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t17666.32022-01-19What's up with all the delays for this game?^It's completely different people. Not like that's hard to guess by just looking at the art that's available so far. No idea what this is supposed to
t14554.152022-01-05So, how can they be so popular?@13: Well given we are talking about presentation, I can only name the one I currently play from Clochette. I don't remember how the others were, or
t17585.32022-01-04How many H-scenes are present in the original?^I've never seen that before. Moaning and lewd talk tends to be relatively irrelevant for the progression of a story. And the rest can stay.
w3442.22022-01-03Lunaria -Virtualized Moonchild-^What's wrong with that. All the games I know from those have very good reasons to get those ratings. Enjoying common routes more is also a normal
t14554.122022-01-03So, how can they be so popular?^That's nice and all, but the Clochette game I play right now has the exact same thing. Multiple character sprite movements per line, your typical
t17494.632021-12-18will there be a restoration patch?Maybe someone didn't like Shiz uru. First time I'd have encountered that as a reason to rename a character. Though to be fair, I always found the
t17494.172021-12-17will there be a restoration patch?^It's more an exception than a rule that companies censor because they have to. At least when it comes to localizing ones. Often it's because they
t17494.72021-12-17will there be a restoration patch?@5: You are implying they will release that. Given how they already call this release Rewrite+ (which is supposed to be including it, but doesn't) I
t17475.22021-12-11Volume 8 will be the endBetter wait for the final final volume, if you wait anyway. Aka, the bundle with bonus content, that's gonna come anyway.
w3303.32021-12-08Muv-LuvDo yourself a favor and skip Alternative. It's no different. Unless you somehow manage to like Extra/Unlimited well enough, Alternative won't change
t17197.252021-12-07English mtl?@21: While knowing Japanese helps, you also have to understand how computers and such work. If you do, it's obvious that machine translation will
w3272.32021-12-04Monkeys!¡Honestly, I only saw one crossdressing protag game so far that was kinda okay to me. Ruitomo and Tsuriotsu aren't part of that. Tsuriotsu has okay
t17366.212021-11-18Just why?@20: You are forgetting, that it's not too rare for people not liking something to stop after a while and drop it. It's not too unlikely that the
t16694.82021-11-10miscellanious information@6: I talk about mechanical flaws. Like how you can't actually use spells/abilities in Kami no Rhapsody, because all your mana goes into new units
t16694.52021-10-28miscellanious informationYou shouldn't play Eushully games on hard, period. The hard modes, if existing, are terrible afterthoughts that only make the flaws of their systems
w3025.32021-10-25Ren'ai, KarichaimashitaI don't even understand how the heck a comedy could possibly be NTR. This review reads as if they either didn't really understand the language very
t17214.152021-10-21VNs with the best comedic elements@13: That game has a very different style and is a lot more translatable as a result. I liked it a lot. Not necessarily for its comedy though. But it
t17214.122021-10-21VNs with the best comedic elementsMiyagawa Takanori 's route in Akatsuki no Goei was definitely great. Other than that the stuff by Hato comes to mind. Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou
t16794.532021-10-03WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?@30: It's not about "not understanding". I sometimes think I should've written down why exactly it's impossible to happen the way it's written, but I
t15752.92021-10-01So this was confirmed to be a reboot?@8: That's already answered in the second post.
t16794.292021-09-30WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?^It's arguably better to have only simple time travel stuff. Steins Gate's final part makes no sense whatsoever. This is a common issue once you try
t17000.32021-09-14What to expect from Celenaria (not proper review)It's chapter based, and it has the repetition, though it's not like it's major parts or just repeating the same information again and again and again
t10559.192021-09-04The failure of this on SteamVNs don't need to sell a lot, before they aren't losing money. Mangagamer has operated on not particularly high sales for so many years, often cross
t16794.242021-08-31WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?@22: That's not how this works. Popularity and Quality are two completely different things. As you can see with literally anything in this world. Be
t16870.172021-08-25Why don't VNs with voiced MCs do this more often?Guys. MCs do not get voiced for money reasons. Getting a good voice actor would double the expenses on voice acting. You can take a shitty one, but
t16861.22021-08-24Subekoi GDPerhaps Yurirei is really so boring, that the ghost girls are all you managed to remember. Otherwise I have no idea how anyone could even remotely
t16863.22021-08-24Did they just copied odd thomas?Unlikely. Doubly so because that movie was badly received. I doubt anyone would get massively inspired by that... Everything has been done before
t16809.112021-08-16Romance VNs and how do you react to them.^That's what you say. If you'd actually look at the first post, and not just post randomly like that, you'd understand what this is about. Or maybe
t16809.92021-08-16Romance VNs and how do you react to them.There are very very few actual romance VNs. It shouldn't be much of an issue. Most romance tagged VNs aren't actually part of that genre. There's a
w2282.32021-08-13Making * LoversKaren is a fun character for maybe 30 minutes, then that vanishes and gets replaced by pretty much nothing. It's a kinda good route, similar to
t7559.642021-08-08Does this still count as a VN?You can. They changed genres for the last game. It's not the only series, where the genre changes. For example, you can add Suikogaiden just fine
w2526.32021-08-05Chaos;HeadNoah isn't better. The additions barely matter and are placed at the absolutely worst possible point possible. (between B ending and epilogue
t2511.162021-08-01What's the difficulty level on this thing?Just gattling gun. This game has something like the tales of iron stance on certain enemies, and that means whatever silly combo you come up with
w2486.22021-07-28Baldr Sky Dive1 "Lost Memory"It's not that easy. There's actually some minor changes here and there, and that's the way the entire game works. This culminates in Reminiscence in
t16693.32021-07-27Does this game ever make sense?Iwaihime kinda tries to do something like that, but really fails at it. The problem is that all the "nasty stuff" is afterwards conveniently ignored
t16614.22021-07-16Deleted why?It doesn't matter how related a game is. (i.e. Zero Escape 3 isn't here) It also doesn't matter that Danganronpa isn't different. (I still think it
t16607.22021-07-15Performance questionIt's probably using integrated. That's a typical notebook thing. You can find tons of help on google. Some games are doing that, mostly badly
t9414.362021-07-13Is it cool to hate this VN now?Chuuni can be easily detected with this test: -Are people fighting things, or each other, while most people don't know about it? -Are people
t16582.32021-07-11Why is this game listed as fully voiced?Fully voiced means that the characters with voices are voiced the entire time. Partially voiced means, characters that have voices are only voiced
t10559.102021-07-09The failure of this on SteamHonestly, Muvluv is heavily overrated, similar to Baldr Sky Dive. Those projects failing isn't weird. There are actually good visual novels that fail
t16570.72021-07-09Is Flower, Sun, and Rain needed to play?Honestly, there's not a single game where you absolutely positively need to play anything else in the series. Why? Because that's financially dumb
w2065.62021-07-06Soukou Akki Muramasa^Now that's one heck of a hot take. I'm sure it helps for your enjoyment of a story, if you fill in the gaps and misunderstand the original story in
t16510.32021-07-06Which was your favorite route??^I actually look at it the exact other way around. Given the time these games tend to take place, it's usually an unnatural flow to me. If they are
t16544.62021-07-05ATTENTION: You guys are missing outIf I had to take a guess for why: Too many guys, too few girls.
t16530.42021-07-04How to date Rena Ryuugu?^Trust me, the moment you'd do that, it'd lose the appeal. It's the same thing like heavily liked support characters becoming main characters. Often
t16531.52021-07-04ExpectationsI only have any expectations if they remove the control mechanic. That's from Himegari, where it made sense, as the game was essentially a dungeon
t16509.32021-07-01Restore the Neptunia PageBecause Neptunia is not a visual novel. I think for death end request an argument can me made based on it actually having full VN sequences. It's
t16302.222021-06-29'Denpa' should be renamed to 'Dempa'@9 already said how it is. But romanization isn't about how you speak it, otherwise the whole r/l, ryu and so on things would be quite different as
t16487.22021-06-28Any news on Vol. 4?The fact they sold an "all volumes pack", should give you an idea.
t16331.72021-06-27Will a restoration patch be possible in the futureSeeing this thread, vndb's current quote is "Stop applying your eroge brain to reality" It's so fitting, I had to post this.