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t3314.16802019-05-14TraitsPoncho shouldn't have "Native American Clothes" as an alias. It doesn't even make sense, tbh. Ponchos originated with Native Americans but aren't
t7442.5242019-05-09Game inclusion in the DB> The rules insist that narration is "ESSENTIAL" - but we include VNs with no narration at all. I was quoting the rules on VN/game hybrids. The
t7442.5222019-05-09Game inclusion in the DBNot gonna lie, I'm kind of baffled that you'd say that 80 Days is LESS of a VN than Ace Attorney, given that 80 Days has far more reading and less
t7442.5202019-05-08Game inclusion in the DBI asked about it when it was first added (not by me) and was told that it was okay for the DB.
t12268.252019-05-04Why are there so many crappy oelvnA selection of EVNs I've rated 8 or higher: 80 Days (my one and only 10 vote) Butterfly Soup Digital: A Love Story Once on a Windswept Night Soundles
t12220.42019-04-21this is not a VNHere's a video of the full game: link I guess you could call it a hybrid, but the focus is obviously on the trivia, not the reading.
t12169.32019-04-09Separate Voltage USA into its own producer entry?AppAnnie lets you see the version history for apps if you sign up for a free account...but I'm usually too lazy to log in to find the actual release
t12169.12019-04-09Separate Voltage USA into its own producer entry?I know that the overlap between "people who read otome mobage" and "people who use VNDB" is pretty small, so let me explain the situation. Voltage
t3617.16402019-04-08Tags suggestions/fixesProtagoinst with Facial Hair - "Protagonist" is spelled incorrectly. I think Non-binary Protagonist Option should be a subtag of Non-Binary
t12141.312019-04-03SJW Sexual VN's?The funny part of this thread is people talking about "SJW" as if the word has any meaning whatsoever beyond "person I disagree with". I've seen
t6094.1442019-03-26Steam saleHumble Hot Date Bundle $1 Kokonoe Kokoro Highway Blossoms Just Deserts Beat the average Ladykiller in a Bind Purrfect Date Genital Jousting (not
t2108.27312019-03-21Candidates for deletionr46642 r46945 I was just looking at Limited Run's upcoming releases list ( link ) and Fault Milestone One and World End Economica are both listed as
t12040.52019-03-12Analysis of steam user reviewsIt used to happen a lot, but a couple things happened to make it less common (I won't go so far as to say that it doesn't happen anymore, considering
t6094.1432019-03-12Steam saleAhh, they do a good job of hiding that marketplace. I'll remove the links from my other post (not a fan of the grey market). Thanks for the heads up!
t6094.1402019-03-12Steam saleAre you sure? I can't find anything either on the site or via Google that indicates that they're not a legit reseller. The closest I've been able to
t6094.1382019-03-11Steam saleI noticed that there are several visual novels available for extremely low prices over at DailyIndieGame. A quick Google search says they're legit
t10302.902019-03-07Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadI'm certain that u33893 and u34112 are the same person. They don't always rate the same VNs on the same day, but they usually do, and their scores
t2108.27202019-03-01Candidates for deletionObject Ward. no releases, developer has no other games
t2108.27112019-02-22Candidates for deletionAnd with that, there are a loooot of empty character pages that'll need to be deleted. r60257 should probably be deleted. It's not actually a patch
t3617.16162019-02-22Tags suggestions/fixesUniversity Student Hero should have "College Student Hero" as an alias. University Student Protagonist should have "College Student Protagonist" as
t2108.26722019-02-11Candidates for deletionIf minor patches aren't worth being listed as releases, these should be deleted: r56124 r56244 r61007 r58935 r60742
t11863.82019-02-01What is the best way to learn Japanese?Duolingo is terrible for Japanese, don't use it. It doesn't bother teaching you anything and just expects you to already know stuff.
t11864.42019-01-29More than seven love interests tagOff the top of my head, I can only think of four VNs that have more than 7 love interests, but not more than 7 heroes/heroines: * Dead Wishes (12
t11847.152019-01-26VNs who text files are in game folder?A translation of a translation is a terrible way to experience a work. It doesn't matter how good either the original translation or the re
t7442.5082019-01-22Game inclusion in the DBReplica definitely has a lot of text, and it's described as an "interactive novel game", but I don't think it can be called a visual novel. See video
t3617.16122019-01-19Tags suggestions/fixesI don't mind having No Saves and No Quick Save/Load being separate, but I don't think No Quick Save/Load should be a subtag of No Saves--a game that
t3617.16062019-01-17Tags suggestions/fixesNo Saves should be a subtag of No Quick Save/Load. No Quick Save/Load should be a subtag of Game Saving Method. No Skip Function should be a subtag
t10302.892019-01-17Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadEhh, this isn't totally related to voting but it's what made me wonder in the first place. I suspect that u129047 and u133184 are the same person
t3314.16412019-01-16TraitsHandbag should have "Purse" as an alias. I'd recommend that Cupid's Phobia be called "Fear of Commitment" instead. I'd never heard the phrase "Cupid
t11742.262019-01-15Women's interest in Netorare/NetoriI finally have the results of the poll I created (it took longer than expected because I had to get my laptop repaired). I posted the poll on r
t11742.62018-12-30Women's interest in Netorare/NetoriReading #4 makes me thankful that I like women. Anyway, this was intriguing me too, so I posted a poll on r/otomegames asking if otome fans would be
t11742.32018-12-30Women's interest in Netorare/Netori> Are they really popular with women? This is the first time I've heard of NTR/netori being popular with women. There are very few female-oriented
t3314.16392018-12-27TraitsNews Presenter should be under Careers. Landlord doesn't need to be under Role since it's already under Careers.
t3617.15892018-12-22Tags suggestions/fixesFace-farting should not be a subtag of Female Domination.
t11372.42018-10-13Spent more time making money then romancingYou're not the only one who feels that way, OP. This review of it popped up on my Twitter feed the other day. link To be honest, I played the first
t2108.25202018-10-04Candidates for deletionVivian Pyres dupe of Vivian Pyres
t3617.14832018-10-03Tags suggestions/fixesI've played or own all the games that are tagged with both otome game and homosexual protagonist. Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem, //TODO: today
t2108.25142018-09-29Candidates for deletionWes accidental dupe
t3617.14252018-09-26Tags suggestions/fixesProblem is, Feminine Hero is even more broad than Cross-dressing Hero and represents what people are looking for even less. If somebody is looking
t3617.14212018-09-25Tags suggestions/fixesWhere were y'all 7 months ago when I suggested the trap -> crossdressing change in the first place? I didn't think that there'd be all this fuss over
t8242.1422018-08-27The how to edit threadI was just about to post about that, haha. I'm personally of the opinion that watermarks should be allowed for console games (mainly Vita, possibly
t11127.22018-08-27PS Vita screenshot captures & watermarksHonestly, I don't have a preference. I do think that a note in the FAQ about consoles that force watermarks on screenshots (I think PS4 games have
t2108.24392018-08-15Candidates for deletionBosca Ceoil isn't a person, it's a music creation software. link
t10589.22018-05-06Sudden Change of Heart (?)I changed my vote because I actually read the description of the tag, which I should have done before voting on it. From Unlockable Hero(ine): "This
t10472.202018-04-12Character gender?@10 Anyway, I do believe that the gender field was indeed intended to refer to their biological gender. I'll rename the field to 'sex' later to avoid
t10467.52018-04-10I wrote a novel, how do I visualize it?RPG Maker isn't free, but the older versions get pretty deep discounts occasionally. Stencyl might work, although I've never used it or seen it used
t3617.11642018-03-16Tags suggestions/fixesPolygamy doesn't necessarily have to be based around romance. A common theme in cults (for example) involves people being arranged/forced into
t10302.122018-03-16Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadA bit old, but...I just noticed that Satellite had three 1 votes on the same day, and two of those votes were by accounts that are just one ID number
t10295.12018-02-26The ArcanaHi, I noticed that you tagged The Arcana with Female Protagonist at -2. Could you please explain why? The game has the option to set the protagonist
t10289.32018-02-25User Options ExplanationObtained: "I have a copy of this VN/have it installed on my computer (and thus can start up the VN at any time)" Pending: "I ordered this and it's