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r17210.72019-06-08 at 18:40mysterycorgiCherry Tree High Comedy ClubReplaced dead Official Website link due to 404 Error. Added link to official Localization FAQ. Added rating based on PEGI and ESRB information from
r37297.112019-06-07 at 21:14mysterycorgiNEKOPARA Vol.1 - All-ages EditionAdded steam link to notes section.
r52361.72019-06-07 at 21:05mysterycorgiNinja Girl and the Mysterious Army of Urban Legend Monsters! ~Hunt of the Hea...Added Steam link from Sekai Project's Official Tweet on May 30, 2019. link
r37950.72019-01-16 at 03:50mysterycorgiSword DaughterSmall typo fixed
r37950.62019-01-16 at 03:50mysterycorgiSword DaughterAdded Steam and Itch.io links in the Notes.
r46307.42019-01-16 at 03:37mysterycorgiA Little Lily PrincessAdded note about availability on Steam, including link to page on the storefront.
r48340.12016-10-06 at 04:40mysterycorgiDiamond RoseAdded release
r47389.22016-08-04 at 09:36mysterycorgiSick Dreams DemoAdded Producer
r47389.12016-08-04 at 09:25mysterycorgiSick Dreams DemoAdded Demo Release General Info, Format