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t9147.32017-05-05Defination of Bishoujo-GameBishoujo means beautiful girl in Japanese. In Bishoujo games, it basically means that the VN has pretty/beautiful girls in it, to my understanding
t9152.472017-05-05Nyaa torrents is gone@31 But getting books from the library is different than torrenting eroge and VNs. Where I live, they stop you if you try to walk out with books if
t8504.82016-12-20Why do seiyuu abadon alias?If a seiyuu is in an eroge visual novel or something like that, they normally have an alias. This is because what if an underage ( 17 under ) fans
t6702.312016-11-13What's your opinion and at what age did u read?I read Saya no Uta when I was about 13 years old. I despise it very much. All of the characters were forgettable , except, Saya. "I wish there was
t8419.62016-11-06Are you a pirate?Where I live you can't really buy visual novels. But I have a friend who loves visual novels. He has like hundreds of them. So whenever I want to
t8416.32016-11-05Who is this girl ?Yes, its indeed Aoumi Ramune. She is from Lamunation!
t6790.332016-10-29How'd you feel if Japan no longer censored?I honestly wouldn't care. Like many others I only read VNs for the story. " The only result will be the appearance of more tentacles abusing little
t8376.92016-10-29Creating an uncensored eroge download website" Because that would be unethical and likely illegal " This ^ You do realize uncensored eroge is illegal in Japan, right?
t8294.42016-10-14VN recommendation (to translate)How about this one ? I don't know if it has slice of life in it, but it looks like it fits your criteria. Also, how about this visual novel ? It
t8229.62016-09-20Some server config changesGreat! Keep up the good work, yorhel.