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v7304.142019-06-12 at 07:43mysterycorgiThat Cheap and Sacred ThingUpdated staff entries to match game credits
v8455.82019-06-08 at 18:31mysterycorgiManken!Updated description to match new official product page. Replaced dead product page link due to 404 Error. Removed two screenshots that were oddly
v7304.132019-06-01 at 16:39mysterycorgiThat Cheap and Sacred ThingAdded staff from [urlink]Lemmasoft thread.[/url] Many did not have entries or any other titles/information available. Added alias "TCAST"
v20058.32018-10-17 at 02:51mysterycorgiIt Comes AroundAdded cover image from developer's tumblr account. link
v20320.52018-04-22 at 01:01mysterycorgiWhen Our Journey EndsAdded Note for Melow as Sprite Artist
v22259.12017-12-11 at 02:59mysterycorgiLa CageCreated page and added basic information.
v20091.22016-10-06 at 04:42mysterycorgiDiamond RoseAdded Screenshots
v20091.12016-10-06 at 04:37mysterycorgiDiamond RoseCreated page
v19793.22016-08-04 at 09:30mysterycorgiSick DreamsOfficial Screenshots
v19793.12016-08-04 at 09:19mysterycorgiSick DreamsAdded Game and Description, Image, Staff