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t2108.27792019-05-24Candidates for deletionPlease delete this: r47431
t11645.1082018-12-18Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...Great work, dude! Will be waiting for V3.
t11677.22018-12-17progress systemYeah I try to avoice games that use this system, I prefer choice based system. Majikoi had a similar system.
t11632.22018-12-16What is going on with the release schedule?? It's released.
t11645.832018-12-15Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...I will not be reading this as is. I certainly won't pay for it, at least not unless MangaGamer steps in and try to fix the mess. I don't know if it
t11645.762018-12-15Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...try translating yakisoba or sushi or tempura in english if you can. Look at this delicious hamburger and meatball: link link
t11645.722018-12-14Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...#66 Keep your nonsensical suggestion to yourself, what I'll do is boycott this bad dudebro lolcalization and instead spend my money on an actual
t11645.632018-12-14Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...#62 Stop defending crap dude, you're as bad as 4Kids and the people defending such insidious practices.
t11645.442018-12-14Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...Ha, another hackjob from arunaru. I don't play japanese games only to see a girl call a guy "dude" in it's english translation, how disgusting, get
t11429.102018-10-28R18 ContentDude, This is just japanese pornographic drawings with text and voices. It's something to be ashamed of. At least that's how we, normal people, see
t10576.92018-08-20Can someone provide feedback about this one?It's fine, games like this, Umineko or Subarashiki Hibi aren't the type of VN made for shallow westerners who think that everything should be
t10519.52018-08-06LengthThe complete game is like 24 hours long.
t10443.232018-08-06Opinion about the swear words.>Well, Hooksoft and Fureraba's director read the TL and loved it. Enough said right there imo. Proof? I call bullshit.
t7581.2342018-07-04English localization by Sekai Project"I am just a grunt doing grunt-like work, I am not in an excecutive position, I only operate as a financial officer and corporate director, that's
t7581.2322018-07-04English localization by Sekai Projectlink link link They just don't give a shit.
t7826.242017-08-23Any new info?Still no release? WTH is VisualArt's doing? No wonder VisualArt's gave Rewrite+ to Sekai Project.
t8073.242017-02-24Cannonball 2015 DVD version english patch support?Hello?
t8073.232017-01-25Cannonball 2015 DVD version english patch support?Have you made any progress?
t8408.12016-11-02Umineko Tsubasa PS3fication Patch Soon™?Hello, Been awhile since Hane PS3fication was released (thanks for that by the way), I have been keeping my Tsubasa copy hoping to see the
t8073.222016-10-12Cannonball 2015 DVD version english patch support?Great to hear, thanks for keeping me updated, keep up the great work!
t8073.202016-09-26Cannonball 2015 DVD version english patch support?It will be a full English installer, like I did for Period and Cannonball CD. I tend to go all out with translations. Yeah I noticed, because you
t8073.182016-09-24Cannonball 2015 DVD version english patch support?Windows compatibility is entirely in the installer, since the game executable is identical between the three different versions. I should say
t8073.162016-09-21Cannonball 2015 DVD version english patch support?By the way, I don't know if it is important enough to mention, but since you mentioned that it seemed to be similar to the DLSite download version, I
t8073.152016-09-21Cannonball 2015 DVD version english patch support?Oh right, MEGA only let's me download with Firefox. Anyway great to hear you got the files, good luck!
t8073.132016-09-21Cannonball 2015 DVD version english patch support?Is there something wrong? Did you get the game alright? If so, have you had the time to take a look at it?
t8073.112016-09-20Cannonball 2015 DVD version english patch support?Okay, so good news I received the game yesterday and uploaded it, all I need to do is to give you the link to download it, so could you please give
t8073.92016-09-12Cannonball 2015 DVD version english patch support?Hello again, Some updates, so I should be getting Cannonball DVD version in 2 weeks or so, as soon as I get it i'll let you know.
t8073.72016-08-02Cannonball 2015 DVD version english patch support?Okay thanks, so I'll go on ahead and get Cannonball DVD version, but it will probably take 1 month for me to get it, would that be alright?
t8073.52016-08-01Cannonball 2015 DVD version english patch support?nekoyasha said: "Well, if you're going to buy it anyway" No I wasn't going to buy it "anyway", I can't read japanese and I only buy games that I can
t8073.32016-08-01Cannonball 2015 DVD version english patch support?Just checked to be sure and still doesn't ship 18+ games outside Japan, only All Ages VNs such as Mahoyo or Rewrite are shipped outside
t8073.12016-07-31Cannonball 2015 DVD version english patch support?Hello Nekoyasha, There is a reprint version of the game released in 2015 on 1 DVD, here: link Right now it's readily available on amazon for 2809