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t2810.172013-02-03Recommended to anyone with tasteWow, I haven't been on VNDB for a year, but this looks interesting. Really think Romeo's style is unique so it will be interesting to see what a
t2062.122011-09-20Clannad fanart in new issue of MADWell this is a fan letter someone sent in the the person who drew it appearently knows of Clannad and Haruhi, it's just MAD who is commenting on it
t2062.82011-09-20Clannad fanart in new issue of MAD@emmanuelvr In Visual Novel history To Heart could be considered the Birth of a Nation (Film) or Yellow Kid (Comics) while Kanon/Clannad are the
t2062.52011-09-20Clannad fanart in new issue of MADYup it is the Citizen Kane of Visual Novels. @engix Citizen Kane is considered the greatest fil m of all time so when you refer to something being
t2012.92011-09-20Deciding if a game is a Visual Novel or not?This is actually interesting because when I gave my presentation about Visual Novels as a narrative artform most of the questions I got were from
t2062.12011-09-20Clannad fanart in new issue of MADlink The MAD editors even said "whatever the hell Clannad is".
t1294.372011-04-28Tips on lecture on Visual Novels@36 I did talk about comics.
t1115.132011-04-13Still looking for complex storylines?@theworld It's okay, I love the nice little collection of information here.
t1294.342011-04-12Tips on lecture on Visual NovelsOh they were just asking what makes visual novels different than games. I was expecting questions from art students or anime fans so I did not really
t1294.322011-04-12Tips on lecture on Visual NovelsOkay so I did the presentation and I must say it went well. I gave it on a college campus that had two big events going on the Art's Fest and anime
t1115.112011-04-12Still looking for complex storylines?Whoa why did a discussion start on my page? -_-
t1294.252011-04-07Tips on lecture on Visual NovelsIt will be Friday at 6 and I am still working on the powerpoint
t1294.232011-04-02Tips on lecture on Visual NovelsThanks again everyone for your input. I really think visual novels are one of the greatest mediums of storytelling and it is sad they are unknown in
t1294.182011-04-02Tips on lecture on Visual Novels@15 Thanks for the input, I will look into that but I mainly wanted to focus on visual novels as a storytelling medium that is why I am focusing on
t1294.122011-04-01Tips on lecture on Visual Novels@soketsu Thanks! I love history, I am a big history person so the history is the visual novel is very important for my lecture. Much like how film
t1115.42011-04-01Still looking for complex storylines?Thanks, I hope this lecture goes well. If it does I would like to probably another lecture in a more academic setting. Any advice you would like to
t1294.92011-03-31Tips on lecture on Visual NovelsThank you everyone one for the good tips and advice, this is what I wanted input from the VN community on how I should format this lecture. I have
t1294.12011-03-31Tips on lecture on Visual NovelsI have only recently found out about visual novels and I am already in love with this storytelling medium. I was surprise to find that not academic
t1221.12011-02-24Visual Novels into eBooks?With new media of reading with the eBook, Nook, Kindle, and iPad they seem to translate prose novels into that medium without making full use of its
t1145.112011-01-23Thanks for the messageAll of them Palms of a Tiny Hand, Distant Years, Meaning Way to Pass the Time, Spring Wind, Country Lane, Tide, To the Same Heights... God even just
t1145.92011-01-22Thanks for the messageOh God yes Nagisa Farewell at the Foot of the Hill Warm Piano version is so hearttouchingly beautiful. Just hearing each note pound away you can feel
t1145.72011-01-21Thanks for the messageI'm glad you feel the same way about CLANNAD, I don't know I never like anime or love stories before, in fact there was never really a film, TV show
t1109.72011-01-21ThanksThanks, that's kind of what I thought. I sort of knew off the back the story was jumbled fragments of a larger linear story. I just didn't get the
t1109.52011-01-21ThanksHello again. I just finished Saihate no IMA (or at least I think I did)... My Japanese is bad so I think I was able to read about 1/3 of the story
t1146.92011-01-19Has anyone play this and liked it?@amestor Thanks a review was what I was looking for.
t1146.52011-01-19Has anyone play this and liked it?I meant story-wise, is it a unique story?
t1145.52011-01-19Thanks for the messageWell for me, a good story is something that entertains me and gets me thinking. I also agree that as long as something is good the can ignore the
t1145.32011-01-19Thanks for the messageYou played Katawa Shoujo? That's weird because I just found out about it a few minutes ago. How was it? For me the most important thing I'm looking
t1146.12011-01-19Has anyone play this and liked it?I heard about this VN from a friend and wanted to know how it was.
t1145.12011-01-19Thanks for the messageThanks a lot for your help. I've only seen Ever17 from the watchthroughs people post on YouTube. I'm still not able to get a copy of the visual novel
t1114.252011-01-09English Comic AdaptionIt's not even worth your time thinking about it. Just imagine that it never existed.
t1114.72011-01-09English Comic AdaptionI was reading an interview on a horror website that said they played the original visual novel, but you're probably right. The story in the comic was
t1115.22011-01-09Still looking for complex storylines?Oh thanks a lot for your help.
t1114.52011-01-09English Comic AdaptionThat's true I guess. Though I think Saya no Uta deserves an anime or film to attract people to the original work.
t1114.32011-01-09English Comic AdaptionThey apprently were horror writers who were fans of the Visual Novel. They apprently had permission from Nitro+ as they thank them on the first page
t1114.12011-01-08English Comic AdaptionI'm still new here so I'm not sure where to post this but there is apparently an English comic adaption by IDW. It's 3 issues and I read it just a
t1109.32011-01-08ThanksOh thanks for the info. I'm not really familar with Romeo's writing though from what I've read so far it's very complex. The Japanese is hard to read
t1109.12011-01-08ThanksThanks for the info on Saihate no Ima. I've been trying to read it but the Japanese is so complex. Would you say it was a VN worth playing?
t1105.62011-01-07VN with complex storylines and Eng patch?Never heard of Sharin no Kuni.
t1106.32011-01-07Offical English Verison?Thanks for the info. It's a same they don't have it any more. I like actually buying the original games.
t1105.42011-01-07VN with complex storylines and Eng patch?Hmmm I heard ef a fariy tale of the two and Yume Miru Kusuri were good. I also know of Ever 17 but haven't heard of Remember 11, are the two related
t1106.12011-01-07Offical English Verison?I know this is one of the highest ranking visual novels of all time as well as one of the only few offically translated into english. Does anyone
t1104.32011-01-07Story infoI had a friend who gave it to me as a gift. Ixrec okay thanks.
t1105.12011-01-07VN with complex storylines and Eng patch?I've recently found out about the visual novel medium and I'm in love. I looking for a VN with complex storylines like Umineko, Saya no Uta, and
t1104.12011-01-07Story infoI got the original copy of this game but there is apperently no English patch. My Japanese is not as good as it once was, does anyone know anything