to no Seikatsu -Teaching Feeling-2016-10-16
1.5DroppedD.S. -Dal Segno-2017-07-04
6FinishedEdelweissA fantastic comedy that shines in the common route, but the overall story goes into a very lackluster Nakige direction. This sadly makes the game a mixture of great and mediocre. Still worth playing for some hilarious hijinks.2017-10-23
3FinishedEden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet.A serious story that unfortunately falters in most areas and doesn't leave much of a positive impression overall. It's heavy-handed and contains some terribly unfitting developments.2017-01-11
2.5FinishedEmily is Away2016-05-26
7.5FinishedEver17 -The Out of Infinity-2016-05-09
1.5DroppedFata morgana no Yakata2016-09-01
4DroppedFureraba ~Friend to Lover~2018-05-19
1.5DroppedGrisaia no Kajitsu -Le Fruit de la Grisaia-2017-08-30
7FinishedGyakuten SaibanAll 4 Ace Attorney games I've played have been enjoyable, but if there is one that is doubtlessly great, it's the first one. It has lovely presentation and catchy music, and all of the cases after the opener are of good quality. The 3rd case has a lot of fun banter, while the 5th case builds up to a moving conclusion. All in all a fun gaming experience.2016-09-29
6.2FinishedGyakuten Saiban 22016-10-07
6.5FinishedGyakuten Saiban 32016-10-15
6FinishedGyakuten Saiban 42019-08-04
5.5FinishedHanachirasuA respectable story with profound moments and a fine understanding of its characters, but the whole thing lacks a strong flow and is sometimes unnecessarily indulgent.2017-06-19
2FinishedHimawariAwful characterization. The narration is unacceptable. Tries to be deep all the time but fails utterly. Trite, bloated, cheesy and pretentious game that tries to tell you so much but ultimately says so little. Drama is all about plot, always adding new things to keep the plot going. Nothing sincere at all. Thematically the game is going in circles. Most of the game is filler masquerading as deep statements on humanity. I am not fooled by this game.2016-12-14
-StalledHoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-2017-12-24
3StalledIkinari Anata ni Koishiteiru2017-11-12
1FinishedI Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin' Good Dating Simulator2019-09-29
3.5FinishedImouto ga Ji ni Natta no de Zayaku o Irete Yatta Ken2019-05-12
-StalledImouto Paradise! ~Onii-chan to Go nin no Imouto no Ecchi Shimakuri ...2017-06-07
5FinishedJuniper's KnotA decent little EVN with a few very well done key moments. It's very hard to find an even decent EVN.2016-12-28
5.5FinishedKagetsu TooyaThe whole structure of the game is very nice to me. It is more consistently enjoyable than Tsukihime, but also never as great as Hisui's route.2019-03-25
3.5StalledKana ~Imouto~2016-12-21
7.8FinishedKatawa Shoujo2016-05-05
-Playing, Wishlist, Wishlist-MediumKazoku Keikaku2017-01-26
8.5FinishedKikokugai - The Cyber Slayer2016-07-01