Votes by lunaterra


Cast Vote Visual novel
2019-05-188Catacomb Prince
2019-05-157Missed Messages.
2019-04-268Heaven Will Be Mine
2019-04-248[redacted] Life
2019-04-177(Don't) Open Your Eyes
2019-04-177Home's Embrace
2019-04-177Fetch Quest
2019-04-097Mnemonic Devices
2019-04-076Alice in Stardom
2019-04-065REDD War
2019-04-057Robot Daycare
2019-04-057This Was for You.
2019-04-045Enc and the Flying Machine
2019-04-037Charles 2.0
2019-04-026One Last Salty Kiss
2019-04-016Seven Seasonings
2019-04-017Cooked with Love
2019-03-316After the End
2019-03-317Contract Demon
2019-03-307A Hero and a Garden
2019-03-275Reflections ~Dreams and Reality~
2019-03-248Hustle Cat
2019-03-148The Window Box
2019-03-125Ostara 2018
2019-03-124Death and Burial of Poor Cock Robin
2019-03-055Who We Are Now
2019-03-037Red Riding Hood
2019-03-038Her Tears Were My Light
2019-03-028Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet
2019-03-027Purrfect Apawcalypse
2019-03-027Bird of Passage
2019-03-027Recording the Predestined Time
2019-02-267The Bare Escape
2019-02-246Bara Boarders
2019-02-225Night Class: A Vampire Story
2019-02-205Big Dipper
2019-02-186Earth Boys Are Easy
2019-02-156Valentine Disaster
2019-01-176You and I and the Long, Long Drive
2019-01-018DoraKone! My Sweet Summer Adventure
2018-12-298Scrambled: Syd City
2018-10-117The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car
2018-10-115Phenomeno - Mitsurugi Yoishi wa Kowagaranai