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v26482.22019-09-09 at 04:04dollarluigiThe Weird OneAdded staff.
s18984.12019-09-09 at 04:02dollarluigiCici FyreAdded some info.
s18983.12019-09-09 at 04:02dollarluigiThe Danicon ShowAdded some info.
s18982.12019-09-09 at 03:59dollarluigiLiahAdded information.
v26481.22019-09-09 at 03:53dollarluigiTrappedAdded staff.
s18981.12019-09-09 at 03:52dollarluigiRLinZAdded.
v25035.82019-09-09 at 03:49dollarluigiThey Cannot Hear MeAdded staff.
s18980.12019-09-09 at 03:48dollarluigiConor HehrAdded some basic info.
r66122.42019-09-08 at 23:19dollarluigiThe Weird OneUpdated release information.
r66122.32019-09-08 at 23:13dollarluigiThe Weird OneRating.
r66122.22019-09-08 at 23:13dollarluigiThe Weird OneAdded release.
r66128.12019-09-08 at 22:22dollarluigiFixing ThingsMore info.
v26487.12019-09-08 at 22:19dollarluigiFixing ThingsAdded some info about the VN.
v26482.12019-09-08 at 04:08dollarluigiThe Weird OneAdded info on VN.
r66121.22019-09-08 at 04:01dollarluigiTrappedProducer added.
r66121.12019-09-08 at 04:00dollarluigiTrappedAdded some more info about the VN.
v26481.12019-09-08 at 03:55dollarluigiTrappedAdded some information about the VN.
v25035.72019-09-08 at 03:49dollarluigiThey Cannot Hear MeFixed link for real.
v25035.62019-09-08 at 03:48dollarluigiThey Cannot Hear MeAnother attempt at editing link.
v25035.52019-09-08 at 03:47dollarluigiThey Cannot Hear Metest
v25035.42019-09-08 at 03:47dollarluigiThey Cannot Hear MeFixed link.
v25035.32019-09-08 at 03:46dollarluigiThey Cannot Hear MeUpdated link.
p8720.22019-09-08 at 03:39dollarluigiConor HehrDollarluigi stopped going by Dollarluigi and also changed the url for his website.
r61416.32019-06-15 at 03:57dollarluigiThey Cannot Hear MeLinux and Mac versions released.