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v7301.182020-03-22 at 10:43seikimatsuHakuisei Ren'ai Shoukouguntook me ~25 hours to fully complete the Japanese switch release
v18077.372019-12-16 at 13:45seikimatsuMaggot Baitsi know there isn't really any context from the text & images but i remember these scenes being quite late into the game so they COULD be considered
v26763.42019-11-03 at 22:59seikimatsuRoot Filmtypo
v22026.62019-08-02 at 09:13seikimatsuShoujo to Toshi no Sa, Futamawari.takes ~8 hours according to EGS
v665.142019-07-27 at 09:51seikimatsuChu x Chu Paradise ~Encore Live~those sex toys & nude woman on the cover of something in the shelf are probably NSFW
v193.422019-07-27 at 01:05seikimatsuNanatsuiro★Dropshaven't reached the credits to confirm this but I know pero's art style well enough
r65176.22019-07-27 at 00:17seikimatsuFraternite - HD Remastersite
r64516.22019-07-27 at 00:16seikimatsuKuro Ai ~Ichiya Saikan - Inkou Rannyuuroku~ HD Remasterofficial site
c81477.132019-07-26 at 14:19seikimatsuSamehada Kiruru+trait & shoutout to my fellow female erogamers
v25007.222019-07-26 at 13:42seikimatsuDead Days+staff via staff comment bonus