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t6972.832017-01-01VNDB is 8 Years OldHappy New Year, everyone!
t8316.32016-09-29screenshots problemYes, it's live engine, your trick worked. Thanks.
t8316.12016-09-29screenshots problemSo, I thought about uploading screenshots for one of their games. They came in 1024*790 with the close/change screen bar above, so I removed 22
t7304.202016-01-01MERRY END-OF-THE-YEAR-STUFF!!!Happy new year!
t6831.262015-08-17Small suggestion for new inclusion criteria"do we have more such non-gameplay titles that are considered borderline by our current guidelines on the narration point?"link Neko Para vol.0 has
t6053.222015-01-01Happy New Year anyone?Happy New Year! Bonne Année !
t5830.22014-10-09Winter DreamsAfter adding a VN, you're supposed to add at least one release. It's on the right of the second rectangle, you have 'add release' and 'add character
t5284.22014-05-01Anyway to change the background image of vndb?link
t4955.22014-01-06Galaxy Angel Help or save filelink
t1066.462013-12-31Happy New Year!Happy New Year!
t2108.4792013-12-30Candidates for deletionThere is probably link too
t2108.4772013-12-27Candidates for deletionI guess that link is a mistake. And as said before, link has no story.
t2108.4622013-12-05Candidates for deletionlink
t4216.32013-06-15How is this site financed?The thread is two years old, but you can read this: link
t2108.1442012-12-06Candidates for deletionAbout Mahoyo, there is nothing to change. Cokesakto said last month in the comments of link that he was continuing. It's just that there will be two
t2954.22012-07-17Correct way to add sexual traits to characters?link "These traits are intended to be used on a single character for a sexual act, instead of both characters involved." and link "The current system
t2922.22012-07-12Download Link?link I think it's fine since it's a freeware?
t2818.12012-06-15new versionlink The 2008 release was v0.9. link "Updated to version 1.0! So what does this update include? - Vietnamese translation - Additional images
t2785.12012-06-08VN to deleteThere is a typo in the title and this VN is already present here: link without that typo.
t2784.12012-06-08This VN is a troll/fakeSo, don't read it, unless you like link (warning: lower the volume)
t2164.112012-04-22A quick review and GD" The sprites are stolen "They are free to use: link
t2520.52012-03-27Minor error/sThere are a few typos here: link "indecissive" "trying to not tu hurt"
t1377.2142012-03-01Request for Character Database TestersShould you add instances for unofficial works or use the official entry? Example: link And when you add an instance, should you add the other
t2316.22011-12-31VNDB 2.22 and a Happy New Year!In advance, Happy New Year to everyone browsing VNDB!
t2269.12011-12-12Duplicate entrylink Also, link and link are missing a word ('story,'?): 'For a large part of the the protagonist' And I think that link should be listed under link
t2187.12011-11-08Deletion?I'm not sure if Madeline should be listed here, it's essentially a Hidden Object game with dialogs. If someone wants to verify, it's not even ten
t436.122011-10-04discussionI'll use this thread to say that link vandalized the tags for this VN and downvoted everything, in case someone is willing to fix that.
t1921.42011-07-07english"edited machine translation patch"I haven't read this VN, but is it really edited? From what I read in the thread, it doesn't seem to be the case
t1496.12011-06-22About the titleI don't know what should be the title of this VN, since bentosmile wrote: "It has no title." The name of the folder is: untitled The name of the VN
t1493.12011-06-21About Love Love H-MaidThey provide the VN (a commercial one) with their patch, which I thought wasn't allowed on this site. Or did I misread the FAQ?
t1072.122011-01-01English Translation is a TrollThe translator made a thread on /jp/ where someone else gave a link for the patch (without the "autism test") link (or link) if someone wants it.
t1066.212010-12-31Happy New Year!Happy New Year!