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r27360.12013-06-17 at 10:16erengyYoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro na -Brighter than dawning blue-Partial patch is released
r19171.12012-01-20 at 20:09erengyRipples ~Kıpırtılar~Turkish translation
r14860.12011-06-15 at 03:32erengyTekrar Görüşmek ÜzereTurkish translation
p2093.12011-06-15 at 03:30erengyerengyTurkish translator
v5671.22010-11-25 at 14:03erengyHummingbird MindUploaded main image and screenshots
r11030.12010-11-25 at 13:52erengyHummingbird MindSet general info
p1747.12010-11-25 at 13:51erengyCardboard ComputerNew producer
v5671.12010-11-25 at 13:35erengyHummingbird MindNew entry