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t9769.72021-01-27are you the real infernoplex?Look what you've done, "aakari" xD
t2108.33202020-08-23Candidates for deletionThe restoration projects for Miazora's porn should both be removed: 1) The one by Infernoplex (link) 2) The one by Alka Translations (link)
t13986.22020-05-14Regarding r71703.5How about you step back and pick up something easier as your first project? Unless you're proficient enough in interpreting Japanese and writing a
t13287.232019-12-19So yeah, this got translated.Nice, thanks for the info, #22 Here's hoping we hear back from them.
t13287.192019-12-17So yeah, this got translated.Has anyone tried contacting Interheart?
t13287.132019-12-14So yeah, this got translated.Just as I thought, garbage translation. I know it doesn't mean much, but you have my thanks for taking a shot for us and checking if the translation
t13287.22019-12-14So yeah, this got translated.Somebody needs to buy it and let us know how good the translation is. I am worried it's poorly edited (judging by what I saw of the description and
t12724.212019-12-11Steam ReleaseHow do they even plan to sell it? If they can't post the full game on Steam, they'll have to point the Steam crowd to DMM or some other site. And
t12729.182019-08-23Voice problems?Yotsunoha is cursed. Cursed, I tell you! xD
t9801.932019-07-04Partial English H-patch released!Well, I can't really say it came out of the blue. They did license the original one. Logical step was to only continue the series.
t12481.282019-06-23At long last"That said, I found it more worrying to see TL issues by simply looking at a few screenshots. Given that I think that this game is one of the hardest
t12477.22019-06-16Rewritten by incompetent directorCould the text from the doujinshi form be directly patched into the game itself? Assuming all the lines follow the same order, and so on?
t12363.42019-05-21[SPOILER] about the endWell... regarding the endings... here's how it ends for each heroine (this is speaking from memory, of course... it has been a while since I played
t12363.22019-05-21[SPOILER] about the endWhy does it matter? Kurukuru Fanatic is a pretty memey VN in my opinion. I liked it for its silliness. The route endings are all kinda weird in one
t12227.22019-04-23Trial not working?From what I recall, Bare & Bunny VNs require you to change your date settings to Japanese (on top of being in Japanese locale). Otherwise, they don't
t12005.232019-04-03MG Survey 2019The survey results are just like I imagined they would be. Well, it wasn't that hard to predict them, really. It's more or less the same shit every
t12064.42019-03-17How do you finish a VN?See, now you know why I read a lot of kusoges :D
t12064.22019-03-17How do you finish a VN?Stop trying, Hata. You're beyond hopeless at the moment ^^ You shall never enjoy VNs as you did before :D
t11654.172019-03-04English TL dead"The highest-quality official translations are better than the highest-quality fan translations, probably, because official translators tend to be
t11841.22019-01-24Nemu Ending? (Spoilers)Playing her route first is the mistake. If you play Kanae's route next, you may decide to not bother with the other 3 heroines xD
t9801.292019-01-13Partial English H-patch released!"When JAST released the original Eiyuu Senki (one whole year after my patch), I compared some of the scripts I translated with their version and
t9801.192019-01-09Partial English H-patch released!"Get JAST to do it, as it seems people prefer their official, half-assed version of the original over mine." Eh? Is this true?
t11645.922018-12-16Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...Surprised Yorhel still didn't lock this thread xD
t10698.112018-11-26English fully translationSomeone did begin a translation project for Fine Days.
t9918.112018-11-18cutted scenes#9 - In conclusion, sex.
t5844.112018-11-13About the lengthFor me, it was around 12 to 13 hours, with listening to voices on normal speed. Be wary of entries on VNDB that say "2-10 hours". Same applies to "10
t11451.402018-11-09How "liberal" is the translation?Just to clarify some things. I wasn't talking about Sanoba Witch at all in my earlier posts. I bought the VN day one (but didn't bother reading it
t11451.352018-11-09How "liberal" is the translation?...Sigh. Yeah, that was pretty long, but I understand what you mean. And yeah... I know that translation of any language into another inevitebly
t11451.332018-11-08How "liberal" is the translation?"So overall, making shit up in the target language is a better option, as long as it fits in the context and conveys the same message. Translation
t11451.242018-11-07How "liberal" is the translation?"As for the character quirks, third person speech is simply not acceptable in English. No professional translation keeps that kind of quirk, and with
t11029.122018-11-03English translation?"btw Trip´s blogpost had me chuckle for good quite some times" I'm sad about him likely leaving the scene for good after he is done with HoshiOri
t11450.112018-10-31This title is getting pounded."...and complaints about it being a chuuni mish-mash of FSN, Guilty Crown and Dies Irae." Color me interested.
t2108.25572018-10-31Candidates for deletion#2556 - Ah, okay then.
t2108.25552018-10-31Candidates for deletionThis is surely dead. On the same subject, I'm not sure whether r24726 should be treated as complete or partial. The translation is indeed complete
t11439.82018-10-30Now that Irotoridori no Sekai has been licensed..."It's the only classic kamige left out there now." Eh? Really? I thought there were more of these untranslated "classic kamiges" out there. Anyway
t10429.102018-10-26nice to see this getting translated#7 - Yes, it's on JAST too.
t10558.1732018-09-24Kickstarter for Venus Blood Frontier"#171 If you look at the Pastebin, it mentions employees at both JAST and Dual Tail implicated in the incident." So what? Both of them are fans of
t11219.42018-09-13Circus game translated by SakuragameIn that case, that's a relief to hear. I wish La'cryma and Cabbit had the same mindset.
t11219.22018-09-12Circus game translated by SakuragameWhat gives? I am fairly sure I saw an English announcement for this VN by SakuraGame? Did heavens smile upon us and they somehow lost the rights to
t10697.952018-09-08Fortissimo picked up by SakuraGameI think Kratos's TL was edited MTL too, at least from what I remember he said before. But yeah, he did a much better job than SakuraGame did.
t11163.32018-09-03Can we maybe get a fan project?Fortissimo needs higher tier TLer and editor. FanTL level folks have no chance to do it proper justice. That's why you can assume this VN permanently
t2108.24682018-09-02Candidates for deletionBaku Ane and Namaiki projects were dropped.
t5124.382018-08-29Clover Day's Trial English translationI checked at JAST, and they don't have anything to do with it either. Then who if not Sekai?
t11105.22018-08-23Another title to be butchered by SakuraGameAnother day of sadness in the VN community. Why are they picking off VNs with plot all of a sudden? :( First, Your Diary, now this. What's next
t7459.462018-08-16SP Possibly Licensing Out the TL?At first I thought it's NekoNyan, but I am starting to have my doubts. From what I heard, one of the two secret titles is as expensive as the entire
t10992.242018-08-10Your Diary Official Translation (MTL?)I agree with Decay and Rama on the matter. It's very unlikely they are gonna fix the English translation. They don't have an English personnel for it
t10697.532018-08-06Fortissimo picked up by SakuraGameSakuraGame is literal cancer on this industry. I bet they are the ones who are also doing Your Diary right now (just not under their name to avoid
t10992.72018-07-28Your Diary Official Translation (MTL?)So unvoiced too? LOL This is unbelievable! You couldn't make this stuff up!
t10992.42018-07-28Your Diary Official Translation (MTL?)It smells like SakuraGame to me for some reason. Just not under their name. Steam says the publisher is Hobibox, but the details behind who did the
t10992.12018-07-28Your Diary Official Translation (MTL?)Steam page Why? Why did they pick this title? Why this one of all others they could have picked? Just why :( If the VN reads anything like that