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t4419.52017-03-10Windows 8 not work?Got it working finally with a virtual machine (VirtualBox) Had to delete few registry values on a Windows XP SP3 install so it wouldn't notice that
t8784.12017-02-03Chijo No Yakata211Rudens couldn't find an existing thread of the game to announce the translation, so I added it here as requested by Rudens.
t4419.32017-01-04Windows 8 not work?Doesn't work on Windows 10 either. Just in case anybody is wondering.
t8608.12016-12-28Last Gallery SceneAnybody know how to get the last scene ? Which choices should be made ?
t8370.32016-10-30Walkthrough/Guide or Save anywhere ?Thanks a lot!
t8370.12016-10-22Walkthrough/Guide or Save anywhere ?Have spent quite some time gambling with choices and quicksaves to get all endings but still get same ones. Anyone can share a guide or savedata ?