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Title ▴StatusReleases*Vote
Sable's Grimoire1/1-
2019-01-14  Sable's GrimoireObtained
Sakura AgentDropped1/12
2017-01-27  Sakura AgentObtained
Sakura AngelsDropped1/13
2015-09-07   Sakura Angels - Voiced EditionObtained
Sakura BeachDropped1/13
2015-08-14  Sakura BeachObtained
Sakura Beach 2Dropped1/12
2015-11-06  Sakura Beach 2Obtained
Sakura Christmas PartyDropped0/02
Sakura DungeonDropped1/13
2016-06-03  Sakura Dungeon - Steam EditionObtained
Sakura FantasyDropped1/15.5
2015-05-29  Sakura Fantasy - Chapter 1Obtained
Sakura Magical GirlsDropped1/12
2017-02-23  Sakura Magical GirlsObtained
Sakura NovaDropped1/15
2016-10-20  Sakura Nova - Steam EditionObtained
Sakura SantaDropped1/13
2015-12-21  Sakura SantaObtained
Sakura Shrine GirlsDropped1/12
2016-08-26  Sakura Shrine GirlsObtained
Sakura SpaceDropped1/13
2016-10-10  Sakura Space - All-Ages EditionObtained
Sakura SpiritDropped1/13
2014-07-09  Sakura SpiritObtained
Sakura Swim ClubDropped2/23
2015-09-11  Sakura Swim Club - Steam EditionObtained
2015-12-21  Sakura Swim Club - Steam Voiced EditionObtained
Same as it Ever Was0/1-
TBA  Same as it Ever WasPending
2015-09-07  SC2VNObtained
School of Talent: SUZU-ROUTE1/1-
2017-02-23     School of Talent: SUZU-ROUTEObtained
Seduce Me1/1-
2015-02-14  Seduce Me the OtomeObtained
Seireki 2236 nen1/1-
2018-05-11   2236 A.D.Obtained
Selenon Rising2/2-
2016-04-29  Selenon Rising - Episode 1Obtained
2017-07-10  Selenon Rising - Episode 2Obtained
Sepia Tears1/1-
2013-12-24  Sepia TearsObtained
Serment - Contract with a Devil1/1-
2019-02-01  Serment - Contract with a DevilObtained
Shan GuiFinished2/29.2
2014-11-24         Shan GuiObtained
2018-06-22           Bai Qu 1.11Obtained
Shining Song Starnova1/1-
2018-07-25  Shining Song Starnova - All-Ages EditionObtained
Shizuku no Oto1/1-
2018-12-20      Sound of Drop -fall into poison-Obtained
Shrinking Pains1/1-
2018-02-26  Shrinking PainsObtained
2016-01-20  SicknessObtained
Sierra Ops1/2-
2015-01-18  Sierra OpsObtained
TBA  Sierra OpsPending
Silenced: The House1/1-
2018-02-02   Silenced: The HouseObtained
Singles: A PAIRS Story1/1-
2018-04-01  Singles: A PAIRS Story - DemoObtained
Six Days of Snow0/1-
2017-12-29  Six Days of SnowDeleted
Sketchbook: Schoolgirls in Love and Other Assorted Heartbreak1/1-
2009-04-01  Sketchbook: Schoolgirls in Love and Other Assor...Obtained
2016-02-11  SolsticeObtained
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o - Deatta Koro no Omoide ni1/1-
2015-09-25  A Kiss For The Petals - Remembering How We MetObtained
Sounds of Her Love1/1-
2017-03-09  Sounds of Her LoveObtained
Starkeeper: The Waters Above0/1-
TBA  Starkeeper: The Waters AbovePending
Starlight Vega0/1-
2016-04-14  Starlight VegaDeleted
Strawberry VinegarStalled0/1-
2016-01-05  Strawberry VinegarDeleted
Study With MeFinished1/16.9
2017-04-04  Study With Me - DemoObtained
Summer Nightmare1/1-
2017-12-06   Summer NightmareObtained
Sunrider Academy1/1-
2015-04-15  Sunrider Academy - Steam EditionObtained
Sunrider: Liberation Day1/1-
2016-05-24   Sunrider: Liberation Day - Captain's Edition - ...Obtained
Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius1/1-
2014-10-02  Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius - Download EditionObtained
Sunset's Ashes1/1-
2016-09-06  Sunset's AshesObtained
Susanghan MessengerFinished1/16.7
2016-07-08  Mystic MessengerObtained
Sweetest Monster0/1-
2017-02-06  Sweetest MonsterDeleted
Sweet Fantasy1/1-
2017-04-03   Sweet FantasyObtained
Sweet Volley High1/1-
2016-10-26  Sweet Volley High - All-Ages EditionObtained
Sword Daughter1/1-
2015-01-05  Sword DaughterObtained