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t1383.142011-06-09Which is your favorite Nitro+ title?For me, it's Chaos;Head. Saya na Uta comes a close second. Go ahead, think I haven't play ed much shit, but Chaos;Head was first completed VN ( First
t1454.52011-06-09A crappy doubt.So, basically, the 'Question Arcs' leave you hanging while the 'Answer Arcs' fill in with the real details of what happened? Thank you, all of you
t1454.12011-06-08A crappy doubt.I'm sorry for creating a thread for this seemingly shitty doubt. I've tried searching on google to answer my question, but to no avail. So anyway
t338.1212011-01-16Sharin no Kuni -GD-@dacasa:- It's cell from DBZ. Or so I heard. =/
t338.1182011-01-16Sharin no Kuni -GD-I find this visual novel over-rated. Just a bit. Wasn't as emotional as I thought it would be. For me Akabei Soft2's "G-senjou no maou" was a lot
t1121.22011-01-12Im curious about this.Would this help? It's from the homepage of the original website ( But I translated in English , since I can' really read Japanese. -.-')
t501.492011-01-10Is yuri MOE!?Is yuri Moe!? Definitely. Oh , err..............wrong pic. Here , definitely Moe. :3 EDIT:- Err , with all that rant about Moe-ism , I take it
t1053.1042011-01-10G-senjou no Maou -GD-Just finished it. And boy , was it brilliant!! The epilogue was probably one of the best I've read so far, along with the ending ( Though , that's
t1068.32010-12-31A stupid doubtAh , Thanks a bunch. Yeah , sorry for the inconvenience. I did say it was stupid ^_^
t1066.62010-12-31Happy New Year!Happy New Year to you as well. And everyone else on this site! ( Ps:- It's actually early at my place. The world isn't as flat as it seems
t1068.12010-12-31A stupid doubtDo I have to play all the routes to get to the main one ( Haru's route )? Can I skip all the routes and go to Haru's one directly? Does it have any
t987.52010-12-27Install problem!! XDHmm , yeah , as gabezhul said. But that doesn't mean you'll able to understand the language. It'll probably be question marks or some crap like
t1057.42010-12-27Whoa. [spoiler heavy discussion!]@fujifruit:- Really? Then , heartless little imp , aren't you? =|
t1057.12010-12-27Whoa. [spoiler heavy discussion!]I think I actually cried after finishing this game. And why? Because my life would never be the same again. :3 It's that good. Period. Play the game