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t12725.22019-08-13please delete r65473For deletion request go to t2108.
t62.202019-06-17About translation progress#19 I sent you the info to your mail.
t62.162019-06-16About translation progressGood! I'll update you asap.
t62.142019-06-16About translation progressEnglish is not my native language, so I can't edit. I can help you with the engine anyway. Just give me some time and a way to contact you.
t62.112019-06-16About translation progress#10 It uses BGI, I can give you a hand, if you want.
t2108.27222019-03-05Candidates for deletionr60064 no publisher, no data.
t2108.27162019-02-26Candidates for deletionr62345. No publisher, no data, just a "probably" new project. Is this allowed?