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t12537.42019-07-01Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinctionShemale, hermaphrodite, and ladyboy are deragatory terms considered to be slurs in "real life" and thus I think they should be avoided. I'm in favor
t3617.17492019-06-27Tags suggestions/fixesI'm having trouble with a tag, I'm not sure if it exists and I'm looking in the wrong places or what. Specifically for Tasokare Hotel, there is a
t12425.342019-06-18Visual *novel*?@30 It really bothers me when the terminology keeps folks OP from enjoying the game due to an internalized bias created by the terminology itself. It
t7442.5262019-06-13Game inclusion in the DBI tried looking this one for on the database as well as discussions and didn't see anything, so I'm bringing it up here: Forget Me Not: My Organic
t2108.28082019-06-12Candidates for deletion^ Appreciated! Also I forgot about the demo being released, thank you for the clarification.
t2108.28062019-06-12Candidates for deletionSick Dreams was cancelled and Secret Cards was dissolved. Eight8Diamonds, LovesickJackal, Khoven are not making visual novels at this time and have
t3314.16962019-06-10Traits@1695 Regarding Damaged Hymen...The wikipedia article for gymnastics appears to work but the link does have a ) instead of a ]. I also take issue
t12425.242019-06-08Visual *novel*?I would love for there to be a semantic update for VN terms. As a developer who has worked with people all over the world it would have been
t12430.42019-06-08Links to storefronts#2 Oof, I feel that, lol. #3 I think your method is really great, it seems well thought out. I'm also hoping to add links and other non
t12430.12019-06-07Links to storefrontsI just added a couple links to the Steam page to r37297 and because I've seen the same done for other releases, but I realized that r37297 has the
t1052.2252019-06-06Quotes question..."Even girls have dicks in their hearts!" Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~ "It's like "sucker merry barrels". What do you get if you take out the