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c52940.42016-09-29 at 18:01prosekShimamoto Aimatching
c53064.32016-09-29 at 18:01prosekShimamoto Aiしまもと is specified at link so will go with that
c53063.42016-09-29 at 18:00prosekTakahashi Mizukifound たかはし indicated at link so I'll assume the Japanese Wikipedians know
c52943.42016-09-29 at 18:00prosekYuuki Azusalink says surname is pronounced ゆうき
c52944.52016-09-29 at 17:59prosekArisugawa Keikolink says G, I'll assume good faith
c52945.52016-09-29 at 17:58prosekArisugawa Youkolink says g
c52942.52016-09-29 at 17:58prosekAkikawa Risalink says K so I'll go with that
c53063.32016-09-29 at 17:55prosekMizukilink had 3 images not sure how I missed her
c52944.42016-09-29 at 17:52prosekArisu?awa Keikocute
c53063.22016-09-29 at 17:49prosekMizukimentioned next to a cople images on link but it's Risa and Azusa so I'm still trying to narrow down who it is... 高橋 has 13 pronunciations on Jisho so