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t12596.72019-07-12Can you identify the anime figures Takumi has?Ah yes, I know of course that the game is not only Nitroplus, unfortunately I don't think Nitroplus will ever work with 5pb/Mages anymore, but I said
t12596.52019-07-11Can you identify the anime figures Takumi has?Okay... If my game was also with that much great resolution when playing it I would have definitely recognised other characters that are already
t12596.32019-07-11Can you identify the anime figures Takumi has?Well, I thought anyone reading this would have already read the VN. Anyway here: link link
t12596.12019-07-11Can you identify the anime figures Takumi has?The blonde girl with a school bathing suit is most likely Fate from Nanoha, there's also another blonde girl next to the Seira figure which seems to
t12559.12019-07-06Please recommend me a good VN with vampiresWelp, maybe this is not exactly the best place to ask with this being an eroge, but since it's probably among the best known VNs with vampires right
t11362.32019-07-06About that ending....Pretty sure that the MC just sees different stories with each game.
t12431.42019-06-09Where can I buy it?Well, I just contacted Liar-soft in contact support with my broken japanese, hopefully they will reply to me even though I was honest in telling them
t12431.32019-06-09Where can I buy it?What member club? I assume you linked me to their website, but unfortunately it seems the website of Liar-soft doesn't work :/ And yeah, it's not
t12431.12019-06-08Where can I buy it?As the title suggests. If possible I would like to buy it but unfortunately the only thing I could find was some footage in Niconico.
t12010.62019-03-08Missing scenes threadOh... thanks for the heads up. I can rest in peace knowing I don't have to play the minigame anymore for that then.
t12010.42019-03-07Missing scenes threadWelp, credits to Liar-soft to make a game that would make even japanese players to rage-quit and never touch a VN ever again xD. Sigh, I guess I'll
t12010.22019-03-06Missing scenes threadAh yeah, I have the second scene of 3V Shopping if that's one of the scenes you have left, to be honest I'm not sure how I was even able to do it
t11991.72019-03-05Route "?" ?What scenes are you missing? I still have to unlock some myself, but maybe I can help. Also did you by some chance unlock Your Fan 6 event? I'm not
t11991.52019-03-03Route "?" ?So... In the walkthrough of the Tail Play, I guess that when they said Route ? of X character, it's because they didn't know if it was of Route I or
t11991.32019-03-03Route "?" ?Yes, I searched for it but I couldn't find any walkthrough of the game, except the one that comes with the English translation of the game. In the
t11991.12019-03-03Route "?" ?How do I unlock Route "?" ? I heard there's actually another route besides I and II called ? but I've no idea what I must do to unlock it, does