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v20877.32017-08-31 at 18:04kiruDear My AbyssAround 700kb incl. nametags.
r51350.32017-08-11 at 15:51kiruTsuki no Michibiki Kumo HarukaOld link only had an old version of the website for whatever reason.
c61015.62017-08-07 at 13:59kiruOsakabe KanadeSub Heroine.
v17823.412017-08-02 at 15:31kiruWagamama High SpecReverted to revision v17823.39 (orig res is exactly 1280x720, try windowed mode)
v20330.192017-06-21 at 09:00kiruNewton to Ringo no KiSome more screens with other characters.