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r59823.52019-02-26 at 12:33kiruBoku no Mirai wa, Koi to Kakin to. ~Charge To The Future~ Special Limited Edi...Someone must've missclicked here.
v210.482019-02-03 at 11:07kiruHimawariReverted to revision v210.46 By vndb standards this is definitely not very long. Not even close to it. Being a slow reader can obviously increase
r1352.82019-01-27 at 18:44kiruChocolat ~maid cafe "curio"~ Regular EditionFixed this. I at least don't see the Midori short-story that is mentioned in the ps2 walkthroughs.
c24060.62018-09-09 at 09:11kiruEsaka HarukiReally not a main character. Having a little joke ending isn't enough for that.
v21279.172018-07-17 at 18:38kiruMaotenDefinitely 30+. ~2.4mb sjis