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t2507.52012-03-19Forest ost plagiarising HoMM4?One track from HoMM4 OST was also used in anime 12 Kingdoms, so I was not surprised when I heard that music in this VN.
t503.912011-07-14About Demonbane@88 & @89 - Thanks for the answer, that makes much more sense, and sure is complicated. But I still think that normal end is better, 'fighting
t503.862011-07-12About DemonbaneI finished Al's route yesterday, and liked normal end muuch more than true/happy end. I mean, in normal end, Al and Kurou fight together for all
t1489.22011-06-19Suika: Finished it?I finished it, took some time, but it was great. My saves (100% completed): link
t1003.22010-12-06Length?It means the time it takes to read all of the game text (routes, side events, etc).
t1002.12010-12-05Extra scenariosI've got a problem with unlocking the first three extra scenarios - I've got all events in scene replay mode and all epilogues, but in extra scenario
t988.122010-12-01Can you recommend it to everyone?Well, if you liked Da Capo, you will like this. If you didn't read Da Capo, do that first, since you won't understand what's going on. For me it's
t660.12010-06-05"~Renewal~" versionIs that "Renewal" version of this game that was released recently any different than the original release from 2003? I looked over sample CG's on
t442.62010-02-06Deleted?Changed some of them. Story is not exactly anything impressive, but it exists for sure.
t442.32010-02-06Deleted?Well, I've already completed 3 routes, and I can say that the story surprised me (especially the epilogues, which are pretty long). All characters
t442.12010-02-06Deleted?Why was this deleted? It has pretty long story, character development and even touching endings, all told in ADV format, so I think it fits the
t3.32008-07-21how much?So far I got Natsume scenario and there was only 1 H-scene, "scene replay" i extra mode suggests that there will be 10 H-scenes in the whole game