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c62509.22019-05-26 at 20:19lunaterraYusuf+1
c62012.22019-05-26 at 20:13lunaterraAliyatrait switch
c54078.22019-05-26 at 20:11lunaterraDaphne+1
r63900.42019-05-26 at 04:59lunaterraSynthetic Lover - Demorelease date
r63900.32019-05-26 at 04:57lunaterraSynthetic Lover - Demoformat
r63900.22019-05-26 at 03:51lunaterraSynthetic Lover - Demolanguage
r63900.12019-05-26 at 03:51lunaterraSynthetic Lover - Demoadded
p9134.12019-05-26 at 03:51lunaterraKnight of Heartsadded
v25819.12019-05-26 at 03:48lunaterraSynthetic Loveradded
r63876.32019-05-25 at 22:34lunaterraVengeful Heartlanguage
r63895.12019-05-25 at 20:44lunaterralast day of springNew release based on r63705.1
r63863.12019-05-23 at 19:05lunaterraLondon Detective Mysteria - Soundtrack BundleNew release based on r63842.2
r63842.22019-05-23 at 19:03lunaterraLondon Detective Mysteria - Package Editioninfo
r63842.12019-05-22 at 19:46lunaterraLondon Detective Mysteria - Package EditionNew release based on r57515.5 link
r57338.42019-05-22 at 19:42lunaterraThe House in Fata Morgana - Dreams of the Revenants Editionremoving redundant note
r63841.12019-05-22 at 19:41lunaterraThe House in Fata Morgana - Dreams of the Revenants Collector's EditionNew release based on r57339.2
r57339.22019-05-22 at 19:40lunaterraThe House in Fata Morgana - Dreams of the Revenants Editionlink
r63840.22019-05-22 at 19:39lunaterraThe House in Fata Morgana - Dreams of the Revenants Collector's Editionoops
r63840.12019-05-22 at 19:38lunaterraThe House in Fata Morgana - Dreams of the Revenants Collector's EditionNew release based on r57338.3
r57338.32019-05-22 at 19:37lunaterraThe House in Fata Morgana - Dreams of the Revenants Editionlink
c64592.42019-05-22 at 03:37lunaterraTealtrait switch
c64594.42019-05-22 at 03:36lunaterraPhoenix+1
c54676.42019-05-22 at 03:33lunaterraUnknowntrait switch
c53859.92019-05-22 at 03:26lunaterraNanami Ebiharatrait switch
r62864.62019-05-21 at 23:21lunaterraJack-In-A-Castle - NaNoRenO Versionformat
r63833.12019-05-21 at 20:32lunaterraJack-In-A-CastleNew release based on r62864.3
r63825.12019-05-21 at 01:49lunaterraRising Angels: Hopeadded
r63824.12019-05-21 at 01:40lunaterraRising Angels: Judgmentadded
v25798.12019-05-21 at 01:39lunaterraRising Angels: Judgmentadded
r53889.22019-05-20 at 22:27lunaterraStarkeeper: The Waters Abovenew title
v21958.42019-05-20 at 22:27lunaterraStarkeeper: The Waters Abovenew title and description link
r63807.12019-05-20 at 00:49lunaterraButterfly Soup v2.07New release based on r61372.2
s18546.22019-05-19 at 20:12lunaterraTom Sky Hendriksname, language, info
c82609.32019-05-18 at 22:16lunaterraKarl Waked+1
c82612.32019-05-18 at 22:15lunaterraQueen Rubina+7
c82613.22019-05-18 at 22:14lunaterraKing Ham+5
c82609.22019-05-18 at 22:13lunaterraKarl Waked+3
c82611.22019-05-18 at 22:13lunaterraHigh Priest Raziel+4
c82610.22019-05-18 at 22:12lunaterraDana Tornincasa+2
c82608.22019-05-18 at 22:11lunaterraRavi Patel+3
c82606.22019-05-18 at 22:10lunaterraPrincess Leandra+7
c82605.32019-05-18 at 22:09lunaterraPrince Vitali Tornincasa+4
c82607.32019-05-18 at 22:08lunaterraDuke Amoret Amantea+1
c82607.22019-05-18 at 22:07lunaterraDuke Amoret Amantea+2
c82605.22019-05-18 at 22:06lunaterraPrince Vitali Tornincasa+3, removed redundant trait
c36582.132019-05-18 at 21:59lunaterraSakura+1
c52742.82019-05-18 at 18:17lunaterraMaiMai being trans isn't a spoiler at all
r63778.12019-05-17 at 22:51lunaterraThree Lesbians in a Barrowadded
v25785.22019-05-17 at 22:50lunaterraThree Lesbians in a Barrowrelation
v25785.12019-05-17 at 22:49lunaterraThree Lesbians in a Barrowadded