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t16579.32021-07-10The tags? (and Decision Tree, too, I guess)It shouldn't put you off. It seems to me they're often there to give the reader a sense of involvement. It can be something like which friend to
t15306.252021-06-03Closed Game in English#24 Noticed the issues on day one and decided to wait for Jast to quietly update the installer like they seem to do but they actually released a
t15986.72021-05-14Too much AiYeah, most of #5 is definitely spoiler tag stuff.
t15986.22021-05-04Too much AiAll non-Ai routes are very much about learning how both Hiroshi and Ai deal with the breakup while still clearly being in love with each other. Some
t15883.72021-04-18All age nukige from Orcsoft - is it a joke?I understand steam offers varied payment methods and some people have no choice but to go through there but everyone else really need to forget about
t15864.22021-04-14JAST Majikoi sold fine, but not enough for SMaybe they should just let it go and focus on bringing wagahime in time for christmas instead. Or at least this time BEFORE the fantranslated version
t13050.1232021-04-02SalesLooks like someone was in need of some quick cash. I'll bite.
t15684.62021-03-11MG Survey 2021#3 Yeah, I added "Artist". 😀 Went with Erewhon, Waga Himegimi ni Eikan wo and Meikoku Gakuen. Now they're all but sure to come. 😬 I want 'em to
t15679.22021-03-09Is Cattleya dead?Reading Porno Sakka Mayuka right now and it's great so I hope they're not dead. Momiji-k's art is wasted on Appetite.
t15649.22021-03-05Steam version is censoredI have the PS3 version but never played it. It's PEGI 16. Can't imagine what Steam would have them change. Feels like we're moving backwards.
t15577.162021-02-22Fullscreen Issue with DL EditionChanging Windows' display resolution has solved similar problems for me. And enable GPU scaling to let the GPU handle scaling not supported by
t15331.92021-02-04Why no English translation?#8 Source?
t15453.32021-01-24Animation versionThat's nice. I'll probably get it. It's a good nukige. Not a huge fan of the constant cock worship though, honestly. This VN despite its title is all
t15398.92021-01-16Official Release Vs Fan TranslationWho are "we"? Can't remember. Been reading it little by little since christmas. It was the first reference of his bike I came upon and I started
t15398.72021-01-15Official Release Vs Fan TranslationI'm 5 routes in. It's good overall. Some typos and some inconsistencies like Yamato's bike being called "Golem" in one instance and "Gouram" in the
t15306.142021-01-03Closed Game in EnglishHyped, obviously. It's Sei Shoujo. Very happy to see this. Celine's scenes are hot asf.
t14787.142020-11-03You favorite Demi MILFMai. She's probably the most shameless of the bunch. Sally was a disappointment and not the kind of character you hope to see given the title. Nicely
t14945.62020-11-03Mangagamer skip the first part?As someone who only read 2 if prior to Mangagamer's release of 2 I was happy that was what they went with, mostly due to wanting to experience Nadine
t14807.72020-09-30ThirteenHappy birthday VNDB, thank you database contributors, and a special thank you VNDB for not trying to anal probe me to sell what you find like the
t14329.52020-07-19A continuation of Love X Holic?Oh wow, are you kidding me? I loved the mom route. HYPE!
t14316.42020-07-10Lilith stole a fans' TL for commercial releaseNo, words like theft and stealing are not applicable to copyright infringement issues.
t14273.22020-06-30Game ManualIt's really very simple iirc, you just repeatedly pick the person whose route you're aiming for and stay at home by yourself on days they're not
t14072.32020-05-27I can't open this game. Can someone help me?The Tsujidou games didn't like win10 at all iirc. They had to release a patch to make 'em playable. Could be you need that patch. It's on the Minato
t13663.312020-05-10Survey for my thesis! (About visual novel games)I see England moved out of Europe. Even left Scotland and Wales behind. Cold.
t13874.22020-04-25Tsubame's favorite personalityBoth I guess. It's not only a Majikoi thing but one of the series flaws is that most of the times the girls lose their personalities in bed. It's
t13842.42020-04-24Recommendation: 「Romance VN/Best Eroge」d6#6
t13050.362020-04-03SalesIt's a pain in the ass but you can buy points on the Fanza section and use that at main DMM. That's how I have to do it with my credit card. My bank
t13731.22020-03-27Voice OFFI take it you don't speak Japanese? You're in simple settings mode. Uncheck the top-left box and then go to the, from the left, sixth tab at the top
t13722.32020-03-25Now they are focusing on mobile game#2 Well, the source according to the original Japanese tweeter is "a friend, and I don't know where he got those numbers", so take it with a pinch of
t13679.72020-03-18MG's leaked Discord chatMeh. Like #3 said, sounds like every day at work.
t13673.22020-03-16stupid questionYes. Or well, most likely anyway. Among other things Ruin says "the pussy that no one else has seen" the first time they're in bed. Being a nymph
t13649.82020-03-09The art of the VN made me realise....オザ式 has been very good to me over the years. Always loved the lewd tongues and expressions making the women look like they wanna eat you up. Misonoo
t13636.82020-03-06Uncensored in Japanese?^ Yeah, depending on the engine you could get both games and overwrite the file containing the CGs in the Japanese version with the file from the
t13608.152020-02-29MG Survey 2020#13 I don't need translations either but I always take part in these anyway hoping for unmosaiced VNs. Some really deserve it. Like say anything by
t13534.32020-02-13Other companiesThey just put out mosaiced crap so hopefully never.
t13322.242020-02-08manga gamer butchers another title#13 Well, then this is definitely not a nukige by your definition. The story always comes first, to the point that the pacing of the sex scenes is
t13475.42020-01-30Visual novels with anal sex?Try Butcha-U's stuff; Kenzen! Hentai Seikatsu no Susume, Kenzen! Hentai Kouboku no Tsutome, Meikoku Gakuen Jutai Hen, Meikoku Gakuen Taidou Hen among
t12328.72020-01-19[SPOILERS] Questions left unanswered#6 Thank you! That's the kind of stuff I was hoping someone would provide.
t9277.52020-01-16New Kyonyuu Fantasy announcedAwesome, thanks eacil. I'm a total buttman but I still love this series. Feel-good stories, nice art and experienced women. 👍
t13392.32020-01-06Would this be a decent vn for a first non-TL read?Haven't read this but I'll say that I stuck to VNs with a daily life setting and plenty of voiced lines when I was mid-study.
t13222.32019-12-14Damn, this game is really hotI like the melody playing in the event select screen. 👍
t13174.52019-11-21So, Future Eroges can be uncensoredDon't know near enough to make an informed comment but spontaneous thoughts are I hope it'll succeed, probably should've waited until after the
t12792.62019-11-19Selective Spoilers#5 made me laugh.
t13109.42019-11-05Netorare view, on/offTop option is on, bottom off.
t13109.22019-11-04Netorare view, on/offYou get the choice when you start a new game.
t7350.292019-10-25Translationlink I haven't played it yet but in short; get both endings derived from the very first choice and then new choices will appear *after the first
t13010.32019-10-12Support VNDB on Patreon or SubscribeStarCool, I'm all about lazily supporting stuff I like by just throwing money at it.
t6094.1582019-10-11Steam saleMm, already went for the Willplus one on DMM. I picked out 10 games from the Anim sale but I'm not sure I'm gonna pull the trigger. I probably wouldn