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t11044.32018-12-01updates?I had hope for that heroine... );
t10224.32018-02-02H-Code?I just saw the code on VNR, thanks!
t10224.12018-02-02H-Code?Has anyone finally found the H-Code? He can not be found anywhere. Thanks.
t9711.102017-09-30Fuck, we're old!Happy birthday VNDB! ^^
t8170.62016-10-15Revision KazukoMischievous characters like to cause trouble in a playful way. Their actions may "or may not be an annoyance to people around them." Aliases
t8299.12016-09-26"Side character my ass"Politeness you missing?
t8170.52016-08-30Revision KazukoOk, ok, i drop.
t8170.32016-08-26Revision KazukoIn the beginning we meet Kazuko, she is happy to see Yukito for his youthful appearance. And it's not "DURING SEX SCENES". If she compliments for
t8170.12016-08-24Revision Kazuko"dozens and dozens of adults past the age of 30 always say how good it is for the young because of their potential." Sorry, but flatter the youth