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c117517.62023-05-19 at 10:02ttmSasha SimpsonCorrection Spoiler.
c117517.52023-05-19 at 09:56ttmSasha SimpsonAdd trais, Role 2+.
c117517.42023-05-19 at 09:47ttmSasha SimpsonAdd traits, Personality +6, Role +1.
c122751.232023-05-07 at 16:48ttmOda KiyokoAdd personnality trait. +1
c122752.212023-05-07 at 16:47ttmKido TsumugiAdd personnality trait. +1
c122749.212023-04-30 at 16:15ttmNinomiya RinkoAdd personnality trait. +1
c122752.202023-04-30 at 15:33ttmKido TsumugiAdd personnality trait. +1
c73480.92023-04-16 at 08:01ttmAoyama RioAdded two personalities traits.
c123081.72023-04-14 at 07:46ttmTaguchi MomokaAdd personalities traits.
c123082.72023-04-14 at 07:35ttmMizushima AkariAdd personalities traits.