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r93194.22022-07-03 at 20:12lunaterraERROR143release date link
r93196.12022-07-03 at 19:22lunaterraInvisible Seams - DemoCopied from r92493.5
r92493.52022-07-03 at 19:21lunaterraInvisible Seams - DemoReverted to revision r92493.3 separating Android build
r93133.22022-07-02 at 18:01lunaterraIndiepocalypse #30date
r93133.12022-07-02 at 18:01lunaterraIndiepocalypse #30Copied from r89201.1
r93089.22022-07-01 at 22:31lunaterraLock and Key: A Magical Girl Mystery - Demodemo, free
r93011.12022-06-29 at 16:56lunaterraCursed PlaceCopied from r90399.3
r92112.22022-06-29 at 16:53lunaterraParcels And Pollengoogle play
r92978.42022-06-29 at 16:51lunaterraOf Frost and Flowers - Demodemo
r92915.22022-06-26 at 19:18lunaterraSpica, Chinatsu, and Haruka's Enchanting, Marvelous, and quite frankly Elabor...I know how to read
r92915.12022-06-26 at 19:18lunaterraSpica, Chinatsu, and Haruka's Enchanting, Marvelous, and quite frankly Elabor...Copied from r84775.1
r78180.82022-06-24 at 23:02lunaterraThe Sound of Fireworks: The Haikupartially voiced
r78180.72022-06-24 at 22:54lunaterraThe Sound of Fireworks: The Haikusite
r78181.42022-06-24 at 22:53lunaterraThe Sound of Fireworks: The Haiku - Demosite
c13824.192022-06-23 at 21:45lunaterraShidou Subaru+1
c15896.102022-06-23 at 21:40lunaterraInafune Keijitrait switch
c13824.182022-06-23 at 21:39lunaterraShidou Subarutrait
r88004.32022-06-23 at 20:41lunaterraYonder World: Interview with the Voidthe Steam release was un-pushed back
r92823.12022-06-23 at 20:32lunaterraMilky Way Prince – The Vampire StarCopied from r73765.3
r73765.32022-06-23 at 20:31lunaterraMilky Way Prince – The Vampire StarReverted to revision r73765.1 new language = new release, according to Steam JP language support was added in December 2020
c89891.42022-06-22 at 21:50lunaterraJamie Last+2
c55270.52022-06-22 at 21:40lunaterraRoutraits
v29595.32022-06-22 at 08:04lunaterraSnips & Snailsstaff, screenshots
s26919.12022-06-22 at 08:04lunaterraZombieeyedadded
s26918.12022-06-22 at 08:02lunaterraLucia Liadded
s26917.12022-06-22 at 07:59lunaterraLacylivvieadded
c111046.22022-06-22 at 07:45lunaterraQuinn Alatar+1 spoiler
c111049.22022-06-22 at 07:38lunaterraYuuto Alatar+1
c111052.22022-06-22 at 07:30lunaterraArabellanote
c111063.12022-06-22 at 07:28lunaterraRegan Alataradded
c111062.12022-06-22 at 07:26lunaterraProfessor Katadded
c111061.12022-06-22 at 07:23lunaterraPatrickadded
c111060.12022-06-22 at 07:18lunaterraMomadded
c111059.12022-06-22 at 07:16lunaterraJesse Alataradded
c111057.12022-06-22 at 07:13lunaterraRebeccaadded
c111053.12022-06-22 at 07:10lunaterraGeorge Snailesadded
c111052.12022-06-22 at 07:07lunaterraArabellaadded
c111044.22022-06-22 at 07:04lunaterraLacy Snailes+1
c111049.12022-06-22 at 07:03lunaterraYuuto Alataradded
c111047.12022-06-22 at 07:00lunaterraSullivan Alataradded
c111046.12022-06-22 at 06:52lunaterraQuinn Alataradded
c111045.12022-06-22 at 06:45lunaterraEryckadded
c111044.12022-06-22 at 06:27lunaterraLacy Snailesadded
r75738.62022-06-22 at 06:19lunaterraSnips & Snailsremoved steam link since current steam build is a different release
r92770.12022-06-22 at 06:17lunaterraSnips & SnailsCopied from r75738.5
r92769.12022-06-22 at 06:15lunaterraSnips & Snails: Eryck's DateCopied from r92767.1
r92767.12022-06-22 at 06:14lunaterraSnips & Snails: Yuuto's DateCopied from r92766.1
r92766.12022-06-22 at 06:14lunaterraSnips & Snails: Quinn's DateCopied from r92765.1
r92765.12022-06-22 at 06:13lunaterraSnips & Snails: Sullivan's DateCopied from r75738.5
c75431.72022-06-21 at 23:57lunaterraJanet Lessig+1