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t15053.92020-11-24What is D.C. ~Da Capo~ like?Actual slice of life VNs are really rare, as most do feature quite some drama. Even moege think it's a good idea to blast the drama hammer in the
t15047.22020-11-19So you play as human traffickers in this game.Like literally every Alice Soft game ever. More news at 11.
t14807.292020-10-27ThirteenOh god. Now vndb is in the chuuni age.
t14913.22020-10-25Is the plot too similar to this?This game is just a blatant fanfic of gochi usa, with an amnesiac self insert introduced as badly as possible, while not even understanding what the
t14907.92020-10-25Age announced KimiNoze in EnglishCome on. It can't be worse than Muvluv.
t14910.42020-10-25does the new PC release have the +18 contentThe game is rated 18+ similar to Chaos Head Noah. That's all there is to it.
t14853.32020-10-14Out of the ordinary romance novelsKoikake will be VERY disappointing though, if you aren't a weird person. In other words, I don't think it's what #1 wants. There are other examples
t13893.62020-09-17Help, I'm enjoying the gameI still consider Extra a very good filter. If you don't like it, don't bother with the rest. You won't like that either. I know I didn't. Whatever
t14719.22020-09-13summer pockets RB not separated from the original?It's how vndb does it. It has advantages and flaws. The idea is that with that release the original becomes obsolete, so an entry for that is
t13608.582020-09-13MG Survey 2020VN fantranslations will stay a rarity for multiple reasons. The biggest one however is, that it's big projects. LN and Manga are done by chapter
t14713.122020-09-12So... I am trying to play this with Textractor...DRM fails the moment it's easier to play a copy you didn't buy. Japan is really awful when it comes to DRM. At least the west mostly learned that
t14633.52020-08-301440p is wonderfulOften original art is twice the res that is used. Don't ask me why. Most VNs don't even use separate images for zooms, and just "zoom" with a shitty
t14549.32020-08-19How can you estimate length of a VN?Less words, more characters, at least for JP VNs. There are more factors, but for average VNs (voiced, MC unvoiced) 60kb sjis encoded text = 1 hour
t12935.222020-08-19no small chested women?(kinda venting)^Man, that sounds like utter nonsense. It's long since clear that all big breasts do is give back pain and get in the way if you ever want to run or
t14232.82020-08-17Genre not appropriate^What you are talking really sounds like post apocalypse. The two choices you have in tags: Apocalypse: Story starts. Suddenly BANG, stuff happens
t14510.92020-08-12Games where all girls have Small/Medium Breasts?^That's really really stretching it.
t14510.72020-08-12Games where all girls have Small/Medium Breasts?In all honesty, those recommend games of #2 are just lolige. That's.. different from what I understand of small or medium breasts. If you want lolige
t9205.82020-08-11Baldr Heart -GD-^Did you forget that Baldr Sky Dive has essentially 4 routes that are very very similar, 3 of which are basically 95% the same with a swapped girl
t14468.82020-08-06Best voice acting / most convincing portrayals?There are a few variables for good voice performance. First, the game needs to be a good stage, and second the voice directing and casting need to be
t14461.72020-08-05Censorship and 17+ English.I actually skipped every single h scene in this game. It's a fun game, but the art in those scenes was just.. weird, and the scenes were unnecessary
t14419.72020-07-29VN with favorite romance.@4 I don't want to be mean, but talking about Evenicle and romance in the same sentence is just.. really really wrong. What's next, Rance? There's no
t14407.82020-07-28Heroines@3: Those do exist. I think Izumi is like that. (At least the one I played was) One of the reasons for why you won't find a lot of games like that
t14359.112020-07-24Yami personality / Yami route?Jealousy and possessiveness go hand in hand @8 . If someone is possessive, they have a massive jealousy problem. Yes, you don't need to be possessive
t14377.42020-07-23learning how to readUnfortunately, there is no easy way out. You CAN pick up new things while reading, but you need a basis. So skipping kanji or grammar doesn't work
t14359.22020-07-19Yami personality / Yami route?Given how people don't even agree on what twintails are, this is WAY too far down the road.
t13936.62020-07-16Zero Time Dilemma^This has been talked about already, these questions are old. And the answer is, as always, because they actually have meaty visual novel sequences
t12572.82020-07-14Longest game quick reviewHonestly, after playing Zaku Zaku Actors, all these "high numbers" don't really appeal to me with rpg maker stuff. It's not really made for it. See
t14330.202020-07-13Who is your favorite protagonist?Nenoka from Zoku Nihon Shinwa -Ne no Kami- comes to mind. Few visual novels put the center person as the protagonist. It's usually a bystander
t14314.92020-07-11Alicesoft ENG Twitter@6: IRC is dead. It's all discord and social media now.
t14295.252020-07-07Which VN has your favorite soundtrack?Guitars huh. Gotta think of that. Not just guitar, but you know. She plays it.
t14304.22020-07-07What does Same Setting mean in VN?What it says, really. The setting, or stage of the story, is the same. With visual novels this is usually just an excuse to reuse backgrounds and
t14284.62020-07-02Seeking VNs With Simultaneous Eng+Jap Text@4: Reminds me when I played Marco and had English display as well to see how the TL was. I probably checked a grand total of 5 lines or so the
t12445.172020-07-01Now this is what a true masterpiece should beI honestly don't think ability to read Japanese well or not has anything to do with enjoying repetition. It just breaks the flow and makes you feel
t13520.432020-06-29Game really could have been an 18+ title@41: You have 0 imagination. You might want to fix that. Anyway, we are talking about VNs here. The adult scenes are commonly written by other
t14263.282020-06-28Stop changing the VN length ffsJust a note about post #7. I highly doubt this game has 31 hours of voiced lines. The average VN has half of that. This game'd need to be so long
t14263.32020-06-28Stop changing the VN length ffsAnd this is why you just measure the script size. In normal VNs like this, it's a much better way to get a length. Or, you know, do it like EGS
t13520.402020-06-26Game really could have been an 18+ title^There's no need to "fade to black", but there's just as little need for actual adult content with the intent to get people off. Sex doesn't need to
t14207.32020-06-18Favorite heroineAs far as I remember, the thing with Alice was literally the point. So you are kinda complaining about something very intentional and important for
t14208.52020-06-18issues regarding the "true ending"(spoilers)What? The dreams were always magic/fantasy.
t14205.102020-06-18Are Tsundere unusually over-rated ?Tsundere is a little bit more complicated. EGS equalizes it with "strong willed girl" of sorts, which is why things like beating up people or
t14197.92020-06-17When trials are basically spinoffs?^Trying the game has nothing to do with its content being in there or not. You are still trying it, even if it's indirectly. The idea of a trial is
t14197.22020-06-16When trials are basically spinoffs?I don't think anything else makes sense, really. Regardless of how devs do it, a demo/trial is supposed to sell the full game and give an idea about
t14195.72020-06-16Brainstorming release imagesHonestly, if there's a package scan: That. If there isn't, we don't need anything. The VN Cover is pretty much the release cover then.
t12405.1512020-06-15The worst translation I've ever seenThe idea of a localization isn't to reach new audiences, that the original game never reached, but give the audience that don't speak the original
t13441.212020-06-11Not what it seems like a first glance ...?^Himegari is the best of the Meister series. Please, have SOME taste. At least that game gives you all the tools to deal with the dungeons in an
t14123.72020-06-07Character sprite change mid-sentence. New trend?None of that compares to games with dynamic sprite placements. RIP Studio Ryokucha
t12760.42020-06-04Similar characters?^You didn't read much, huh? There are a lot.
t14089.52020-06-02No H-Scenes?Yeah, DC4 was created for all ages only. It's like expecting an 18+ version for Island. Get used to it. Ero was largely inserted to sell. This
t14102.62020-06-01Steam visual novels (Raw)There are many games that support multi language as well. Can't expect that from typical localization only companies like Mangagamer, but every
t14105.32020-06-01What to expect?Wasn't the anime quite different? That said, the VN isn't good. The protagonist and his artificial past drama alone makes it easy to drop. The