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t17649.92022-01-15Request to restore Girl of the Bakehouse (面包房少女)I forgot to mention. I don't sit 24/7 in front of the screen and I do have something called life priorities. So, when I came to check back this page
t17649.82022-01-15Request to restore Girl of the Bakehouse (面包房少女)Thank you!
t17649.62022-01-15Request to restore Girl of the Bakehouse (面包房少女)Also, I'll take note to add the release.
t17649.52022-01-15Request to restore Girl of the Bakehouse (面包房少女)The entry I made was the original visual novel, which is simply a kinetic novel. Not the rebooted version. Please have a look at both the youtube
t17649.42022-01-15Request to restore Girl of the Bakehouse (面包房少女)ah i see. That is the rebooted version.
t17649.32022-01-15Request to restore Girl of the Bakehouse (面包房少女)<MOD EDIT: piracy link removed> here is the link to the vn. link here is recording of the vn If this is not a vn. Do tell why?
t17649.12022-01-15Request to restore Girl of the Bakehouse (面包房少女)Today, 15/1/2022. I made a new entry about a visual novel named Girl of the Bakehouse (面包房少女). Even though it is a visual novel by nature, it seems
t17481.132021-12-28Upcoming movie!link It is official. By Aniplex.
t14586.12020-08-24Which group did the Korean to English translation?As above-stated, I'm interested to know which group did the Korean to English translation. Was it M-vizlab themselves?
t14014.12020-05-18Very brief summary of each route.Common Route: Very generic, like other eroge. Nothing too special. Also feels like watching a harem anime. Except that, each heroine has their own
t12334.132020-05-12greatest vn story?Personally, I commend ddlc for being creative in terms of its gameplay. Indeed, it is such an unconventional VN. However, it is also because of it
t9142.92018-05-25Key + Niijima YuuThat's unfortunate. Is Key having something against Nijima, etc.?
t9142.72018-05-21Key + Niijima YuuBased on the trial, it's quite promising. But, I wonder how much Nijima Sensei contributed to this work. Accordingly, how will his contribution bring
t10663.12018-05-17Foreign language in song?In the OP song after "...hakanai mono to shitta", there are words that can't be recognized as Japanese. Anybody knows what language it is and what