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t19114.62022-11-24NtrSounds pretty bad hopefully all the cuckshit is optional
t16993.42021-09-15Whos the MC ?Aright after reading the spoiler i can tell 100% this novel is not for me at all thanks for the reply bros
t16993.12021-09-11Whos the MC ?The getchu page doesn't tell much so i wanna know whos the MC and who is the male partner on the sex scenes. Also are the "more than one male" scenes
t14104.12020-06-01Simple questionCan the more than one male scenes be avoided or are they mandatory ?
t12519.12019-06-27Looking for a tag------------------SPOILERS BELOW ------------------ So after reading the novel the Yoshioka Maki (吉岡 マキ) "training" really got me thinking and i was