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t13170.22019-11-20Any news on the English release?You could just check the release entry: "As of October 25th, translation is 100% complete. Editing is 100% complete. Image editing and programming
t13165.62019-11-18Being a VN Fan or in Industry is Suffering@3: You do know what Gacha came from, right? VNs where they sell you lootboxes for character with crappy gameplay you have to do, to read the story
t13144.92019-11-13Mosaic or No?@7: Look at the English hcg of something like Princess Evangile and tell me it's not disgusting. Vndb has no screen for that, and I can't tell you
t13144.52019-11-13Mosaic or No?Given how horrible things tend to look without mosaics, consider yourself lucky having them. English releases without them and with no option to
t3617.18542019-11-12Tags suggestions/fixes^What use does that tag have? Would anyone really search for it? Would it be really useful as a tag to ignore, seeing how this is not only rarely the
t7442.5762019-11-11Game inclusion in the DB@573: Adventure is the main genre where the sub genres branch off. Visual Novels are one of those. Just like point and click adventures and others
t13122.42019-11-08Vns where the writers are female?Funny you mention Orgel. One of the routes from Tonakoi actually is in a way it'd be rather unlikely to be written by a male writer. Unfortunately
t11973.182019-11-06RIP this game^The gameplay is unchanged crap, if not made even worse. The story being "an improvement" also doesn't say much in this case. The early complaints
t7442.5652019-11-06Game inclusion in the DBZero Escape 1+2 is a completely normal VN for long enough times. The gameplay parts are very separate and the novel parts have essentially no choices
t7442.5592019-11-05Game inclusion in the DBHonestly, I don't consider "roleplaying" a novel. If the player has 100% control over the text said by their "avatar" (though it can also be quite a
t13068.152019-11-02Bishoujo vs Otome gameYou don't necessarily want "realistic" in fiction. It may be realistic and quite possible that a major "villain" stumbles down the stairs and breaks
t13096.22019-11-02Remake by GigaWasn't the console version the only one worth it, because of the protagonist being voiced by shizuku ? Not sure if a PC remake is needed. I hope this
t5189.62019-11-02Midori no Umi: Rating (Some Spoilers)Part of me believes, a non MTL might've degraded your experience. MTL makes it so, that your imagination is a lot more important. That fixes a lot of
t13090.52019-11-01Muramasa 10th Anniversary@3: I dunno about that. Geckou was so bad, I didn't even manage to get past common, and Axanael gets ruined by its awful structure, but also by how
t13068.122019-10-31Bishoujo vs Otome game^Vndb's rating system favors amount of ratings quite hard. With the female userbase being small here, otome games will be underrepresented. It's a
t7405.342019-10-30Cup Size field / Breast Size traitsThen maybe limit it to what we have for traits? AA, A, B, C, D, E+, H to M and N+ Cup. And while at it, rename the trait E+ Cup , so it becomes "E
t13079.22019-10-2910 years anniversaryWell, their Steam stuff was so halfhearted it was meant to fail anyway. One of them was even a machine translated game, if I remember right. But yeah
t13062.232019-10-28I just cant........^Nukige are, by definition, something with only an excuse for a story. They focus on something different. By not focusing on something different, and
t2108.29502019-10-28Candidates for deletionDLC, sequel or not, are still part of the main game. Separating that is just completely nuts and defeats any purpose a new entry can have. What's so
t13062.182019-10-28I just cant........^Nukige and utsuge are usually mutually exclusive due to how much they define a game. A nukige is mostly about the adult content and "using it". That
t13070.62019-10-27Not a Nakige?Pretty sure "pure love" refers to what moege do all the time: -Both are virgins. -Both have no real experience with the other gender so far -Both end
t12889.52019-10-27Has anyone played this?It's not badly ported though. Probably at least. It's much more likely that it's crap on the Ps4 as well. The Ps4 also just happens to have 8gb of
t13061.142019-10-25MangaGamer vs Arunaru controveryI mean. It's not different in Japan. Doing work at VNs is something you do because of passion. Every writer getting successful enough mitigates to LN
t13047.162019-10-23Anime announcedYou guys are acting as if they definitely want to make a stand-alone anime. Most VN adaptions are simply advertisement so new people check the game
t13046.52019-10-22The VN with most characters including space.With this kind of stuff, you can't really count serialized stuff, or works that aren't a first major release. It's just weird. Like Higurashi, the
t13027.132019-10-15Translators as staff@9: I actually don't think quality check is even part of normal credits. At least not name by name. Usually it's stuff like "all staff", which makes
t13027.52019-10-15Translators as staffIf it's done, it should probably be the entire credits. And while that's mostly something for commercial releases, I don't see a reason why it wouldn
t13027.22019-10-15Translators as staffI'd completely separate original staff and localization staff. Just like how it's done in credits of localized games. (first the original staff rolls
t13019.72019-10-14timing for this vn^That doesn't work for a lot of games. (heavy copy and paste, extremely slow skip-mode, generally slow game, gameplay...) Ultimately, vndb doesn't
t13019.52019-10-14timing for this vnThe length is supposed to be an average. It's no problem to be a slow reader, but not everyone is like that. There are enough who'd consistently land
t6094.1662019-10-12Steam sale@160: I know this is getting old, but Steam is just a store. Publishers themselves decide if the game has DRM or not. There are a lot of games on
t13008.32019-10-11Any good endings?In this game's case it's less about being depressing, as the true ending doesn't make sense anyway. The good part of this game isn't the story in the
t12979.32019-10-11Technical messHonestly, if they wanted to do better with sprites, doing it like Studio Ryokucha or the kuru series is better. Emote can be fine if it's done well
t12988.22019-10-07Horror?I wouldn't exactly consider a tag strength of 0.3 as "it's tagged as horror". It's okay, given the curse and how "spooky things" can hunt/kill
t12976.72019-10-07Piano Duet denied reason weirdHow useful is that anyway? If we have too many tags, useless things like this shouldn't be added, as nobody would ever search for that. Also, there's
t12963.42019-10-06My Thought on thisThey probably changed the style, because having multiple emote characters on the screen at once kills the game. Might have been somewhat worried
t12750.72019-10-05It needs to be fixed!When all child-tags of a parent are there, there shouldn't be any childtags in the first place. I'm pretty sure that should apply for most things, as
t12956.22019-10-02Always loved this one, but also hate it.Try Dear My Abyss . Psychological. Lovecraftian. Also very good, but rather doujin. (Waiting for a sequel..)
t12952.132019-10-02No sexual content VS no explicit sexual contentThe problem with the second option is that softcore can relate to "all ages" things, while pretty much nothing else there does. So when people don't
t12921.32019-09-27"Around me is full by a celebrity."People knowing good English are still not easy to come by in Japan. Also a reason why translations from Japanese aren't that easy, as not enough
t12869.282019-09-26Hope its a huge success.^Why aren't you reading what's written in here before you flame? Did anyone say the art is crap or talk about the story? No. Like seriously, look at
t12533.492019-09-26Tag Cleanup #2 - Problematic TagsWhy even delete a tag that's obviously needed? It can be the parent of any other tag defining things more restrictively.
t11968.172019-09-23Mangagamer Translation@16: So. Onii-chan has "broski" as a western.. uhm.. equivalent? Also, a localization's goal is pretty clear: Make people understand stuff. Literal
t11968.112019-09-23Mangagamer TranslationThat's some twisted logic. Either you localize words like that. Or you don't. Otherwise you COMPLETELY miss the point on why you even do this in the
t11968.92019-09-23Mangagamer TranslationSo. They localized onii-chan, but decided to change classnames into Japanese things nobody knows? ... really? Ok.
t12894.32019-09-22someone give me a reason to keep playing?A story doesn't need drama. But it does need a hook and something worth looking out for. Good slice of life is also varied enough to make it work
t5479.92019-09-19Green Green GDThe point was, that the overdrive version has only the content of the first version, but not the stuff from the later one. In other words, why the
t12869.172019-09-18Hope its a huge success.If nothing else, the art is great. Those backgrounds alone.. geez.
t3831.122019-09-17100% Voiced VNsShouldn't limit you in the long run anyway. Sure, close to 100% voiced is nice, but everything I know is just very hard to recommend.
t3831.102019-09-17100% Voiced VNsTie-in console only games are probably all more or less fully voiced like this. So anything based on a franchise really. Similar to that is stuff